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  1. kyolung

    Community Chest 64

    This is a known issue and has been fixed (AFAIK along with others) by a D64EX dev already: https://github.com/Doom64/ImDoom64 Loading of PWADs is no problem with this version :) Regards
  2. Doom64 Retribution v.15 --> just released in 2018. https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-64-retribution/downloads/doom-64-retribution-version-15/#7139198 It really, really, really deserves it.
  3. +Struggle <--- Way to epic in way to many regards to mention all of them here. +Doom 64 For Doom II <--- Sheer excelency +Doomslayer Chronicles <--- Outstanding composition and visuals. And hey it -does- play darn pretty damn well for a V 1.0 of such an ambitious project IMHO. Additionally I think thats one of very few mods that has been made to be used in combination with other mods. So even if you do not like the gameplay you still can have it your way with your favourite mod. Come on, how cool is that? :) So far 2018 has been a really good year for the doom community :)
  4. kyolung

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Just wait another couple of days until people get more used to it (its behaviour, look and gameplay). I am quite certain that there will be a lot of praise, this one is going to be a classic :)
  5. kyolung

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    I admire really admire that fantastic mod! It does have the the technical most impressive visuals I have seen on GZdoom yet. I am glad that there is a mod that shows the potential GZdoom does offer. I also appreciate the consistency in the artwork itself. The whole design, architecture and setup just fit together. Thats something hard to find in a mod. There is nothing (IMHO)really awkward here and it does has a lot of very cool visuals to offer. Like the hires Items, the ground fog etc. Gameplaywise it is what it is: A FPS that has its focus on wave-patterns (a bit like serious sam) and not so much on the classic level exploring we are used to. I admit that this is not everyone cup of tea but it does what it does quite well and if someone is into that thing I am quite sure he will enjoy it a lot. Maybe that is the reason some people here (kind of) shred it to tears: It is not what one has expected: Its not the typical doom gameplay but still its a great accomplishment, just a "different" one! And after all: This is version 1.0. Thats the earliest version possible. Just let it develop and enhance a bit. PS: Dear author of Doomslayer, maybe there has been a bit -too much- hype about that mod in the first place and right now these (stellar) expectations are backlashing a bit... don't feel discouraged. It is a piece of art right now just needs a bit polish and cleanup :)
  6. Yeah, yeah... I could not resist. After removing all this neat extra-stuff from STRG to make it more mod friendly... ...I just had to make Doom64 more STRG-friendly. Here you go: I attached an archive with 5 files (3 are necessary, one is just gore (I like it) and one is just extra resource (D64 guns plain) if someone else wants to tinker even a bit more with it). With them it is possible to play "Antaresian Legacy" with a decent Doom64-flavour, COMPLETE with all scripted extras, bossfights and traps. Credits and instructions are right in the zip-file too :) Updated to v1.1: Switched from D64WEAPS to Doom 64: Retribution as a resource (improving overall quality), tested with STRG RC4. Kind regards! STRGgoesDoom64.zip
  7. Well, it's a really crude workaround but I am glad you appreciate this way of fanboying your work so much ;) I enjoyed especially the large levels a lot! Actually sometimes it felt like playing Eternall Doom. Just better and (in all respects) more sophisticated and modern. If you are planning more releases in future I would be glad to see at least some of those mega-epic-super-large maps again :) Same goes for the colors, textures and the almost monochromatic design/approach of the levels. I -loved- the green one and (especially) the blue ones. But of course: All of this is a matter of personal taste :) Kind regards
  8. Hi! I attached a zip-file to this post with the changed maps. It als includes a textfile that explains what is going on. So I don't have to clutter this thread with a wall of text :) BTW:After all that insight I would have only one little concern to express: The exit of Map 10 is blocked by a lowering ceiling. I think it opens a bit too fast, thus making it pretty easy to exit the level without even the purpose to do so (maybe you have it intended that way, but it still feels a bit awkward). However I am also even more aware now -how much work- this must have been, and I want to congratulate (and thank) you again for that -excellent- set of maps :) kind regards STRG_UNBLOCK.zip
  9. Hi! I spend some more to time to read in the forum and I realized how common (and sometimes even annoying) it seems to be (as an wad-author) to be asked "Will it run in that-and-that mod"? I appreciate your polite answer tough. However: I've spent the last couple of days with Slade and Eureka trying to "abuse" your maps in such a way to make them playable with that-and-that Mod (and others), while still keeping them as close to the original as possible (not changing any layout or adding any lines, sectors etc). What I did was basically to play them rather thoroughly and to change some traps in order to make them work without the 666-scripted magic. In some areas (especially map 26) some traps now have a lowering floor that keeps the player from leaving the place too early. In other places, especially in areas, which are heavily guarded anyways, I just replaced them with ordinary doors. Of course that approach is rather crude and things are missing compared to the original: Some traps (map 28 and 29) are now missing certain monsters and some Bossfights in maps 20 and 29 had to be skipped completely... but: These "modified" levels are now rigged in such a way that they do not need any special treatment anymore and can be played with alll the mods I have tried. My current favourite at the moment is a rather pure Doom64 thing but your maps -do- play extremely well and intense in Project Brutality indeed (Except maybe the slaughtermaps but I am working on that too). If you allow me to (and only then) I would gladly upload this modified versions of your maps to this thread... and the next time somebody asks you: "Will it run in this-and-that mod?" you can point that person right to them and not bother with it anymore ;)
  10. kyolung

    Doom lost popularity?

    Well wad files are usually spread to a lot of different places. I usualy pick up my stuff at ID games and doomworld... but lately people like to put them on moddb etc. As a DOOM player of the first generation (heck, I am still having the same favourtie game for over 20 years by now!) I rather find the scene more and more interesting. It is, as said, a niche but its a awesome niche of dedicated people and a constant flow of great releases. In the last 3 years w've had great wads and mega wads like "Sunlust" "Back to Saturn 1+2" and right now this one. I just don't think that i.e DMP2017 is in the same league. It does have a very nice hub and stuff.... but after all it is just a wild collection of so-and-so levels. No story, no progression, no coherence. And thus it is less interesting to play and... because of that: Less downloads (Just in my opinion of course). Just for myself I hope DOOM will live for ever. I want to keep my hobby until I retire myself in another 20 or 30 years ;)
  11. BTW: Do you later on consider to "vanilla" release without the altered weapons (they are okay but don't do the leveldesign justice) and not so much depending on dehacked patches for certain doors and areas? I think many people would appreciate that, especially those ones who like to play this megawad with their favourite mods :)
  12. You certainly deserve it! The more I play it the more I love it. -Its a full Megawad with +30 levels (this is my favorite type of megawad). -The leveldesign is consistent (much appreciated) and original. -The architecture is just beautiful and rewarding. Just fun to watch! Especially that "blue world" did it for me. -There is a consistent storyline that even shows in the leveldesign. -Very rewarding gameplay, smart and unexpected ambushes. -Wonderful detail, recurring and consistent concepts (i.e. the resupply rooms) -The new textures blend in perfectly with the original ones(again much appreciated) -The whole thing feels just looks and feels professional. etc...etc...etc... Again: Thanks a lot for that splendid release :)
  13. Just created an account to let you know these maps are -amazing-. Absolutely amazing. Modern design, wonderful colors, over-the-top gameplay. To me its a bit like a -very- good mix between the architectural style of BTSX (Back to Saturn) and the wonderful textures, themes and colors and complexity of "Sunlust". Certainly one of the best 5 wads I have -ever- played. And I really played a lot. Thank you man! :) However there is some technical feedback too (RC1 and RC2): In Map 25 I cant get the red key because the blue door in the large arena wont open. Same thing with the arena which holds the yellow key. I can get the key but I cant leave the room anymore because the trigger for the bars is not reachable (here too a door won't open). Probably thats the case because I can't help playing it with my favorite mods (brutal doom (64), project brutalitly, D64Stuff). Don't take me wrong here I do appreciate your approach with your own weapons and monsters but I am a bit the "conservative" type ;) Except those I don't seem to have any technical issues Kind regards