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  1. 3 minutes ago, Doomkid said:

    Looks like a really cool weapon selection! I think this is the type of mod I'd use for SP more than DM, mainly just because I'm a stickler for anything being "too different" in DM gameplay (yes, I know I'm super lam - I don't even use my own self-proclaimed DM mods, other than skins!)


    Were the weapons and player sprites made specifically for this, or were they sourced from Realm667? All the spritework and coding in this mod is awesome!

    Every weapon in the mod I made myself, whether it uses frankensprites or entirely original sprite work made by prerendering 3d models into sprites. I had some lovely assistance from the Zdoom Wikipedia for scripting! 

  2. M_DOOM.png.4ce14b21a00e8f922a06c00830cb975a.png

    Biohazard Deathmatch is my first multiplayer mod, set in an alternate history 1970s, where a group of scientists are stuck in an endless time loop and must frag for all eternity.  As well, it's the first time I've actually posted a mod on Doomworld.


    Tested in Zandronum 3.1 but works in Zandronum 3.0. As of Version 2, it is fully compatible with GZDoom and works in single-player!


    Features include:

    • 40 Weapons to choose from: AKs, Shotguns, Plasma Guns, Laser Guns, BFGs, Rocket Launchers, A gun that shoots seeds, a Magic Rune Gun, a Wooper??? 
    • 6 different starting weapons, including a pistol that shoots rockets
    • Random weapon spawns on every slot (Even pistols!)
    • A fun extra death sounds pack(Has over 30 sounds for dying!)
    • Full compatibility with skins
    • Designed for Deathmatch but works with every game mode (as far as I could test)

    Get it here, and get the optional extra death sounds pack here!


    Get Version 1 here if you feel inclined. 


    Mod Trailer:

    Trailer Here. (Footage used features AeonDM maps)


    Screenshots here.




    -Over 10 new weapons, including a katana, nailgun, and a gun that sprays nuclear waste!
    -Weapon balances to accommodate the new weapons, including
    -Rewritten code for bullet puffs

    -New sprites, sounds, and animations for some existing weapons, making them feel a bit better


    Big Ol' Credits list:


    Special Thanks:


    Craneo - Player sprites
    ID Software - Weapon Sprites, sound effects
    Apogee - Weapon Sprites
    Rogue Software - gib sprites
    Monolith Productions - weapon sprites, sounds
    Midway - weapon sprites, sounds
    3D Realms - weapon sprites, sounds
    Dolphman - player sprites
    Freedoom Team - Player sprites
    Dr Cosmobyte - Player sprites
    DoomJedi - Player sprites
    ItsNatureToDie - Player sprites
    PSTrooper - Player sprites
    Dzierzan - weapon sprites
    Overkill - weapon model used to make sprites
    GAA1992 - player script
    Cutmanmike - reused a sprite from ghoul3.wad
    The Very Lovely People at the Zdoom Wiki - scripting
    Nexon - weapon model used to make sprites
    Valve - weapon model used to make sprites
    Bungie - weapon sprites 

    Machine Games - weapon models used to make sprites

    Bethesda Softworks - weapon model used to make sprites

    Accend Inc. - weapon sprites
    and you, for playing it. thank you!