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  1. I'm not sure exactly where i'm supposed to put this thread at, so forgive me if there is a more fitting board. (And sorry for any shitty grammar)
  2. elarmadillo3

    How do i play Scoredoom?

    It seems that there's only one place where you can get Scoredoom now, and it's GitHub. Since i'm a giant dumb-ass, i'd want someone to explain to me how to run it.
  3. elarmadillo3

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    You posted this on this thread, on the same page.
  4. elarmadillo3

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    My favorite part about this is how everybody hates this.
  5. elarmadillo3

    ZDS #571 - X-Games

    tskins1e isn't there.
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------ lTODD HOWARD WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION l l l l l l __________________________________ l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l YES YES l l l l l l l__________________________________l l l_______________________________________________ l Well, this ended up looking like shit, this is probably going to be even more fucked after i post it.
  7. elarmadillo3

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    If they're wet, please tell them. So we can get a psychiatrist. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for my dreams, i dreamt a few days ago or something that Wolfenstein 3D ended with B.J. and some giggling girl being chased by a guard and a dog at night (indoors?), and they escaped by flushing theirselves down a toilet. I have another one, but it's related more to Half-Life.
  8. elarmadillo3

    Technical data regarding music in Doom 2 bothers me

    Different sounding? Never knew that.
  9. oof, u gonna get banned with that name. ;-;7

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gothic


      Why did he got banned?

    3. Doomkid


      I'm guessing some shit went down that most of us didn't see

    4. DMPhobos


      Im guessing because of the shitposting... so yeah...

  10. What? We need a new rule of the Internet. Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom.
  11. elarmadillo3

    "The Spectre Awards"

    Someone else knows about DoomX????????
  12. elarmadillo3

    "The Spectre Awards"

    What about Demon Eclipse?
  13. Disagree. We NEED to legalize buying free illegal ROBLOX Hentai.
  14. elarmadillo3

    RIP Burt Reynolds.

    Now they have to cancel Archer...
  15. elarmadillo3

    Dumb Stuff You Believed When You Were a Kid

    Same. Btw, @Benjogami, are you Black Science Man???????
  16. elarmadillo3

    Dumb Stuff You Believed When You Were a Kid

    I used to think that Deathmatch maps (or as my dad used to call them, "DEHDMEHTCH"(we're Romanian)) were some sort of joke maps that had no enemies as a joke or something like that, and the "dead" part was as some sort of negative thing, or something.

  18. elarmadillo3

    [Announcement] Doom: Restless Souls

    Nice stuff, makes me think of Evilution and Doom 2.
  19. No opinion (Sadly, never played GTA) HL2 graphics are still great today. Adventure, as in a Doom WAD or just adventure?
  20. elarmadillo3

    Hell Park - My First Level

    That looks great.
  21. elarmadillo3

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I wonder why they'd use some random, obviously unfinished texture like that. Also, the fuck are those green things?
  22. elarmadillo3

    What are you listening to?

    Specifically, the Quake 3 part.
  23. elarmadillo3

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Not Doom, but Doomworld, i just noticed that the banner doesn't change anymore...Forever a Cybie.