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  1. Bit3s

    SmoothDoom WARDUST sprites

    What happens to the addon?
  2. Bit3s

    Who is better?

  3. Bit3s

    Who is better?

    In this sprites of the Zombiemans and Shotgungunners (ShotGunGuy) which is better in these 2 versions of each enemy The ZombieMan The ShotGunner (ShotGunGuy) Who is motherfucking better?
  4. I want to know the size difference of the 2 to be able to exactly edit the size of the Hell Knight and the Baron Of Hell of my mod
  5. Bit3s

    There is someone who speaks Spanish?

    Que onda chaval
  6. Bit3s

    There is someone who speaks Spanish?

    Unancen porfavor (?
  7. Bit3s

    There is someone who speaks Spanish?

    Por el hecho de tener amantes de DOOM que hablen español y que compartan ideas y que nos estemos ayudando ademas de informar (For the fact of having DOOM lovers who speak Spanish and who share ideas and who are helping us in addition to informing)
  8. I have created a discord group for the Spanish community but if no one speaks Spanish here then I will create it for the English community Here is the discord https://discord.gg/5nS8atT
  9. Bit3s

    What is the Doom Pistol based on?

    I'm very anxious to put the sounds of weapons in my mod | (• ◡•)|
  10. I want to know in what Doom Classic weapons are based because I want add the sounds of their respective based weapons
  11. Bit3s

    About GLDEFS Colors

    Does anyone know the colors that are available for the GLDEFS?
  12. I already have the sprites of the different fireballs what What I want to know is if I can add as a new attack these sprites for the Hell Knigt (Thanks Teder for this sprites)