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  1. Time to kill demons with powder n' love
  2. Bites!

    Is there any team deathmatch maps?

    It has a nice backstory and hearing that from you means that is really good. Thank you :D
  3. Bites!

    Is there any team deathmatch maps?

  4. Bites!

    Delta Touch on Android

    There's a config file on gamebana that makes GZDoom look more classic https://gamebanana.com/games/396
  5. Bites!

    Is there any team deathmatch maps?

    Thank you both. Thank you for the recommendations :D
  6. Bites!

    Is there any team deathmatch maps?

    Nobody answered '-'
  7. I've been bored for a long time and i was wondering if there is any team deathmatch out. I would appreciate very much if you share maps to play Gotem
  8. Bites!

    Strange "chug" noise coming from my new PC

    Indeed that's true
  9. Bites!

    Does Doom Slayer pay taxes?

    Haha big text taxes go
  10. I make my humble discord group a year ago and was the most fun experience, i can say that you will gonna chill out with other spanish doomers and have some entertaining time or maybe fun time, we have special channels ( we make Zandronum servers ), you can talk wharever you want :3 And our special guests: Fraggle a successful man, Erick194 a really good modder, JD he make addons for QC:DE, MiFu the owner of TSPG and Remilia  Here's the discord group https://discord.gg/DyGcCwT we invite you to join, who knows that you will gonna have a good time? ;D I'm not like that persons what gives long descriptions but at least i tried xd
  11. Hello! my fellow friend How i can find the "melee:" code