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  1. Se refiere a que los vamos a recibir en el grupo de Discord
  2. Bites!

    gun casings

    This has help me a lot uwu
  3. however we are talking about a place where there are many doomers who speak English and fewer doomers who speak in Spanish
  4. estoy en una situación muy jodida, se esta muriendo el grupo y algunos miembros no ayudan que el servidor este muy activo para nada es muy díficil ocupo mas miembros que esten activos ( I'm in a very fucked up situation, the group is dying and some members do not help that the server is very active at all it's very difficult to occupy more members that are active )
  5. so no more who speak spanish (?
  6. there's the link of the group https://discord.gg/DyGcCwT
  7. i can post a link of my discord group in my topic?

    1. fraggle
    2. Bites!


      Can you help me pls )':