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  1. Doom GBA legend back once again. In October, it will be 20 years since the port has been released. As of the 20th year, a new discovery has brought forward a new frontier in speedrunning this port, once again redefining what the term "Any%" means for this game! I present to you, Doom GBA in 8 minutes in 44 seconds. For the first time in a world record full game speedrun, the use of "Zombie" strategies. Previous WR 8:59 (NO ZOMBIE GLITCH, FIRST SUB 9 MINUTE TIME) I'm shocked to say there are still discoveries being made with this game. A glitch like this exists in source ports, and is not an unseen circumstance to those who understand all the quirks of the Doom engine. But I've started opening the rabbit hole with these strategies being used to save time in this version. It has now proven to be useful in speedrunning for the lowest RTA times in the GBA version, once again setting the new lowest time for any Doom port. This has been a concept route for months, I'm finally glad it worked out. April was the time when I realized the potential of being Crushed while zombie state was active. A 15 second improvement over the previous world record. Under 400 attempts to achieve this new time. 14,300+ attempts to secure under 9 mintues with the previously considered "fastest route". Its insane to think how good the 8:59 was without this glitch being used. But lower times seem to be much more viable with this being used, as the max window of time for non-zombie was 8:38-8:42 range. 8:30-8:15 range is now much more viable, possibly sub 8 with further research. How the new glitch works: You die in level 1 the same frame you click to exit. Save game. Spawn in level 2 with 100 Health. Load save for level 2. You get 000 health, can't pick up keys, and enemies cannot see you. But if you get crushed by a door, it lets you go through walls no problems. Play level 2-16 with glitch enabled. Must be crushed every new level. The first level of Episode 3 has no door, or lift, that can crush you. So you have to goto the menu and do E3 from a fresh spawn. So the run is now: Build up massive time save in level 2-16, lose time in level 17 to keep ahead. Level 17 on the previous route was 6 seconds long, it is now 34-38 seconds. The time save everywhere else makes up for the time loss in E3M1. So you "Save time, loose time, to Save the most time". If that makes any sense? The large time save from 2-16, absolves time loss in level 1 and level 17 (starting E3 from a fresh spawn). While the speedrun has never before had the WR going to the menu, and selecting the episode, its never been outright banned or not allowed. Doom speedruns for source ports always go to the menu by force. Just because this game lets you go from beginning to end, doesn't necessarily mean it is the "fastest method". Now it has been proven that Zombie state may bring a much lower time in this version. The months to follow, we may yet see the 8:30 or lower territory of times. Pro's and Con's exist due to this trick, and I will list them as following. Anyone's input, or science into these areas would be wonderful to hear about from the wider community. I've documented each extensive PB/WR here in past forum posts, and have learned many of different aspects of the game that have helped the speedrun. People like Axedoomer, Icy, plushyness, VideoGamer07, JRMHD91, Thief, Depr4vity, and others have helped contribute to the run. Its always good to get others input from my own notes and findings. Let me know if anyone see's anything I could be testing for better times, or trying to find better methods using zombie state. New States the player can be in: Zombie= Having 000 health, but not the state of allowing to pass through objects. Crushed Zombie = Being able to be crushed by a door, or lift into a ceiling, that allows you to pass through objects. PRO'S Crushed state saves immense time in level 2-16 (Over a minute compared to previous record at 8:59) Zombie and crushed is viable in 19 of 23 levels. Can complete Episode 1 in under 3 minutes with ease. Can complete episode 1 and 2 in under 6 minutes. Sum of best is 5:09 finishing level 16. With a 2:48 or lower in level 17-23, full game can reach 8:04 or lower. Potential time save has reached territory once again for another minute milestone in the future. CON'S Zombie crushed state is not possible in 4 of 23 levels. Level 1 Level 17 Level 22 Level 23 Is unavailable in E1M1. Unless a save is hacked to allow for a spawn in E1M1, that has zombie state. Would require save inject, not possible by normal means (Yet???) I have had buggy saves in the past. Results of messing up the levels with linedef changes from out of bounds. Examples inclue saves that would change health each time loading, rockets popping out different ammo amounts. I'm uncertain if a save has a limit as to what could be written to it in game. But a working theory is that walking outside of the levels, and having a resulting save, can influence the save to be different every time its loaded for health and ammo at most thus far. Its hard to say if that could be used to rewrite the actual level the save is made for. Level 10 becomes longer, as you must wait for the crushing lift for plasma, or get crushed near the secret health orb next to blue key. I haven't tested which is faster, but it is likely plasma based on distance. Blue orb may have a faster set up for crushed state, but is further from the exit. Level 17 (E3M1) is not possible with zombie. You are unable to pick up the Red Key. All the doors open, and never close. There is no way to be crushed. Level 17 is 6 seconds long in the 8:59 previous record. With the new route, a fresh spawn without a rocket launcher, requires doing the level the intended way. This losses the Large time save from Level 2-16, but still keeps ahead of the previous record. Potentially 20 seconds of time save left yet before this segment, could push 8:20 or lower... Level 22 (E3M7) is not possible with zombie. You are unable to pick up the Blue Key. All the Doors cannot be opened without a Key. There is no way to be crushed. There are walls that lower as you walk over lindefs, but no crushing method. Level 23 (Final Level) is not possible with zombie. No crushing method exists. Finding a way to complete Level 17, 22, and 23 with zombie is now the Holy grail of the speedrun. I've said for years a faster level 13 was the holy grail, but now it has been found thanks to zombie. Potentially, finding another way to activate zombie, or influence the effects in level 17, 22, and 23 to make not going to the menu at all a viability. These are the new things to search out. Likely not possible. But, I've learned to stop saying never with this game after so many broken discoveries. TL;DR : THE GAME IS EVEN MORE BROKEN NOW. IT HAS REACHED MEME SPEEDRUN HEIGHTS. LOOKS HILARIOUS COMPARED TO PREVIOUS WR. YOU NOW RESET FOR AN HOUR IN E1M1 THANKS TO RNG. DOOM GUY RUNS THROUGH WALLS WITH NO REAL OBSTICALS FOR HALF THE SPEEDRUN. E3M1 IS RUDE.
  2. Take all the time you need Dimon, I am sorry for your loss. Sending you strength on the healing road. I have been away from streaming the game, invested into work and video production in my time after work. My long running youtube series is having a renaissance time of sorts. But I will be back in October heavily for the 20th anniversary.
  3. Holy crap! TAS sub 6 RTA is 100%, incredible stuff! I realized in E2M4 that was a possibility, and I tried to set it up in science prior. If only it was a little slower going up :( For E2M6, That was the exact route I was describing yes. :D Thanks for confirming 0:02 on the final level is the max at this time also. Been really great seeing your progress on this TAS! :D I haven't streamed in a week as I've been busy working, and catching up on my youtube ventures in the background. I'll likely be live again monday in the later evening in EST time zone. Thanks for the updates Dimon, here's to E3 progress!
  4. Holy crap! 1:42 RTA E1! Amazing to see for TAS. I'd surmise your goal in full TAS is 5 or 4 range for a full RTA? 4 could be a possible time frame with void looking to save time like in E1M6. In E1M7, I had actually discovered that exact potential... on the other side of the building, same set of windows! Haha! Its a hail mary for time save that I don't see particular use for adding into the current route. I still have yet to try a run with E1M5 yellow door walk that you have shown here, it has potential to push the time lower then 8:15. My next session of attempts will be in about 17-19 hours from this post. I've known void looking was faster for a few years, its uses in TAS should be interesting to work with in future levels. When the 9 minute barrier was broken the first, and only time, without the zombie glitch being used... the only possible significant time save left for human play was using "Blind" strats in the void. Essentially, training myself to know the exact time to hold buttons, or when to make turns, from a visual aid. The Hall of Mirrors would end up being useful to judge if the angle was correct, as areas left the screen. I would have needed to time out how long to hold certain buttons, to possibly save 3 or 4 seconds in a few different levels. Its why I had started playing with Gameboy Interface, so I could register in real time the buttons I was using to progress the lower times in the route. I would be curious what a TAS without zombie looks like still, but its an obsolete route now for the lowest times like this! Levels with good places to focus on voids for remaining TAS: -Level 10 (E2M2) Orb secret has the fastest crush, using void out of bounds from that area, to reach exit switch, can secure faster time then plasma lift 100%. Even with the plasma lift being used, the void look would drastically save time in actually reaching the button. -Level 13 (E2M5) ending section, and being able to keep on the stairs that wrap around the middle. You can get to the higher stairs, while walking on the edge of the wall you see me inside of in the speedrun. Right before the round stairs. Lets you get on stairs sooner, but slight difficulty for use in human route currently with a wall tight rope. -Level 14 (E2M6), possibly using another route near the button. You can get to the exit without going to the berserk pack area, but it takes longer for human play in having to turn so much. -Level 15 (E2M7). TAS can be insane if the level is done with full void up to the button. The acid room with the pinkies is the only place besides the starting room you have to see in the level, returning to OOB, clicking the exit button after it appears from walking backwards into the exit room. Level 16 (Final E2 Level) TAS can get 1. I have gotten 2. If TAS gets 0, I will cry. Because I will attempt the 1 grind at the very least... lol Level 19 (E3M4) The Invulnerability orb could possibly be picked up, while also void gliding through a few walls, saving having to set up the rocket. Refer to my tutorial for explanation on the older methods. TAS could likely do this without the need to slow down. Theory; you could possibly build speed, tap orb, turn in process of tapping orb, and still keep momentum to go through the wall, saving the rocket. Ending section can also use void look to reach button faster. Level 20 (Swag cathedral strats) This is easily the hardest part of the speedrun now. I have gotten 5, but I still keep a section of the level on screen for visuals. I let the wooden door in the exit room sit on the right side of the screen in my attempts, and position it to an angle I have practiced to the best results. TAS can likely just do it all with 100% void look. Could even be a 3. Level 22 (E3M7) This is where the non-use of a rocket in Level 19 becomes a possibility for time save. More armor starting = One use for OOB at the start. Get OOB, enter yellow door room clipping into teleporter from OOB spot. Grab the health to restock if needed. You might have to go through the portal, and open the red door, but this depends on if you have health higher then 65, and Armor higher then 65. If you cannot sustain 106-112 damage, you need to stock health at the very least. Red door will let you open it from the inside, even without a red key. Return to Yellow door room via portal after using health on the island. Clip out with rockets, click button, void glide through wall in the corner where human route uses rockets. (Human route uses void glide set up as last ditch efforts to save runs with bad health). Look forward to seeing some more TAS, and any route discoveries! Its really helped out in deciphering the best human route also. The sub 8 barrier is closer now with an 8:14 time played just this friday for a full Any%. I'd surmise the final levels have even more potential, I'll be conducting more science. Happy thoughts in E1M1, AKA RESET HEAVEN. :D
  5. 8:17 Tonight! 8:1X has been achieved, and the Time save is in obvious places. Current Segments in 8:17. E1 2:45 E2 2:26 E3 3:06 E1 has potential for 7-10 seconds of time save. E2 has 7 seconds of viable time save. Level 10, 14 E3 has the largest time save potential with level 17, 18, and 22 improvements Best Segments played so far: E1 2:38 (Set same stream as 8:17, different attempt) E2 2:26 (In 8:17) E3 2:48 (Add menu times for 2:53 segment, played this segment 9/07/2020) Total time with best segments: 7:57-7:59 Required for sub 8 E1 Time of 2:40 or better E2 Time of 2:26 or better (5:04-5:06 RTA at end of E2) E3 Time of 2:53 or better (2:48 is record, 5 seconds average is given for menus) Episode 3 is a cruel segment. Hilariously the biggest clutch of the run after its so easy in the beginning... its great to watch though. The run is a lot easier in some parts at the start, but the older strats in the end game are not entirely obsolete.. Yet? (Dreaming likely.. lol) I'm enjoying playing this again, and will be closing into the barrier of under 8 minutes soon enough... I never thought I would be actually saying that. Now averaging a zombie glitch save every 15 minutes. It's getting easier to time watching for single digits and scratches. Have had a 16 IGT with successful glitch happening. Also possibly the first ever instance of this happening, Zombie glitch happened back to back between two speedruns. I got it once in the warm up before the stream tonight, and your 100% right. Human viability is unlikely with how complex it is. This is easily the last thing to attempt RTA when no further time save is left anywhere else. Attempting as a "lottery trick" for even a fraction of time save is how I see this ever being added... lol
  6. I clapped out loud watching this, I have waited years to see a proper attempt at a TAS. I know it will take time, but your efforts are showing great progress thus far. I was made aware a few days ago you made D64 TAS in the past, so I have faith your TASing for prior games have brought this crazy one to your workstation. Great stuff so far. That toxic pit area has another instance where I was actually able to clip under the door that opens going up to the stairs. Very similar fashion to what you have just found, getting trapped between 2 linedefs seems to be whats happening. Looking at proper angle, strafing and moving into proper direction, getting trapped on the Linedef to have this happen. I use a method similar to this in level 7 to complete in in RTA currently, walking inside the edge of a wall to reach the ending faster. Corners/intersecting linedefs on walls in this game tend to "hook" the player onto them easily. I wouldn't have guessed after all this time, the hooks could be useful with zombie, but it is welcoming to see these developments. If I can figure out this E1M5 route you have just discovered, we are looking at 8:1X territory for RTA in the next attempts... but it will require science for RTA. Even finding a set up to get it could be worth the trouble, since I currently walk back to the spawning section to exit out of the level at the decorative door at the start. I will be doing some attempts and science tomorrow night on stream, ETA 18 hours from this post. Great stuff Dimon!
  7. Ah yes, Map 4 is difficult with zombie active. If you get crushed on that map, it is not viable. With the crush, the game assumes you are always "lowering" towards the ground. When you die, he falls into the ground. The gravity from the game assuming this, makes the player heavier as a result if you are in crushed state. If you have zombie active, without the crush state, it is possible, but just difficult to have happen. Jumps without zombie I would say is a 1 in 3 chance. Jumps with Zombie I would say decreases odds to a 1 in 6. With crushed zombie, its probably not possible (human wise). I haven't had a successful jump with the crushed state active yet, the player always seems to reach the edge, but clips into the edge as a result of zombie crushed state letting you into the wall/edge you are meeting when you cross the gap.
  8. Level 7 is shorter now, yes! Nightmare is showing positive signs for better routes with more enemies added to enable OOB. Also found a new route with level 12, also possible in any%. "Walking the tightrope" of OOB near the walls. Half inside, half outside.. Very easy to mess this up walking back into the level ruining the attempt. It allows you to get to the teleporter near the ending faster, without having to go around the area to the Plasma secret. Unfortunately, and I mentioned it in my 1st post, Level 17(Hell Keep), 22(Limbo), and 23(E2M9 from PC) are not viable with zombie.. there is no door or lift that you can be crushed with. You can't pick up keys with zombie state. None of the Doors or lifts can be used. In theory- if you could get the "crushed state" to remain level to level OR Find another way to activate "crushed state" another way besides being crushed. ^^Finding a way for these theories, would allow for the glitch being used in the entire run. This would also make pacifist possible every completion on all difficulties. This is the 3rd session I've had since the 23rd of June. 1st session post 8:32 Any%, 2 hours long a few days after. 2nd session was 1 hour earlier this week. 3rd session, with 12:02 NM was 2 hours long. But I'm trying not to get worn out on the game again, have been doing other runs and returning to this every few weeks. At 15,000 resets in the any% category, it brings pain trying to optimize that category specifically, even with the zombie improvements. Nightmare has a lot more potential to go lower, so I'm starting to play those runs at a higher capacity. I imagine a 10 minute territory completion is possible. Maybe not under 10 without better E3 NM strategies and ammo management. Preventing time loss in early E3 or ending of E3 will be the key in optimizing the run for a 10, but viable.
  9. Nightmare 12:02 Previous WR 14:31 GBA Nightmare = UV Settings, no respawns. Have finally taken on Zombie Glitch runs on the highest difficulty. Lots of Pro's and Con's compared to any% Pro's: -Have enemies near walls to enable clipping out of bounds when crushed zombie state is active. Saves time in a few different spots, more discoveries left in this regard. -E1M1 death exit is consistent to reset. You don't have to lure the imp into the exit room, or pray the fireball hits you. -Final imp scratches, player watches for single digit health, time exiting the same frame as damage/death. Averaging 21 seconds or less RTA, can go lower with more optimizations like barrels example from Dimon's TAS. -Faster routes discovered in Level 3, 7, 12, 13. -You actually pick up the BFG for the first time in years. -16 levels in under 7 minutes is hilarious. Con's -Zombie save is harder to get on nightmare. Doom GBA on the highest difficulty has more enemies. More enemies, more lag. Enemies = Lag = Slow game = timing enemy scratch pattern is different. Its very slight, but very noticeable after getting used to getting the glitch on the lower difficulty. -I have only gotten the glitch 4-5 times on nightmare in 4 hours of attempts. Averaged 2-3 times an hour on the lower difficulty. -Episode 3, just like any%, has to be done from a fresh spawn. I found taking E3M1 (Level 17) Slow, helped prepare for level 18. -Level 18 is a freaking nightmare. Have to exit level with proper health for the rest of the run. This level lost 2 minutes with deaths in previous attempts. -Level 17, 18, and 22 are run enders now. -BFG is required for level 22. -Conservation of plasma in E3 needs improvements. Sub 11 Nightmare is a strong possibility. Sub 10 arguably less likely.. but I have learned to stop saying never with this game.
  10. It used to be a really difficult speedrun, and only recently became more inviting. lol I played 14,000+ attempts, and found an even better glitch, so nobody else had to ever put themselves through that again. :)
  11. Theorietical TAS route: Get OOB with zombie, use void looking to reach spot OOB to mess with level internal data (Geometry placements). Return to level exit that is wide open. Void looking: Clearing your view of level geometry while out of bounds. Allows for uncapped framerate, lets Doom guy run very quickly. So void looking can get you somewhere that a distance of 10 seconds travel time in level, would be under 2 seconds OOB. You could TAS the game with Void looking to get very low times in all the levels you get OOB with. I was starting to experiment with void looking to save time before Zombie was discovered. But you literally have to teach yourself how long to hold buttons for if you are using void looking strats to judge where you are OOB. Crazy hard stuff to learn, but very useful in TAS for certain. I dunno if I mentioned, but I did finally get to making a full tutorial with all of the strategies that were considered fastest before the zombie discovery. This tutorial was made after the 8:59 was played. Includes in bounds and OOB explanations. Mentions void looking just after 39:30.
  12. https://clips.twitch.tv/BlushingAthleticChinchillaRlyTho https://clips.twitch.tv/GiantHotTubersTriHard You exit E1M7 from the spawning room. Walking into a correct area out of bounds, and returning into the map, gives results like above. Making it possible to finish the level this way, prior to zombie discoveries. Sorry it took some time to share, the clips were from almost a year ago, had to hunt them down.
  13. Another fresh PB/WR! 8:32 E1 2:52 E2 2:35 E3 3:03 GOOD NEWS! 7 IS CONFIRMED POSSIBLE! Times required for 7 Minutes Episode 1 in 2:40 (Current record, but time can be improved still in 10 second range. Especially E1M1 set up for zombie glitch) Episode 2 in 2:35 (The current record has pistol start, cannot be compared directly... This is still a great segment, but can be improved slightly) Episode 3 in 2:40 (Current E3 record is 2:48... but sum of best in past runs was under 2:40 range, so it is possible to improve) Even a time like 2:30 E1, 2:30 E2, and 2:59 or less in E3 can get the time to under 8 minutes! We will be seeing this run in the next weeks/months. Another barrier milestone is confirmed, and on its way. :o
  14. By not having the text appear each time an item is picked up, the game doesn't require displaying the text, ergo, adding more events for the game to run back. Its actually the direct reason 8 E1M1 was possible. I played E1M1 over 4,000 attempts without a single 8. Depr4vity suggested turning messages off. The first 8 IGT was played within 10 minutes of that change. So its a very slight increase on overall speed. All of the corners that you can leave the level from, are actually the same exact corners the rockets can push you out of without the zombie glitch active. So luckily, the years of optimization with the older strategies, actually helped in science for finding exact places for the new glitches use. Lag reduction was a big part of sub 9 being possible prior to this discovery. It may still be useful for many places in E3, but not absolutely required as badly as it once was for 2-16. Can likely still shave a few seconds over the course of those levels with Lag reduction improvements, or looking into the void to get around outside the level at faster speeds. When I get a new PB in the next while, I will post it in this thread once again. :)
  15. Thats great! If you want the fastest options for a TAS though, play with game messages off, and static lighting 👍 Hope to see a full TAS from you someday, but it is definitely not an easy task. I attempted to learn the tools for it, and it just became to much.
  16. It is actually possible to do this, and complete the level without keys. But getting into the exit teleporter does not exit the level. You have to be facing into the portal as if you are entering, and use a rocket to die. The death pushes you onto the linedef that you walk over on the traditional route, and ends the level. Getting into the teleporter requires building momentum, and meeting the wall at the correct momentum, while inputing left or right for a few frames, before reaching the wall the teleporter is behind... its a lot more complex, and does not lead to a faster completion of the level unfortunately.
  17. Alexo

    Final Doom on PS3 - controller issues

    Yes unfortunately classic complete was delisted. You can still get Doom 1 and Doom 2 on the BFG edition for PS3. These run the same as classic complete, and offer the same in game leaderboard also. But Final Doom is now considered a "Lost port", unless you have a PS3 that installed in before it was delisted.
  18. New exploit uncovered for PSYDoom speedrunning in the last 24 hours. Discovered by @depr4vity , PSYDoom seems to support a turbo mode. The running community are dubbing this playback as 'Dep Mode', after its founder. Mappings: Digital_MoveForward = W, Up, Gamepad DpUp, Gamepad LeftY- Digital_MoveBackward = S, Down, Gamepad DpDown, Gamepad LeftY+ Digital_StrafeLeft = A, Gamepad LeftX- Digital_StrafeRight = D, Gamepad LeftX+ Analog_MoveForwardBack = Gamepad LeftY Analog_MoveLeftRight = Gamepad LeftX Mapping Dpad movements and analog movements to the same function on the joystick, results in double speeds. All manners of speedrunning skips and tricks are being discovered now thanks to this option. Depr4vity got Hangar in under 7 seconds, Spawning Vats in under 10 seconds.... its incredible! Unfortunately, we have not found a successful way of doing this with a Keyboard and Mouse, so it is exclusive to Controller only. Hybrid methods of using Mouse and Joystick have been found to be successful in use also. Categories for Normal and Dep Mode are offered now on the full game leaderboard. Full run with Dep mode. 18:37 DOOM 1
  19. Alexo

    The Apple Bandai Pippin?

    There is a reason people often overlook the pippin.. its one of the worst selling electronic devices in this history of gaming. Less then 85,000 made. If you have a working one, your set for life on "Geeky things I didn't know I could start conversations about". That controller tho... a trackball? LOL
  20. Alexo

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    My face when the icon takes 4 minutes.
  21. The World's 1st Doom Unity Speedrunning Tournament is TOMORROW! Starting times for Different Countries and Time zones. UTC - SATURDAY 17:00 MARCH 27TH EST-SATURDAY 1:00PM 3/27 PST-SATURDAY 10:00AM 3/27 UK -SATURDAY 5:00PM 3/27 RU- SATURDAY 8:00PM 3/27 NZ- SUNDAY 6:00AM MARCH 28TH Good luck to all of the runners, 6 players in total. Some of the best players for the Unity Version of Doom have signed up. Its going to be a great display of some of the best matches the Unity Doom community has to offer! We may even have a chance at seeing new world records for any of the 3 episodes or full game!
  22. The Moderation staff for the speedrun.com leaderboard for the Unity Port of Doom is happy to announce the world's first DOOM UNITY OPEN SPEEDRUNNING TOURNAMENT! We're inviting 8 eligible players to compete for a $170 prize pool on Saturday, March 27th! The tournament will feature players racing across all 3 episodes of the original game from 1993. 11 matches will take place to find the best consistent player the unity port has to offer. New players, Veteran players, a new sport unlike any other. We're expecting the event to take place over a 4 hour window, with players already signing up. Eligibility requires players to have a submission on speedrun.com for the first 3 episodes of the original doom in the any% category. Players who have not met the eligibility requirement, can submit their runs, and request to join the event up to March 25th. Eligibility requirements and tournament sign up information can be found in the console doom community discord. Please see our announcements section for the most up to date information about the tournament. We will also be hosting the event for spectators live on twitch, have a way to synchronize races, and have commentary provided from some of the best players in the game through out the tournament. There will be a voluntary John Madden Doom Guy now, which is pretty neat to think about. The Tournament will be hosted Live at http://www.twitch.tv/consoledoom Saturday, March 27th @ 1PM EST. You can follow this thread to have a reminder set up a few days before, and the day of the tournament to spectate the event. Other SRC mods and myself will be returning to this thread to highlight things as they take place, and after they have ended. We'll have runs synchronized as closely as possible. The event will be viewing them side by side, as players compete for a $170 prize pool in a next generation sport in gaming history. I would like to thank THiEF, Pastelunity, and Jrmhd for making the prize pool possible, and the moderation team for their discussions planning the best possible format for the tournament to be played in. We're looking forward to seeing Doom speedrunning as a sporting event style approach for the first time in the Unity ports history! Tournament Structure ROUND 1 Players Compete in a single episode race in 4 players per match. 1st and 2nd Place move to the Higher bracket matches for round 2. The 3rd and 4th place contestants for each race, will play Match 3 with the same rules, and episode. 3rd and 4th place from this match, will be eliminated from the tournament. Match 1 ---- Starting Higher Bracket matches. 4 Players, 1 single episode. 1st & 2nd place move to higher bracket round 2. Match 2 3rd & 4th move to lower bracket in match 3. Match 3 ---- Lower Bracket match, 3rd & 4th Place are eliminated. 1st and 2nd move to Lower bracket Round 2. ROUND 2 Players now compete in 1v1 races across 2 episodes of the original Doom. The 2 episodes are to be selected at random prior to the match (RNG decision) and both players must complete the two segments, in any order they please. Second Place in the Higher bracket (Match 4 & Match 6) will move down to face a player seeded in the lower bracket (Match 5 & Match 7). A player taking second place in a lower bracket match, see's them eliminated from the tournament. Match 4 -- Higher Bracket 3 2 Players, 2 episodes. Loser moves to Match 5 Match 5 -- Lower Bracket 2 2 Players, 2 episodes. Loser is eliminated. Match 6 -- Higher Bracket 4 2 Players, 2 episodes. Loser moves to Match 7 Match 7 -- Lower Bracket 3 2 Players, 2 episodes. Loser is eliminated. ROUND 3 Players are now playing all 3 episodes in a single segment speedrun race against their opponent. Lower Bracket 4 and Higher Bracket 5 Will be played at the same time. Match 8 -- Lower Bracket 4 2 players play all 3 episodes. Loser is eliminated. Winner plays Match 10. Match 9 -- Higher Bracket 5 2 players play all 3 episodes. Loser Plays Match 10. Match 10 Lower Bracket 5 2 players play all 3 episodes. Loser is eliminated and takes 3rd place prize of a 20$ steam gift card. ROUND 4 The First player to achieve first place twice in three matches, across all 3 episodes (in any order the player chooses), is the winner of the tournament. *In the event the lower seeded player has won against a higher seeded player. If the Higher seeded player has not taken a loss the entire tournament, double elimination rules will be in play, and a second set of best of 3 races will be played. This is to keep in fairness with the double elimination rule established for all players through the entire tournament. Match 11 Higher Bracket 6 - FINAL ROUND. 2nd Place takes the prize of a 50$ steam gift card! 1st Place takes the prize of two 50$ gift cards for 100$! Who's ready to see some sweet runs? :)
  23. Looking forward to this! I hope the mapping is going well, haven't stopped by the stream to save spoils. :) I have been having a lot of fun running deathless lately in the Unity Port. E2M7 is a complete lottery for speedrunning the IL, but you should be proud of that achievement with the maps design allowing this. Hope to have this one routed and running a few days time after release, especially for unity. Best of luck! :)
  24. If @sponge ends up viewing this thread again in time, I hope you are well and the team is well also. The Unity Port from a Speedrunning perspective, a full QA and Description of Community Suggestions from speedrunners. I am one of the Head moderators for the larger speedrunning scene for the unity port. I started the leaderboard on SRC. I wanted to help the team in listing a couple things here in the Unity mega thread, and by chance have the community here on Doom world able to see this also and give feedback also. Hundreds of folks are running official WAD's and the added Community WAD's that are now all listed in 2,400+ categories across 2 leaderboards. The community on SRC has nearly 3,500 speedrun times among just over 500 players. Some have now set times in the unity port that have stood on DSDA since 2001, and we're becoming an active scene for new times and welcoming all kinds of players from around the world. The entire community has appreciated added milliseconds support on results screen, wide screen and FPS settings/customization. You guys have really increased the value of every little movement and optimization when it comes to the speedrunning sport with this addition for Individual Levels. Automatic SR50 is a god send for this particular version. You people did an incredible thing here. If you ever patch this, the speedrun scene will cease to exist. I'm not even kidding, please-please keep this in mind if there is any looming concern over 100% accuracy to the original game from any higher source or QA team report. We can't stress enough how useful this is in inviting folks to gather times in a much more constructed and fun manner, that would take years of time in comparison to optimizations with playing traditional source port running. We've been referring to Classic source port SR50 as "Manual SR50", with Auto becoming a welcoming things for all folks checking out the Unity port for the first time. Unity port now homes faster existing times that have broken 20 year old records thanks to this being possible. With this being patched, there would be a 100% chance of unobtainable times at this point, and unfortunately it would deter even the active player pool from wanting to improve a time that in theory can never be topped, if this change were ever made. ------------------------ \/ I'm sure some of these problems are on your radar. Not my main focus, but common in survey\/ We've run into a few different bugs, and features that could result in a better speedrunning experience for the runner. -The "Are you sure you want to quit?" Menu displays at launch after the initial splash screens, and will appear every time the player pushes Escape. This has become an issue for many players who play both Doom 1 and Doom II unity, and switch between the two games in the time they are doing a speedrun. A glitch like this has had its time ending runs that stretch into an hour+ into the run. -The menu at times can appear to highlight 2 options with the difficulty selections. Making the area each menu selection, and cheat selection, larger in the menu would be ideal. Sometimes it feels like the slightest movement of the mouse will drag the selection in the cheat menu too high or too low. -At the end of a section, while watching the credits leading into the menu, the mouse at times will become unable to display, or respond to inputs. This can catch a player off guard, and loose time during an attempt trying to fix the mouse, or switch to the slower option with keyboard. -The game has trouble running on some hardware as CPU climbs above 40%. A community wide test has not been done in-depth in this regard. But its been a discussion how frames can have issue with choppy effects, as demand is asked of the rig your playing on. At times I find myself having nothing else open while streaming to keep the CPU as low as possible while playing so my inputs and visual timing are getting the best response possible. -At times the mouse can be very sensitive in selecting menu options. Sometimes the mouse will disappear entirely, but will have the ability to scroll up and down the menu as you move the mouse forward and backward. This all happens without seeing the mouse visually on screen, and can result in time loss in the speedrun that isn't in the players control. ------------------------ These next two points I'd direct you to in mind for a speedrun verification process. The moderation team has been curious of these possibilities in future updates. Quality of life options in verifying the legitimacy of speedruns. This could be in either a visual reading in game, or an internal reading listed in a file. To help prevent illegitimate runs from taking place, I highlight these 2 points because they would help the sport in the future. - An option for an Overlay that appears on the game to help not only timing runs, but what should also keep 100% accuracy in its animations timing to find illegitimate runs that are cut together from best segments. This overlay could be used to help detect any split in footage. Perhaps a sprite with low opacity, that plays a sequence, or shines (like a health orb you can barely see) in a rhythm. The rhythm can be timed out to restart every 60 seconds from the point game play begins in a segment from Start to End. So from difficulty select, Up to the screen before the credits play, The entire point we consider for an RTA segment. The accepted community standard of timing could be used for this visuals start and end point. First Visible frame of the animation: The First frame of the difficulty selection text is no longer displayed Last Visible frame of the animation: The first frame of the screen melting in the last level of the segment. Two Ideal placements in the game to design this option to be sensitive in display during. The sprite can be a visual through out game play to determine if the footage is continuous, and would save the pain of Demo feature being a pain for the devs to develop to work in unity's UI. It would also only exist for the entire time we time our RTA segment, and will help to time runs 100% accurately for any player who understands how it works. -Demo feature... I'm uncertain if this would be a pain, or more resources then the previously mentioned option?? But to be frank, if the thought above sounds unlikely, having an option to arm the game to start demos and continue to do so would be sweet. Demos would stop with quick saves. Demo saves to file in a new section of its own, in the main game menu. The Demo section holds demos that can be played back in the unity port. "Recent Demo's" and "Demo's by WAD" options are here. Select from Demo's by WAD, list of Demo's from said WAD displays. Recent WADs has most recent at top, descends down list of 10. ^^ The future of 100% legitimate verification of speedruns in ease of access ways will be key to the communities continued growth. A team of volunteers verify runs, and can see over 200 submissions within a week. A tool to help time, and verify legitimacy of runs, would be very welcomed as a Visual or File inclusion. We still Do visual verification. We watch them. We've caught cheaters. We've denied runs who do not show the selection on UV and higher up difficulties. A lot of players use hand cam or input displays in their runs, but the chance for nefarious means of progression of times can arise, and unfortunately this has happened many times before in the history of speedrunning as a sport, even in DSDA times. We just want to see a way for ease of mind in 100% confirming runs are submitted legitimately, and we have a direct method to confirm accuracy that is programmed in the game to help us do that job specifically, and casual players can pay it no mind and turn it off in the options. Demo's would allow for precise reading of inputs in the file. The overlay suggestion for the sprite adds a visual way to be able to weigh out any runs that may be subject to rejection if they are aided in anyway beside the player playing in real time. Just food for thought what the speedrunning experts and folks watching hundreds of Unity segments every week are curious about seeing in the future to help the community as it grows wider in members. ------------------------ Other Options the wider community has been curious about seeing, and would welcome. I've highlighted sections that stand out directly to me: -Having an option to display the IGT outside of the Map screen, while you are playing, and being able to turn this on and off in the pause options. -The Game should remember in the level select what level the game was playing previously and Difficulty. We generally use this menu for IL's, but resetting IL's is tedious. We require UV, UV+, & NM times to display this selection due to legitimacy check. But the issue becomes resetting the run, going to level select, having to scroll and scroll to get back to the level. Every. Single. Time. This would be a massive quality of life option, as starting the game from the very beginning exists in the New game option. This would just be a quality of life option to players, as the result of requiring the difficulty inclusion has discouraged players from playing (resets and scrolling to select becomes tedious). -Having an option in level select screen, after clicking left on the listing from ITYTD, an option exists for No Monsters. This alone would add over 300 new categories to the game, and would be welcomed for players of all skill. -Cross hair customization would be welcomed in the options, like Quake III varieties as a base idea and how that game structured it. The cross hair is very useful on Icon of Sin, I recommend it to people who struggle with that section and it does wonders, but its lacking a bit in detail. Maybe keep the current one as an option with a listing of a few other options. There is no issue in placement on screen, its perfect for the icon of sin accuracy. -Having an option to toggle the credits. I know this sounds harsh,and we think you guys are brilliant... but maybe have the games first time opening settings to have credits on by default, and have the option to toggle off? The total time the credits sequence takes over an entire run is 4-6 seconds each time. If you play a 15 minutes time, its nearly 20 seconds of time. Over an anthology time, runs have lost time in comparison to sourceport classic as a result of added time for credits display (this whole point is all depending on CPU% and how well the credits load in seems to be related to this in study). The credits can also at times contribute to the mouse glitch happening more often as runners spam use keys on both keyboard and mouse to skip them as fast as possible. Having this option will ease stress of this often cited glitch, as less spamming would be needed with a direct exit from the "story line" screen, to the menu. (We are aware the credits can be deleted in the files to have them not appear, but console players do not have access to this method as an option. We decided runs will require this to match in fairness, unless the option was added specifically in the menus). -Have an Option in Doom II to skip the Enemy Roll Call. In the games current state, you are forced to have every enemy show its death animation in this sequence, before the credits roll, and take you to the main menu. Have an option to skip this sequence (click Escape?). The reason this becomes an issue is for anthology speedruns. Doom II is always required to be last in the line up for a complete series speedrun, due to the time loss from watching this complete sequence. A bunch of folks in the Unity Port Community on SRC have gotten together to create a 32 map megawad called "Project: Unity". It is nearing completion in time also, and has been designed 100% by speedrunners. All of these players have a combined total into playing the unity port well over a 500 hour window of time in under 2 years. The Unity port compatibility is being kept in mind with all approaches to running this set of maps also, and a lot of folks are looking forward to running it as it becomes the first unofficial Unity speedrun WAD we will be tracking on SRC. First time in the leaderboards history that we will track a set of maps that isn't directly added by you guys! We were curious if there is some form of process for seeing this WAD added in the listing for future updates? We don't expect compensation of any kind, and would love to be able to share the WAD made by some of the players who have put more time then anyone into the port optimizing all the levels there are to offer. All speedrunning aspects have been in mind during the complete process of developing this series of maps also. Its a Hell theme, with tricks, traps, and an incredible mass of enemies and level design, brought out for a brutal set of maps. We were wondering if perhaps there is a way to have a listing of WAD's that meet a certain standard the devs can let us know of if any adjustments needed to be made? Can we see the WAD added by you guys if we met the standard? It would be a great thing for the community, and this particular version of the game that helped foster these minds together, and create this monster series of maps. The unity port has helped to start the next generation of easily accessible doom speedrunning scene. The September 2020 update was a beyond revival to the speedrun, and it continues to grow to this day. A lot of people have been running lately, easily seeing nearly 150 different runs a week on average, even more as gold rush times and discoveries continue to happen in the community and get shared via community discord server. It will really take some expert play in these areas to survive a full run of Project: Unity. Veteran players will have some fun times dissecting the maps for better times as IL's. We've even had some of the best runners in the world from both the Unity port and Classic DSDA scene give feedback in play testing the levels. I think it will be a great set to run through for anyone looking for some crazy maps, and a legitimate, but possible, challenge. We are also gathering for a tournament in time soon to have some of the best players face off. I'll have another thread by Doomworld soon discussing that further, as I have already written a complete novel here at 8AM in the morning... I started this post Yesterday and had to keep restructuring and coming back to be sure I had covered all that I could here. The hope is you folks working in the background on the next update, get a perspective from the people playing the game for very long periods of time. We want to give constructive feedback and things we are suggesting as quality of life for future patches as we spend hundreds of more hours playing in our life times. I myself have been playing since launch day, and I don't see me slowing down playing it. I'm having too much fun, and its helped in the times of the Pandemic to have a hobby like this that is such a rabbit hole of thousands of possible runs to do. The community really pulled together during these times and pushed the game lower in a shorter span as a result. If you do end up seeing this while browsing, I really hope I don't sound "complainy" with this post. Don't think that pls. I have the world's fastest time in Doom GBA, that version is a joke compared to this port for performance.. lol. This port is always my go to recommendation to anyone who has never played classic Doom before. Have been able to share these ports with new fans of the series, and will continue to support it. For 5 bucks each, its an incredible value! The rabbit hole of thousands of possible speedruns to play that the community is hosting, and a new history of times and achievements happening all the time to this very day. I really think the next generation is looking great for Unity port. But some polish on the surface is still a welcomed thing every once in a while in some of these areas, and we're all awaiting the team or Id, Nerve, anyone for updates in the future. This whole novel of a post is just a perspective of Unity port from the larger speedrunning side of the community. A written overview of what the future of this version still has to offer in the speedrunners mind. I don't mean to seem like I'm demanding for things to be added, and I hope this doesn't approach that angle, it was not the intention. But what can I say after hundreds of hours playing? Wanted to leave a few QA points from my own experience, and others I have gathered from other top players. I'd imagine you guys had a similar time before the game drops with the QA team leaving reports daily, and maybe something like this will help the games life 20 years from now. I hope this post helps the team out, if you guys see this and have some good energy and goals to pass around the team. It would be great to have new fixes, added options, and I'd imagine you are doing something great that I haven't even described above. I believe one of you is working on something currently that will leave me impressed, as it has before! There are people in the community who appreciate what the team has pulled this port together into. The support life for this game post launch is really something we as players have grown to appreciate over time, but we're fearful that you guys as developers will eventually run into the window of time in the games lifespan where other projects call, the team working on updates is a smaller crew of resource as lifespan goes on. The core player base that's putting hundreds of hours into the game would really appreciate seeing even just a few of the things above being adjusted/fixed or added in the next year or two. The community for the game continues to grow, and will continue to go for the next generation of lowest times in every level you guys add via the new additions! Keep up the great work, we're looking forward to some more maps soon. You guys have us waiting, Doom Zero was great! Thanks Sponge and the Team! Doomworlder's, give me some feedback also. I'm curious what you guys think of the speedrunners perspective for this version?? Have you folks tried some runs of your own?