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Uni Musuotankarep

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  1. Uni Musuotankarep

    Further potential extensions to DEHACKED?

    Now this is quite fascinating! As for functionality I want to have, it's mainly more movement codepointers that allow for strafing and jumping, wandering randomly in circles, charging in a straight line, and backpedaling for when a ranged monster doesn't want to perform a melee attack. Though there should also be parenting things to other things, ambient noises that either loop or play randomly selected sounds, and perhaps even a way to have a monster block melee attacks.
  2. Uni Musuotankarep

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    Due to this image, I am interested in a Half-Life TC with a special source port to run it, because of the changes to collision and rendering code to allow for horizontally moving and rotating sectors that aren't polyobjects, as well as slopes, sector over sector effects, and decals that can be put on any surface. But if not, then I understand.
  3. Uni Musuotankarep

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    I really want to see that in action, pretty please?
  4. Uni Musuotankarep

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    Perhaps you could try to make a new renderer, or somehow modify the current renderer to do it.
  5. Uni Musuotankarep

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    That is quite impressive. I do hope for slopes in the ACE engine, but it's fine if you don't/won't add them.
  6. Uni Musuotankarep

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Go back to Team Umizoomi and stay where you belong!
  7. Uni Musuotankarep

    Post your Doom textures!

    Thank you for these textures, but I wonder if I could use them commercially?
  8. Uni Musuotankarep

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    She looks like she's gonna take me to a place where humans aren't welcome.
  9. I do appreciate your review, and I also might make an expanded version.
  10. 🔸 Map Name: "Industry Town" 🔸 Author: "Uni Musuotankarep" 🔸 Music: "War Zone : Batman Doom" 🔸 Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom 🔸 Difficulty Settings: Easy, Medium, Hard 🔹 Multiplayer Stuff: None at all! 🔹 Description: "You take a trip to your father's hometown, and as always, it's infested with hellspawn with some goodies as well. Make him proud and cheer for you!" 🔹 Notes: You will have to take cover and hide behind walls for some areas. Download the map from Dropbox (you must supply it with a copy of the "RTPTex.wad" file)
  11. You know what, I'll be joining this for great justice! Mainly because I wanted to be more active in this community.
  12. Uni Musuotankarep

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    If you wanted to use this on the ZDoom wiki, feel free to do so!
  13. Uni Musuotankarep

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

  14. Uni Musuotankarep

    Lighting and shading in UDMF...

    I use Ultimate Doom Builder, so I don't think this would work out of the box. But hopefully one day, someone can make this work in UDB.