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  1. I wanted to do real moving sectors in my fork of GZDoom called UZDoom that can handle slopes and 3d floors. It'll be like those Polyobjects, except that angles aren't used for tagging the anchor and spawnpoints, TIDs are instead.


    And I don't want to mess up compatibility with other linedef specials in other ports, so I'll start with 1000. You can see why in this link here...


    1000 : Anchor Line/Start Line

    ARG0 : Anchor Thing, ARG1 : Mirror Sector, ARG2 : Sound Sequence


    1001 : Sliding Door

    ARG0 : Start Line, ARG1 : Speed, ARG2 : Angle, ARG3 : Distance, ARG4 : Delay


    1002 : Swinging Door

    ARG0 : Start Line, ARG1 : Speed, ARG2 : Angle, ARG3 : Delay


    1003 : Move to MapSpot

    ARG0 : Start Line, ARG1 : Speed, ARG2 : TargetSpot

    Sounds reasonable. I do know about the various C++ Types like int8_t, short, long, and bool. But I don't know how to put it all together. And it's quite a shame.

    Maybe I can research the code and figure it out from there. I think I can, but it will take a long while sadly.

    1. Don


      hey take your time. I will wait :)

  2. You can use ZScript to do Custom Functions and various other things. But I don't think you can redefine the Chase Function without the C++ Source Code.
  3. Uni000

    Doom 2: Sequel or Expansion Pak?

    It's a semi-sequel to me. Because Doom 2 doesn't add new features like jumping, crouching and mouse aim, or slopes, or even dynamic horizontally moving and or breakable sectors. And also because it's just Doom 1 that has the Super Shotgun and new monsters, the new gun is powerful, sure. But the Postal 2 Sawed Off is better since you can gib enemies with it better.
  4. Remember you gotta implement Horizontally Moving Sectors and Skewed Textures into GZDoom one day!

  5. I do apologize for being an Idiot on the ZDoom Forums. I suppose this Forum is my Second Chance in the Doom community.

    But even then. I should've behaved myself over there.

  6. I still await an answer...

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    2. Good-Old


      What does that have to do with following me?

    3. Uni000


      I just wanted to make some friends on here. Alright?

    4. Good-Old


      lol why couldn't you say it straightforward

      Anyway, nice to meet you.

  7. Uni000

    Cursed Doom Images

    Everything about this is suspicious. Once you realize the Guys that help you out are ANTIFA Lookalikes who kill regular Communists and Nazis that wield Beer Bottles, Police and Riot Police and even Hippies with Krokodil. Not the best but not the worst. The worst would be Grezzo 2, but at least it knows it's in bad taste and doesn't try to hide it. So I guess Grezzo's a Good Kind of Shit then.
  8. Uni000

    How to Check for Space when Leaving Vehicle

    Yes, but can you give me an Example in Text Form?
  9. Wait why?

    1. Uni000


      Because while Grezzo 2 is about Mocking Religion and Random Violence, Sharpshooter3D is still Random Violence, but it's just a standalone Melee Based Action Doom 2 Clone.

      I don't mind them. But I will mind my own business if Requested by an Admin.

    2. Good-Old


      I was talking about why you followed me. I'm shitpost.

  10. Uni000

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    For Doom Mods. Grezzo 2 and Sharpshooter3D are my favorites. That's why I want to create an American Version of those games combined into one standalone mod. I shall call it Massacre3D, and it shall be released on ModDB.
  11. I want to check for space in the level geometry when you Right-Click to leave the Vehicle I am making for my big mod. I am using ZScript, so I suppose this can be done easily.
  12. Uni000

    Why is GZDOOM so popular with modders?

    Fair enough, I just wanted to see Dynamic 3D Floor-like Sectors that can move on Waypoints. They should work like Polyobjects, but use ID Tags instead of Angle "Tags", and have Tops and Bottoms that correctly handle the Player. Also, since my Past is embarrassing, I won't show it here, but I do apologize for it.
  13. Uni000

    Doom In Build Engine

    Hmm... I really do hope True Moving Sectors that can at least handle Slopes and have Tops and Bottoms can be Implemented one day, hopefully in the form of a Cylindrical Collision Shape Option! I heard that on the Build Engine Thread on the ZDoom Forums...
  14. Uni000

    Forking GZDoom for (true) Open World

    What would it be Like then? I would Love to Hear it!
  15. Uni000

    Random Image Thread

    Dio Rosen, Photoshopped Waster/Aphex Twin, and Elf Eared Neckbeard with Anime Eyes and Elephant Trunked EZ PZ/Oddguy. Come on People, Boo at me!