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  1. Uni000

    Random Image Thread

    Dio Rosen, Photoshopped Waster/Aphex Twin, and Elf Eared Neckbeard with Anime Eyes and Elephant Trunked EZ PZ/Oddguy. Come on People, Boo at me!
  2. Uni000

    Custom Level Loading Screens

    Yeah, that kind of Business. Lovely Answer, but I presume that ACS or ZScript would be Needed.
  3. Is there any way to do a Kingpin or Half life Styled Level Load Screen without Modifying the Engine itself?
  4. Uni000

    The Sharpshooter 3D Thread

    Sharpshooter 3D is like one of those weird shovelware games where you would get from a foreign game shop, or is it ANTIFA material, or the Russian Grezzo 2? I'm not sure at all. Here, have a video you and probably be confused as I am! Also it's on the Doom engine for some Reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP3WqloACQQ Video that could Explain why it could be ANTIFA Material, but probably not though, it could be just some Russian Teenagers Designing their First Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrJ2eVGVTwE
  5. Uni000

    ZScript Int Timer

    I'm Working on some Big Mod, and in my Base Class, UniMonster. I wanted to Implement a Scared Function with a Int Timer. Trouble is, I'm not so sure how to do it. Any Answers would be Lovely!
  6. Uni000

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    I Wonder what that Anti-Baby One was Called, and who Made it?
  7. So I use Token Like Things with Names such as ShotConcrete or ShotWood. Then I try to use a BulletPuff Like Actor and Customize it to Play those Specific Sounds, but Trouble was, they won't Play, and I want them to play on all Kinds of Surfaces, not just Floor Flats. Code Stuff: (UniPuff is just a Base BulletPuff Reskinned) Hopefully this System will either be Fixed or Remade using Different Methods.
  8. If a Person who Likes Grezzo 2 and wanted a True English Version Instead of a Translation of the Demo. Should I Make it? Probably not. But I Will.


  9. Uni000

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    STUPID: 203 WARNING: THIS HAS RANDOM CAPITALIZATION DUE TO SOMETHING IN MY BRAIN. Stupid: 203 is Basically an English Version of Grezzo 2 with Memes, Fetish Art, Czechoslovakia's Pat and Mat, and Satan's Bodyguard, AKA the "Waster" from D-6.GRO, a Russian Horror mod for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. This is Meant to Relieve Stress from Things and or their Fandoms you might Dislike or Hate, Like FNAF, GoAnimate and or Undertale, and also Make you Laugh, but mainly the Latter, I am just a Fool Guy guessing, Okay? STORY: You are a Crappy Paint.Net Drawing and you are Sick and Tired of Stuff you Absolutely Hate, Especially, GoAnimate and Religion. You decide to go Full Exterminator in the City and Kill GoAnimate and Madness Combat Characters, Like Warren Cook, A.A.H.W. Agents and Uolliac. Deviantart and Eka's Portal Fetishists Like Tokobakure, MobiusTheIce, Lollie Narala, Kphoria, and Aelina. Outdated Memes Like Michael Rosen and MR.CATS from that All you base are Belong to us Music Slideshow. Liars Like Pentagrin. Idiots Like the Announcer from Plumbers don't Wear Ties, And basically Julius Caesar's Giant Head and Civil Civilians from Carmageddon and Police Brutality. After the Massacre, you Decide to Lay Down, when Suddenly you get your Kamikaze Gear on for no Apparent Reason, and Scream AAAAAA!! Then you go to Hell for Blowing yourself up Like a Serious Sam Kamikaze. Then Generic Doom and Doom 64 Demons Appear, and get Killed, by you, Obviously. But before you can Kill the Waster, and then Satan, you get Ambushed in a Horde of Shotgun Guys and Chaingunners. Then for No apparent Reason at all, you get Sent to Heaven, maybe God is trying to Tell you Something, but you Ignore that for now. In Heaven, you Fight Angels while meeting Friendly Demons and More Meme Crap, all while, if you get Killed, you get yourself into Terry Like Trap, but without the Rape Jokes and Somemong Textures. Then you Use your Jesus Attack and Kill some More Angels. Then you meet God, he Tells you that, in Order to get out of here, you must Stay in Heaven and Pray to him Every Day for the Rest of Eternity. Naturally, you go Against this and Shoot him in the Face. and Then, you Kill yourself. Yeah Stupid Edgy and Laughable Stuff ain't it?