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  1. Unizone TV

    Excellent Visual Themes You’ve Never Seen In Doom

    Silent Hill Username 666/Another Youtube Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss kind of Hell Sad Satan and or Afraid of Monsters's monochrome graphics D-6.gro/Dysthymia-6 kind of Hell Corrupted, as in glitched and flashing textures, ambient noises and sound effects being replaced with databent EXE's in audacity, and N64 cartridge tilting. These are the themes I want to see, perhaps I can host a megawad based on those themes with custom textures, sounds, and entities!
  2. Maybe instead of palette choices for textures, I think I should just make each texture and sprite have its own palette like what Half-Life does. Also, the reason I chose Woof! as the source port to use is because I wanted to easily modify it, though I should definitely improve on my coding skills. And all I did for now was change a few things, like port proper z-clipping from crispy doom, and make the rifle wielding zombiemen shoot in three round bursts.
  3. Fair enough Gez, fair enough. I wasn't interested in writing a fully true color implementation, just a implementation that uses multiple palettes.
  4. Now when it comes to making my own game with a custom sourceport based on Woof!, I often wonder about creating an IWAD, I suppose I would have to use a hex editor to change the PWAD section to IWAD whenever I needed to. But the main focus is getting Textures and Flats with different palettes to work. And when I mean different palettes, I mean making textures and flats that use palette choices, so that one graphic is displayed in the Doom palette, while another is displayed in the Duke3D palette, and so on with Quake 1 and 2 palettes. Of course, I would like these colors to display simultaneously. And I just need to know how to do it with the source code I have on my computer.
  5. Unizone TV

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    I would like to be able to have tutorials for doom source code related business, stuff like making things not have infinite height (or proper z-clipping), slopes, and even modifying enemy and weapon behavior. Somewhat like the tutorials section of The Whole Half-Life.
  6. Unizone TV

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    I think that all I wanted was moving sectors, and textures with palette indexes so that we could have Duke3D and Hexen graphics display their own palette rather than having to share one, and of course this latter idea should be in the patch and flat formats.
  7. Hi, I'd like for you to test my updated version of my old project. PRBoom+


  8. One time I went mad on a Doom level editing discord, and I fucked up real hard.

    And as always, I apologize for that.


  10. Unizone TV

    Source port tier list

    GZDoom is nice and all of that, but there are still no horizontally moving and rotating 2-sided and 3d floor sectors, and that is fine. Though it could and would be nice to see them in action as some sort of platformer and or puzzle section, or even just carrying entities around as a showcase. I can understand why some people want Crispy or Chocolate Doom, but I prefer having customization options when needed or wanted. Eternity seems to be the definitive port for Stacking and Connecting rooms with portals, and I can understand that as well.
  11. Unizone TV

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    I can test maps, though I only do so sometimes. So I recommend you put me as a partially active playtester.
  12. Unizone TV

    GZDoom Smooth Monster Movement

    No no, I want it to be like Blood's Monster Movement. Like what this Mod does: https://github.com/LocalInsomniac/NTMAi But as Native C++ Code rather than ZScript...
  13. Unizone TV

    GZDoom Smooth Monster Movement

    Thank you so much! But the Rough Step-based Movement still remains, I've checked P_Move, P_Trywalk, P_NewChaseDir, and even A_DoChase. But I haven't found anyway to Interpolate Positions and Angles between 2 A_Chase Calls.
  14. Unizone TV

    GZDoom Smooth Monster Movement

    For the Forum Stuff: Because I was being an Idiot on the ZDoom Forums and got banned over there. So I suppose this is my second Chance in the Doom Community. So I shall behave myself! For the Other Stuff: Begging Graf Zahl is not fun. He just won't make dummy throwaway ports just to test out new features. But that's fine. Also, I can't code when I see all those Variables and Functions. I think I could if I tried out one function at a time. But perhaps not.
  15. Unizone TV

    GZDoom Smooth Monster Movement

    Well, yes. But I wanna interpolate the position and angle values between 2 A_Chase Calls. As in the way Blood's Monsters moved.