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  1. does this apply to -1000 posts? (i.e. me)
  2. heh, i never closely looked at ling's avitar until that pic... ...i always thought it was 3 mouths with braces. thanks for enlightening me.
  3. hee hee hee!
  4. Ian Flemming also wrote "chitty chitty bang bang". Is this based on his real life escapades too? and yes, Pussy Galore was from Goldfinger
  5. It's time for another movie poll! What is everyone's favorite James Bond Movie? Also... Who is the best Bond Girl? and... What is your favorite Gadget from the movies?
  6. yeah, go fuck yourself, Ralphis. His name is Paul Fleck, he lives in Airdre, 10 minuites north of Calgary. He goes to James Fowler High School, and has shaggy thin dreads. BAN HIM LIKE NEVER BEFORE!
  7. These are good stories, but Jeff seams like a pussy. you better have him de-senseatized by the end of the episode...
  8. Tie Fighter
  9. Toronto, Chicago, Sacremento, Denver, or Atlanta.
  10. Royal Canadian Air Farce John Morgan is the 1337
  11. VATICAN CITY! VATICAN CITY!!! hell, half the population is compeating!
  12. ...don't have the time or creativity to write another "Squared " story. H*E*X*E*N will be finished, but not untill late March. I do, however, plan on writing little Doom backround information things to help pass the time. ...once again, i apologize.
  13. Jerk City ...that, or Red Meat.' good poll, Dan.
  14. yup