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  1. rustygizzard

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    yeah, that's what i was thinking since it was such a weird thing to label as a "bug". the games story is very flawed and you can tell they made it up as they went, but it doesn't make it any less enjoyable for me at least lmao
  2. rustygizzard

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    the original change was apparently a bug due to the ancient gods 1's launch
  3. rustygizzard

    iD please fix this mess

    i only go on doomworld every couple days, and i'm glad to see that most people defended the point that id is full of humans too, and not evil corporate people. as far as complaining about them prioritizing the dlc over a bug that a couple people have, they announced the DLC a LONG, LONG, time ago. they announced that it would be out within 1 year of the release date of DE and considering the shitstorm we had around the soundtrack, they probably want to avoid another rushed clusterfuck of a release by putting all of their resources into these DLCs. totally, this was one of the points i was getting at, these people are HUMAN. they have FAMILIES TO TAKE CARE OF. they have lives outside of id. they don't just constantly 24/7 look for every possible bug (especially ones that affect a small amount of people, as unfortunate as it is). they aren't corporate overlords like the internet herd mentality thinks they are. almost all occupations have been affected by the current world conditions, but for some reason, these PEOPLE that really care about the content they're producing. i don't understand why people don't have the patience for anybody just doing their job DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC whether it be game design, customer service, or retail right now. it's the most spoiled, entitled behavior and it is so disrespectful to the people that work hard on this team to assume that all of them are just producing this game just for greedy purposes, once again, they have families to take care of during these tough times.
  4. rustygizzard

    iD please fix this mess

    yeah, being rude especially while all of these devs have to playtest and do all of their work and communication with each other from home with the added stress of everything else going on in the world and especially texas is just uncalled for. also, can you post this on one of the official bug reporting pages possibly? i know id checks doomworld, but keep in mind that this isn't an official bug report page.
  5. rustygizzard

    Does UAC have territorial disputes?

    the doom 2016 multiplayer kinda explores this, although not mentioned in the game, the different armors are different factions as mentioned in the artbook.
  6. thinking that the father never told his children in urdak what hell really was, so they had to rediscover it for themselves after he left them.
  7. yeah, calling creative writing lazy is an absolutely horrible take. gonna be real, reading things is a lot more engaging for me than sitting back and watching characters do things i have no control over. writing a story even if it isn't portrayed through cutscenes actually takes time and effort despite how easy it can look to someone from the outside, and it's absolutely disrespectful to the people that worked on this story and really care about this story to say that the way they wished to implement it is lazy. honestly, giving people story through text has been around since the beginning of the doom series. every main doom game from the classics, to 64, to 3, and even into the new story we are given the story through text. i really prefer this new hybrid style they've taken with having part of the story given through cutscenes AND part of the story given through text.
  8. rustygizzard

    Would you pay for a classic Doom remake?

    for me, classic doom is fine the way it is. and if i don't feel like playing vanilla there are multiple source ports to choose from as well as countless mods, the original game does not need to be remade in my opinion when there is practically unlimited content for the original.
  9. rustygizzard

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    slightly unrelated, the whole "this game has become too fantasy" argument absolutely annoys the hell out of me when the original game was partially inspired by D&D, and not to mention how is a hell invasion and demons not fantasy related? things can be multiple genres at once.
  10. rustygizzard

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    there's nothing wrong with letting people have fun with innocent things like doom comic memes or animal crossing crossovers, even if it does annoy you personally, and life is too short to worry about how other people should enjoy things.
  11. rustygizzard

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    what the hell? are you sure you're running the original doom2.exe without any addons or mods besides the ACE exploit? it looks like your textures are extremely filtered so that's something that might mess it up.
  12. rustygizzard

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    honestly i don't really know what to expect, but i do keep being surprised by what is being added to this project. as far as the resolution, i misread and thought that it was implemented.
  13. rustygizzard

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    ok i leave for 2 days and i come back to see colored lighting and higher resolution, jesus christ
  14. rustygizzard

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    not a programming guy but is this possible? It would be cool to get some of these features in vanilla using only savegames or wads, and could possibly make playing dos doom less of a pain in the ass for the user.