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  1. FallFull

    Random Image Thread

    hey look its sal
  2. FallFull

    angery swede talks about pp

  3. FallFull

    What's your taste for the graphics/art style?

    Weird 90s geocities type stuff .
  4. FallFull

    got hit by a car.

    Terrible thing to happen, I hope you get well soon!
  5. FallFull

    An idea for gzdoom

    A new kind of weapon bobbing, akin to games like Witchaven
  6. So I'm making a pk3, and I'm trying to make an image show up on the screen when the use key pressed. I know basic acs so I can make the image show up; however what I need is a trigger on the use key.
  7. I'm working on a mod of Pencil Whipped and I need rips from the game, so does anyone have some?
  8. FallFull

    Does anyone have this?

    Cool, will look in to that when its finished, however a finished script is what I'm looking for here.
  9. FallFull

    Does anyone have this?

    Does anyone have an ACS script that makes the camera isometric? I'm working on a mmo under the Doom engine.
  10. FallFull

    The Latest Version of The People's DooM is ...

  11. The peoples doom 2: Now its just stick figures
  12. FallFull

    What are you playing now?

    I'm playing TNT.
  13. FallFull

    This is the game I'm making using Freedoom's assets

    Nice job! Could I help do sounds and sprites?
  14. I hate myself.

    1. bzzrak


      Why would you? You don't deserve that.