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  1. Spawn

    is using crates a cardinal sin

    Depending on a setting of a room or a map. A storehouse should have crates. A secret room could have crate of even crates - someone stashed some supplies here, duh. A start of a map of a Hell episode could have crate or crates if you follow Doom 3 story - you landed on a human-made portal to Hell, those crates were left behind by UAC expedition here. If having a whole room or even a map full of crates bothers you since there is little variation - you can download Patch textures from Realm667, there are some nice variations of vanilla Doom crates, along with a lot of other things, and free of any new graphics whatsoever. If that's not enough but you want to keep with Doom theme - you can also download Useful Recolours textures and flats packs from the same place, it contain - well, recolours of vanilla Doom crates. And finally, if you're not bothered with breaking Doom theme, you can use crate textures from other sources, that should be enough.
  2. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    Oh! I just realized what it reminds me of - basic building blocks! Like bricks, you know. Lego, but for real building. That, or raw materials for those weird STAR walls, if it supposed to be metal, rubber or plastic.
  3. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    If that was supposed to be transport containers - than it's not. How I should carry it? How I should open it? This looks like single-piece structure. It would be believable if it has been made out of carton, wood or something similar where you could just tear a lid off. But those cubes looks like metal. Canned supplies? That's funny.
  4. Spawn

    Slaughterwads - Anything we've missed?

    Oh, play it long enough and you will see the recurring patterns, but since Obsidian has much more shape rules, much more prefabs (decorated walls and singular free-standing architectural objects), much more custom textures & flats and a better randomizer - it will take much longer. I once put everything about size and height on maximum, everything else about architecture on random, maxed up monster quantity and monster strength (6.66 and 12 correspondingly, with 1 supposed to representing Doom II on HMP), and got me some long ledges and cages full of archies, like, dozens of them on/in just one. Just remember that, just like it's parent Oblige, on default settings Obsidian treating Pain Elemental as some kind of boss and thus it appear very rare, and rarely put in Spider Mastermind due to its sheer size, and since there is still no Wolf theme for levels, it won't use SS troopers unless you enable it (i.e. "Default" on their tab means you'll never see them). That's basics, and since this thread about maps, I think any further conversation is better be in PMs, if you like.
  5. Spawn

    Slaughterwads - Anything we've missed?

    It's not JUST "batshit insane" - it's on the clear pure trolling level. Also, maps are FUCKING. HUGE. It takes HOURS to beat one. And that's with OP mods like Russian Overkill. Expect a lot of path-blocking pillars and bars that takes several MINUTES to lower and backtracking through the entire map. Personally, I just gave up on that somewhere in the middle (map22 or something, I think), it's just hours and hours and hours of mind-numbing grinding through countless hordes (and that's, again, with OP mod), and it's only getting bigger and longer with every map. But the architecture is very impressive most of the time, I give you that. I still keep save[file], one day I might finish it - just to make sure that architecture stay cool to the end (I'm a visual person, I like pretty architecture very much). Primitive rectangular highly symmetrical design with hordes of monsters of the same type in strict rectangular formations, progress-stopping-dead four teleporters that don't work on map26 (no, even jumping won't save you here, unless, again, you play with mods that allow much higher jumping or straight flying/levitating). In short, your typical "my very first megaWAD" from someone who thinks that "harder=moar monsters=better" (including very cheap "right in ya face" huge trap closets, of course, because all cool kids do it). Almost all of the secrets are unmarked in terms of texturing, so expect to look at automap in every room and corridor (since there is little to nothing else here), unless you want to remember good old "humping every wall, all the walls, all the way" like back in the Wolf3D days. Very formulaic at best and just straight boring at worst. It evokes weird feeling - like you're playing through something rather [automatically] generated than something made by human, something old like SLIGE but on steroids (because even good old vanilla Oblige 7.0 without ObAddon generate much more interesting levels, and Obsidian elevates it to some unbelievable heights).
  6. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    Certain 18 years old goddess of boundaries visiting some interesting places! XD
  7. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    As what? Sky? Wall? Floor? Ceiling? Do it tile, at least in one direction? Where did you get it? What are the edits to the original? Or did you made it yourself? Also, bear in mind - not everyone is ready to use hi-res textures, and not only because of vanilla restrictions - but also because hi-res looks weird when surrounded by your good old low-res Doom textures. And too often just downscaling it not making it any better.
  8. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    Yeah, I know, I just didn't realize that I can transform Duke3D door into that character door until I've seen your two-colour variants. +) So - thank you!
  9. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    There have been seamless IoS bottom texture using all three pieces, but yours is also good. Though there is still seam, it's visible where two textures connect. Hmmm... make upper triangle also blue and the rest of the middle parts red - and we've got ourselves a certain alien superhero door! It would look like a TV series variant though, but, on the other hand, would be copyright-free. +)
  10. Spawn

    Share Your Sprites!

    I think that's a Terry-fic sprite.
  11. Spawn

    How did they do that?

    That was back then. Now you don't even need PNAMES if you use ZDoom's TEXTURES lump. Moreover, with it you can use ANY graphics to create ANYTHING - not just textures, but flats and sprites too. For example, I've created a weapons wall and credits wall textures this way in some of my WADs. It also allows you to use rotated and mirrored graphics (i.e. without creating is as separate graphics), as well as transparency and colour operations. I suggest looking at how Shooter did it in Obsidian's custom textures WADs (there are three of it).
  12. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    A bit too rough, but I like it, it looks like some violent thunderstorm skies.
  13. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    Nah, that OK, even the leading Obsidian, former ObAddon dev didn't knew about it, and if I didn't told him, we would still be getting recolours and other variants as files in Obsidian Texture Pack. +)
  14. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    TEXTURES, not TEXTURE#. You don't need PNAMES when you use ZDoom lump. XD
  15. Spawn

    Post your Doom textures!

    You mean - it's actually a much better solution, you do it only once. +)