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  1. Wakemare

    Excited For Eternal?

    lol i love the: 'D1 and D2 were the only Doom games worth playing' oh ok, so keep playing them then. lol. I grew up on D1 and D2 as well, but, i dunno, times change man, move with it or stay playing D1 and D2..... whatever, who cares.... people will like DE or not, thats just..... the way it fucking is. If you like D1 and D2..... keep playing them and shut up about D2016 and DE. if you like D2016 and DE then just remain calm about D1 and D2. People r really weird....
  2. Wakemare

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    Im really genuinely surprised that there is so much hate for the story of Doom 2016.... genuinely, i mean the story has so many cool facets to it that could really be fleshed out into a series of Doom movies. I mean, sure Doom and Doom II are great places to start but the story there is thin and pure action, am i really actually the only one who sees the potential to flesh out the whole idea into a bigger darker more scifi horror, scifi thriller idea? i guess so. Not saying people r wrong, thats obviously absurd, but just surprised i guess.
  3. Wakemare

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    So, ok, im not a huge poster here but i do lurk a lot and check shit out. I am a huge fan of the Doom franchise. Not quite the level as most of you. I still remember playing the shareware version of Doom and absolutely having it take over my psyche and imagining all of the images and what they meant and how it would feel to be Doomguy. Honestly, the busning cityscapes of Doom II still actually pop into my creative flow a lot these days so many years later. Doom 2016 really absolutely blew me away. I remember not playing it for ages because Doom III kinda confused me, i loved the moody horror of it all and the lighting and the fact it was more of an adventure horror game but it just seemed off, and i alway thought, maybe iD had like kinda just become a bit bland or lost with the Doom concept, so i bought Doom 2016 and then kinda didnt really play it for a while. Eventually when i got round to it i was immediately struck by the total visceral nature of the gameplay, immersive and yet structured, harsh and intense but there was always a sense of purpose. Mick Gordon is THE FUCKING MAN for his soundtrack, being a fellow composer this guy blows my mind constantly. A very talented guy. And Aussie like me too. So, what about a Doom movie? the first Doom movie was utterly hilarious and complete trash, like, utter fucking trash. So, how to improve? I love all of the suggestions regarding Hardcore Henry, like so cool, a really damn good idea tbh, and i love the idea of hardcore animation, although hardcore animations sometimes come across looking totally ridiculous and that detracts from the seriousness in the actual storyline of Doom in general. So.... again, where to go? I mean, look, with the Doom 2016 story in mind, would it be cool to have several movies in this franchise.... like: First Movie: 'Doom: Dark Energy' A movie that kinda fleshes out Dr Samuel Hayden's years and his subsequent transition to robot form. Looking into The Fracture and the investigation and exploration of Mars. The rise of Olivia Pierce from her young idealistic days The development of Vega and what it means How Argent energy is impacting earth, strange changes The discovery of Hell and Argent Energy and the coverup needed to allow its processing Developing and partially terraforming Mars The growing secrecy of the UAC, The first explorations of hell and ultimately the discovery of the Doomslayers Tomb Second Movie: 'Doom: Argent Corruption' Dr Samuel Hayden as a massive robot changing his mentality to focus on energy and learning about the Doomslayer Olivia Pierce's transition from intelligent scientist to Hell-corrupted cult leader and the ensuing decline in order among the UAC candidates The discovery of Argent D'nur and the Sentinels along with the whole betrayal of the Sentinels with that story fleshed out a little more Showing how Hell is corrupting Olivia Pierce and causing Samuel Hayden to lose faith in her while he is studying the Doomslayer and his power The rift and fracture expanding and Cyberdemon incident and a lot of research into demons and their power The opening of the Doomslayers tomb The lowering standards of the UAC, showing the growing Hell threat and the ignorance to provent its invasion The invasion begins Third Movie: 'Doom: Hell Exists' Dr Samuel Hayden losing control completely and Olivia Pierce becoming powerful and reveared The opening of Hell and the invasion and destruction that ensues... The Doomslayer awakens - this is all from Hayden's perspective.... i like the idea that we r forced to sympathise with Hayden Hayden witnessing from afar the destructive capabilities of the Doomslayer and realizing his power The awakening of The Icon Of Sin Fleshing out the Hell and Demonic story - looking at a hierarchy, and not some cheezy overly used CGI stuff, a lot of realism (not fucking Star Wars) Watching the destruction of the UAC Mars Research Facility as the Doomslayer destroys it all Following the Doomslayer to Hell Meeting the Spider Mastermind and how Olivia Pierce is intrinsically connected to it The Crucible and the Doomslayers subsequent tethering and imprisonment Fourth Movie: 'Doom: Hell on Earth' The desolation of the planet, scavengers, almost kinda a post-apocalyptic movie Doomslayer in a post-apocalyptic world trying to find a way to stop this invasion and reverse the corruption of Argent Energy... .... Doom Eternal storyline stuff i guess.... I mean sorry for this enormous post and im sure you all have other ideas.... like following the original 1993 Doom Marine storyline, which could be amazing as like a mini-series or TV show that is kinda concurrent, could show the connection to the Doom 2016 storyline with the original Doom Marine being the original soul that was used as the Doomslayers soul in subsequent games.... i dunno guys, just talking a lot of shit.... WHO WOULD PLAY THE CHARACTERS? i know there has been a huge discussion about this in another post, but it was mainly only about the Doomslayer. but what about the other characters.... Doomslayer ideas: - Kieth Urban (as has been suggested) - Josh Brolin - Keanu Reeves (hahahahaha) - Jason Mamoa - GIVE ME MORE IDEAS Dr Samuel Hayden (alive) ideas: - Sam Neil (im thinking Event Horizon haha) - Stellen Skasgaard - Anthony Hopkins - Harrison Ford - GIVE ME MORE IDEAS haha Olivia Pierce ideas: - HAS TO BE Tilda Swinton - Emily Blunt - Sherry Moon Zombie (hahaha) - Lena Headey There are loads of cool ideas to discuss, like how good would it be if this was directed by Denis Villeneuve, all Blade Runner 2049 mixed with the unsettling nature of Enemy. Or the ultra-violence and extreme colour and contrast of Nicolas Winding Refn - it would be so abstract and harsh. I would love to hear Mick Gordon on sound design as usual but it would be amazing to have it combined with Hans Zimmer's sensibilities for harsh action..... if only Johann Johannsson was still alive to assist. Anyway. this is TOO long a post, sorry guys, id love to hear this fleshed out....
  4. Wakemare

    Favorite primary weapon from reveal

    Mad nostalgia for the Rocket Launcher yo, that was my finest memories of the original Doom series. I liked the 2016 Rocket launcher but it just.... didnt look or sound right, the new on, ohhhhh yeah back to gibbing the shit out of those pesky Imp Bastards
  5. Wakemare

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    DUDE!!!!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!!!! so much this Absolutely right. I listen to a broad range of composers and musicians from Hans Zimmer and Johann Johannsson all the way through to Skinny Puppy, Kidneythievs and Nine Inch Nails and such... this to me is one of the most cogent cohesive pieces of sonic art that i have heard in a LONG time..... and its art in the sense of a Bosch painting, grotesque, creepy, unnerving and totally an affront to traditional score and song writers. Great comment.
  6. Wakemare

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    E1M8 - that distant but gutteral wail of the Barons and then seeing how goddamn huge they were. i mean.... back then i would have been maybe 11 or 12 or so and it was just a huge eye widening moment.... im an audio engineer and composer and i think that may have been one of those 'holy shit' moments that made me realize that sounds can be utterly terrifying... harkening back to our primal fears of predatory animals. I think that what comes to mind a lot is that a lot of the sound design was based around animal sounds and that the majority of them were predatory - this is designed to instil fear and uncertainty. When i first started playing doom i had no concept of games other than basically the super mario bros and legend of zelda franchises and so when i saw this game about a guy fighting demons and hoards of bloodied and fucked up beasts my mind expanded.... i also found the landscape beyond the playable levels to be vast with a real sense of space and isolation. Good times.
  7. Wakemare

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    So weird that there r at least a couple of people on here saying the soundtrack is shit. You know what YOU r shit. Also, YES BFG Division is the business, totally dope track, exceptional production and epic mixing and mastering.... the compression on that first bass impact is ridiculous.... but lets not forget tracks like Biowaves - listen to this track on a decent balanced pair of studio monitors, the subsonic frequencies r just insane. Cyberdemon has some INSANE mixing on the choir/orchestral parts. Vega Core utilizes one of the best sounding synths that subtly goes in and out of tuning as it progresses. I mean.... this soundtrack has reinvigorated my love of guitar driven electronic music. Coming from a Nine Inch Nails, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy background but also loving Johann Johannsson, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams, i love melody and meaning but chaos and destruction and this soundtrack is by far the best sonic experience i have had in a good long while. Yeah, Rip and Tear is goog, but Incantation is utterly SICK, those taiko/symphonic toms just sound giant, and at the end the mixing of the droning and nonsensical ambiance becomes totally terrifying. Hellwalker is just fucking stupidly good, the mixing on ALL of the guitars and allowing them all to live in their own EQ space is mindbendingly good. Mick is actually really surprising. Hearing him in interviews and stuff has left me feeling like he is a little bit full of himself, i mean, he seems nice but he seems maybe be is a little bit cocky, but his music speaks for him, he has EVERY right to be cocky, this soundtrack is in a league of an international standard higher than so so many recording artists and producers nowadays. This is a soundtrack that will and has rewritten the way that we music producers should consider how guitars are used. Simplicity and harshness, brilliant. just brilliant.
  8. Wakemare

    Why no Death Sound?

    i guess haha, but the death sounds made the experience heaps visceral... would be good to bring them back
  9. Wakemare

    Hell in Doom Moving Forward

    Yeah i feel the same, like overall Hell in D2016 seems as though it is just catacombs and cavernous, i know what you mean when you say the old ones feel like humans shouldnt be there, the new one seems like id just made a hell homage and didnt go all out with horrific imagery and a sense of dread. I would love to feel more uneasy and fearful than i did in the new D2016.... when i was a kid, going to Hell in Doom made me feel super scared like i was doing something i shouldnt be doing, or seeing stuff i shouldnt be seeing, D2016, whilst really good, never made me feel like that in Hell.
  10. Wakemare

    Anyone create music?

    im wakemare.bandcamp.com check me out. I have a lot more music to come.
  11. Wakemare

    Hell in Doom Moving Forward

    So, reading lots here about what the general consensus is regarding the new Doom games. I am always interested to read both positive and negative thoughts about the 2016 Doom game and what will be the new Doom Eternal. I fall into the category of people that do really enjoy Doom 2016. I love the lore, the gameplay and the overall atmosphere... but i can understand the opinions of those who dont necessarily agree that it is a good game. I guess, i would love to know what people would believe to be good additions to the game to make Hell in the Doom games more appealing. For me it is the below: - I agree that hell needs to be more frightening, but how can the developers make it more frightening? - I would say to make it more frightening the game needs more going on that is inconsequential to the game, like actual souls pleading for mercy or being torn to pieces by contraptions or devices - There should be more foreboding in a musical sense.... and this is in no way a problem for Mick Gordon, he did an amazing job on adhering to the brief and the soundfields he created were utterly fantastic, but more detail is needed to make this whole scene more terrifying and unnerving. A departure from the usual sound design elements of the game was needed here i think, like more of a 'presence' in the sound design. - There needed to be a change in the overall visceral appeal of the Hell levels, they seem as though they just look different from an environmental standpoint, they needed to look totally different from all perspectives, they need to actually FEEL different, like again, a total departure from the way the Mars missions feel. - The environment of hell seems totally abandoned apart from the demons that want to kill you and are able to kill you, it would be interesting to have things that do like 1% damage to you that r like feeble souls trapped in Hell, i want to see torture and pain, not just the left overs of what happened but also like souls being broken, the architecture and design of hell needs to be about pain and suffering, darker and more foreboding. I dunno, tell me what you guys think, what do you want to see in Hell? what do you want to feel in Hell?
  12. Wakemare

    Why no Death Sound?

    ... theres also the part where Hayden tells VEGA '... give him what he wants' in relation to the first time Doomslayer takes in an Argent Energy sphere... Also lets just take a moment to just love this fucking game.
  13. Wakemare

    Why no Death Sound?

    I get that i suppose. I feel like thats all cool and everything but i guess if Doomslayer was a guy in tge other iterations surely t means hes a guy in this one too? Whatever the case, and its cool either way, there should have been a decision. I hope in Eternal that they do bring something like that back... it alwats connected me more with whats going on onscreen....
  14. Wakemare

    Why no Death Sound?

    Hey guys, huge Doom fan, though i am not a WAD player or anything, i just grew up on Doom 1 and 2. Massive Doom 2016 fan, it really is an epic and insanely detailed game and im looking forward to seeing where a Doom movie will go and looking forward to Doom Eternal. One question that has bothered me about Doom 2016.... why the fuck did they not include a Doomslayer death sound, he remains totally silent. Part of the fear factor in the original games was Doomguys deathscream.... like, it was pretty disturbing for my 11 year old brain. I hope Doom Eternal changes that and he does have a death sound.... Thoughts?