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  1. 31 years old. Completed my first playthrough on Nightmare difficulty on PC.
  2. D.Vile

    Return to Hadron Episode 3 - Idgames release

    I beat all of the monsters in the final arena of E3M8, but then nothing happened. No traces of an exit switch or portal nearby. Tried opening the map on GZDoom Builder to figure out if I was missing something, and it turns out there is indeed no level exit (no signs of linedef actions 11 or 52). Oh, bummer.
  3. D.Vile

    If you were to add any monster in DOOM Classic.

    A suicide bombing creature, as it is one of the few monster archetypes found in many other classic first person shooters (Descent 2's Omega Defense Spawn, Duke Nukem 3D's Sentry Drones, Shadow Warrior's Coolies, Marathon's Simulacra, Quake's Tarbabies, Serious Sam's Beheaded Kamikazes, etc) that is entirely absent in Doom.
  4. D.Vile

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dark Scythe

    Okay, folks, I know this mapset was meant to be a joke, but did anyone seriously manage to complete Map 32 without having the frame rate slow down to a crawl ?
  5. D.Vile

    An unusual Iconic Duo

    Is the one on the right supposed to be Crash from Quake 3 Arena ?
  6. D.Vile

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    First footage of the new episode:
  7. D.Vile

    Cursed Doom Images

  8. D.Vile

    Cursed Doom Images

  9. D.Vile

    The New Xbox design

    I'm far more concerned about the console's name. Really, didn't anyone in Microsoft's marketing department notice that people would abbreviate to XBox SeX ?
  10. D.Vile

    Crouching Tiger?!

    This was definitively a problem in Monolith’s Blood. In that game crouching was completely busted. Enemy projectiles could never hit a player lying on the ground because the monsters’ aiming code didn’t take into account the player’s decreased hitbox size. In fact, the player’s crouching hitbox is literally so small and close to the ground that you can even use it to pass under a swarm of enemy zombies.
  11. D.Vile

    Flash thoughts on Heretic's design

    Funnily enough most of these would also describe Hexen's level design pretty accurately.
  12. Lack of regional popularity isn't that much of a hindrance as you'd like to think. Punch-Out isn't that well-known in Japan either, but that didn't prevent Little Mac from getting into the roster. And I'm also fairly sure no American/European knew what a 'Fire Emblem' was before Marth/Roy's debut in Melee.
  13. D.Vile

    REKKR - V1.16

    Alright, after replaying a few of the the game’s episodes, I’ve decided to write an analysis of Rekkr’s bestiary. So here are my thoughts:
  14. D.Vile

    REKKR - V1.16

    Useless ? Since the runes call the Explode codepointer twice, they stack an absurd amount of damage! Personally, I've found the weapon pretty decent for killing Former Dukes and SkeletonSpiders, provided that the latter is flying close enough. It's also useful against the occasional monster horde, like the one near the end of E3M7. One thing of note is that the Rune Launcher should theoretically also be the perfect weapon for dealing with ghost monsters (https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Ghost_monster), since the runes don't even need to be near a wall to deal splash damage.
  15. D.Vile

    REKKR - V1.16

    Then you should at least use the 'NOTDMATCH' flag to prevent it from harassing players during deathmatches. Nobody plays deathmatch with monsters on anyway. Alternatively, you could simply create a copy of the map area and move all deathmatch starts from the original to the copy, and then remove the Eyeball Generator from the new multiplayer arena.
  16. D.Vile

    REKKR - V1.16

    Good to hear about this! By the way, did you fix that annoying bug where the Eyeball Generator in E4M5 keeps spawning enemies even with the -nomonsters flag turned on ?
  17. D.Vile

    REKKR - V1.16

    Just finished this wad. Aside from a few balancing issues this is great TC all around. I just love the amount of effort they've put into detailing every single environment in the game. One of my favorite details is how in E1M1 there are two in-game objects which don't show up anywhere else in the game - a dead woman in blue and a tipped cradle. They appear in the final room of the level, which is inside a house. Once you start E1M2, you'll be standing outside that same house, but this time there'll be two shallow graves nearby. These graves were only dug very recently - if you use noclip in E1M1 you will notice them gone. At the same time, if you look from the window in E1M2, you will see that the dead woman and the cradle are no longer in that room. It wasn't until my second playthrough that I realized RekkrGuy had taken his time between the levels to bury his dead wife and child. :(