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  1. 2 hours ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

    Not really a mechanic per se, but in terms of OG DOOM, spectres are a missed opportunity. id could have done something to make them unique. They should have either some special attack or at least a very short wind-up when they attack. They are by far the most useless stock enemy.


    If they wanted a stealth enemy, they should have made a new one. The thought of a giant pink gorilla trying to blend in with the wild by turning partially invisible is hilarious.


    In the Spectre's defense, they are legitimately tricky to spot in dark areas if you run the game's original software renderer and keep it at a relatively low resolution. But of course, most people nowadays prefer to play Doom in modern source ports, often in video settings that don't preserve the game's intended visuals. So it's no wonder Spectres end up sticking out like a sore thumb.


    Edit: Case in point, this is me running GZDoom on a hardware accelerated render mode.



    And this is what the same room looks like on Chocolate Doom:



  2. I just played through episode 2 and made it into the Dismal Oubliette. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised that they replaced the map with its uncut version, as originally designed by John Romero. Bravo, id software ! 

  3. New official Quake expansion confirmed!

    Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/Quake/9P1Z43KRNQD4?activetab=pivot:overviewtab



    Get the Original & New Expansion Packs Quake also comes with both original expansion packs: “The Scourge of Armagon” and “Dissolution of Eternity,” as well as two expansions developed by the award-winning team at MachineGames: “Dimension of the Past,” and the all-new “Dimension of the Machine.”


    Discover the All-New “Dimension of the Machine” Expansion

    In the deepest depths of the labyrinth lies the core of lava and steel known only as The Machine. Crusade across time and space against the forces of evil to bring together the lost runes, power the dormant machine, and open the portal hiding the greatest threat to all known worlds—destroy it...before it destroys us all.


  4. I've been messing with Slade and I found out that in the game files there are animation sprites and edf coding for an entirely new monster called the "Tortured Soul". It's an edited Pain Elemental that releases a cloud of noxious gas when killed. The monster itself is perfectly functional and you can even summon it with console commands. But for whatever reason, it went completely unused in the campaign. Any reasons for that, Skillsaw ?

  5. 1 hour ago, UnknDoomer said:

    @Ryath (aka scwiba)


    As I've said. Timer at the starting point. Not enough time to run to the the first switch, no matter how good I've tried.


    You mean the switch before the area with the damaging liquid ? The one that is supposed to open a shortcut to said area ? And you know the shortcut is supposed to stay permanently open after you hit said switch, right ?

  6. 3 minutes ago, marco.nadal.75 said:

    Hello, sorry if I sound like a dolt but i am confus.


    I first beat Doom64 on Project64 (N64 emulator) and loved it. (That was in those heady turn-of-the millenium days when FLCL came out. Ahh... the memories...)


    Then I played a port of Doom64 for the Doomsday Engine. (For me, post-Haruko era. Ah, she will always have special place in my heart. Ahem.)


    Then I got Brutal Doom 64 running, like when it came out. It's running on Zandronum engine AFAIK. Uses DOOM2.WAD as IWAD.

    Just tried to install Doom64 EX to play your megawad and dropped DOOM2.WAD into the same folder as DOOM64.EXE and start the launcher, select my resolution... and ... IWAD not found.

    What am I doing wrong?


    You have to use a program called Wadgen to convert a Doom 64 rom into an IWAD file.

  7. 8 hours ago, Ryath said:

    True! That's surprising to me though because from my experience they only turn against the player based on sound, and I can't imagine there's a way the player makes any sound in the titlemap.



    You can technically use a macro command called "Thing_Alert" to cause all tagged monsters to become active and hostile towards the player.

  8. 21 hours ago, Ryath said:

    I like this explanation of them. They're sort of... halfway possessed soldiers.


    I didn't set up any of their behavior -- just used what was already there. They're actually the marine "bots" used in the Doom 64 title sequence. When you place them in a regular map they'll attack enemies on sight but also attack the player if they make any noise. I noticed that behavior when I was messing around with them and thought it was interesting, so I decided to base a couple maps around them.


    Yeah, you can easily figure out this behavior once you realize that the marines in the title screen map were actually shooting at the player character all along! This wasn't really noticeable in the original N64 release due to the limited screen resolution, but the Nightdive remaster made it really obvious, as this time you can easily see an invincible Doomguy being shot near the edge of the map.



  9. 6 hours ago, Dynamo said:

    I had *just* last week completed Colony Ship for Sale again, and I was looking forward to never having to see that puzzle for the next years, and now it's finally been transplanted into Doom, hah! Does this mean that other infamous Marathon tropes are soon going to find their way into Doom maps...?


    To be fair, Ryath's version of the puzzle is nowhere nearly as grating because:

    A) All the switches you need to press are located in the same room, so no backtracking is required.

    B) You don't have to manually time your button presses to adjust the lift's height.

  10. Ryath, did you design this mapset with Doom 64 compatibility settings in mind ? I've just found out that map 10 is unbeatable if you turn on infinitely tall actors (you can't walk on top of the barrels that lead to the switch that opens the final arena). Also, if you turn on "grab high items", you can easily get the blue key and bypass the whole explosive barrel gauntlet.

  11. From the way he talked, you can tell this man is proud of his work. He has always been underrated as a designer IMO, and I wouldn't mind seeing him designing Doom levels again, like Romero did with SIGIL. But I guess he has been a little too busy designing tabletop board games lately.


    BTW, speaking of board games, did you guys know he did actually include Doomguy and the Cyberdemon as miniatures in his newest game ?