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  1. 3 hours ago, SilverMiner said:

    Finally I can play Heretic on high resolutions without gameplay changes


    Yep, just tried it. The game is mostly playable, but some of the inventory items (like the morph ovum) and tomed weapons (the Hellstaff and the Gauntlets of Power) still don't work properly.

  2. I beat all of the monsters in the final arena of E3M8, but then nothing happened. No traces of an exit switch or portal nearby. Tried opening the map on GZDoom Builder to figure out if I was missing something, and it turns out there is indeed no level exit (no signs of linedef actions 11 or 52). Oh, bummer.

  3. A suicide bombing creature, as it is one of the few monster archetypes found in many other classic first person shooters (Descent 2's Omega Defense Spawn, Duke Nukem 3D's Sentry Drones, Shadow Warrior's Coolies, Marathon's Simulacra, Quake's Tarbabies, Serious Sam's Beheaded Kamikazes, etc) that is entirely absent in Doom.

  4. On 11/9/2019 at 6:11 PM, Chipper35 said:

    Random question: In any game (system), the search for balance is a constant. When a player is crouching.......does that impact monsters' accuracy.....since the player is presenting a smaller silhouette?  If so, what/where in the code is that built in??


    This was definitively a problem in Monolith’s Blood. In that game crouching was completely busted. Enemy projectiles could never hit a player lying on the ground because the monsters’ aiming code didn’t take into account the player’s decreased hitbox size. In fact, the player’s crouching hitbox is literally so small and close to the ground that you can even use it to pass under a swarm of enemy zombies.

  5. Quote

    Overall the maps are far from perfect. There's a few tropes that Heretic really could have done without doing at all, but does many many times over.

    - Harshly blinking sector lights (E4M9, E5M9)

    - Tight mazes (E4M8, E4M9, E5M9)

    - Requiring the player to hump walls for "secrets" that may actually be part of mandatory progression (just about every map, but E3M6, E4M8, E5M1, E5M3)

    - Hiding crucial switches away behind pillars or in dark corners (E1M6, E1M7, E1M9, E4M7, E5M6)

    - Not using keys or switches effectively to telegraph where the play needs to go next (E4M9, E5M6)

    - Linedef triggers in really unintuitive places like inside monster closets or just in front of locked doors (E4M4, E4M7, friggin' E4M8)

    - Obfuscating progression with too many switches or walkover triggers (E2M4, E5M6, E5M7)


    Funnily enough most of these would also describe Hexen's level design pretty accurately.

  6. On 8/16/2018 at 11:28 AM, Ajora said:

    Doomguy/Doomslayer would be a terrible fit for Smash Bros, not helped by the fact that first-person shooters aren't a well-liked video game genre in Japan. Not every iconic video game character needs to be in Smash Bros. 


    Lack of regional popularity isn't that much of a hindrance as you'd like to think. Punch-Out isn't that well-known in Japan either, but that didn't prevent Little Mac from getting into the roster. And I'm also fairly sure no American/European knew what a 'Fire Emblem' was before Marth/Roy's debut in Melee.

  7. Alright, after replaying a few of the the game’s episodes, I’ve decided to write an analysis of Rekkr’s bestiary. So here are my thoughts:



    -Former Humans and Grotesques are decent basic fodder enemies. Unlike Doom, none of them have ranged hitscan attacks, so the player has an incentive to use melee weapons against them. The souls they drop evaporate if you don’t catch them quickly enough, which is arguably one of the game’s most well thought-out mechanics, as it offers one extra incentive for the player to get close and personal.


    Their HP is low enough that it’s not too unusual to gib them even with the game’s basic starting weapon, the bow. Their poor resilience means that finishing off an entire horde of them Kenshiro-style after taking the Berserker pack equivalent is also perfectly viable, especially considering that the player’s fists in Rekkr have a MUCH faster attack speed compared to Doom.


    In other words, these guys make the quintessential popcorn enemies, which is all that really needs to be said about them.


    -Imps (the small, flying skull things, not the brown monsters from Doom) are alright. Much like Heretic’s Gargoyles, they act as the game’s flying fodder enemies. Unlike Former Humans and Grotesques they don’t drop souls upon dying, which means they may be used alongside Husks when the designers want to incentivize the player to switch to other weapons besides the bow/soul launcher.


    The most important thing about Imps, though, is that they explode upon dying, which means that hitting them when they are in the middle of an enemy horde is a very satisfying way to dispatch a group of monsters (and ammo-efficient to boot).


    -Mean Imps, their red-colored counterparts, on the other hand, are a bit of a waste of a monster slot. They arguably have a little too much health for their own good (200 HP – just enough hitpoints to survive a point-blank Steelshot blast, depending on the RNG, which is ridiculous given how frail they look) and their ability to fly just a bit faster and tank a couple more souls shots than their regular versions really doesn’t make them stand out enough in the context of Rekkr’s bestiary.


    If I were the designer, I’d tone down their HP a little but make them fly even faster and more erratically, to give the player an extra incentive to utilize the Holy Relic (the game’s sole dedicated long range hitscan gun), and quickly fire two or three projectiles in a row, in order to make them better at harassing the player.


    In other words, just turn them into mini-Nightmare Cacodemons. Now that would make them interesting.


    -Husks act as the alternative to Former Humans in the role of melee monsters. However, the former have much more HP, so they can’t be instantly killed by a single arrow, unlike the latter. And like Gargoyles, they don’t drop souls upon dying.


    There are two varieties of Husks – green-eyed and red-eyed. Red-eyed Husks are supposedly the stronger of the two, having double the amount of HP than their weaker counterparts (220 vs 110 HP), but I hardly notice it when I’m using my soul bow/gun because of how stupidly random the Doom engine is when it comes to calculating projectile damage. So, in practice, they both usually end up dying after 3-5 soul shots. Red-eyed Husks have a small chance of surviving a point-blank steelshot blast, whereas green-eyes ones always die, but that’s about it.


    Also, I find it funny that the designers didn’t resort to the old trick of making a semi-invisible version of the monster.


    -Skeleturrets are dedicated ledge snipers that constantly fire projectiles after spotting the player. Despite their relatively simple AI behavior and limited role, I find them one of the most versatile and consistently threatening enemies in the game.


    Really, the only downside to them is that, due to limitations in the Doom engine’s coding, these guys NEVER, EVER stop firing at you, even if you leave their line of sight. So you’d better get used to hearing that ‘whooosh’ sound over and over if you leave one of them alive.


    -Mimics are one of the game’s cleverest ideas, but sadly, it’s easy to figure them out once you learn how the game’s AI works. Basically, all Mimics are deaf monsters who won’t attack unless you either touch them or enter their line of sight. So, in order to prevent them from seeing and attacking the player prematurely, the designers must ALWAYS place them with their ‘front’ turned against walls. So, if you see a lone potion sitting alone in a corner, chances are it’s probably a disguised Mimic.


    -Eyeballs are simply reskinned Lost Souls, except not as annoying to kill because you can actually finish them in one shot this time around.


    Though they have the ability to ressurect dead enemies, and in spite of their relatively common presence in the levels, I didn’t find them particularly troublesome foes, mostly because Rekkr generally lacks the equivalent of Doom’s most dangerous mid-tier monsters. In fact, sometimes I actually found it quite beneficial when they ressurected Former Humans and Grotesques, for it allowed me an opportunity to replenish my stock of souls.


    -Sorrows are best described as a cross between a Revenant and a Cacodemon. Because of their ability to fire three seeking projectiles in a row, it can be quite tricky to dodge them in tight quarters (see E4m7). Luckily, its high damage potential is compensated by its relatively slow movespeed and high pain chance, making it a fairly well-rounded, balanced monster. Overall, Sorrows are quite possibly the most versatile mid-tier enemies in the game.


    -Skelly Bellies are simply Pain Elementals with the ability to punch the player. Despite this, it’s fairly easy to beat them at close quarters because you can still prevent them from spawning Lost Souls Eyeballs by simply standing in front of them and their new melee attack, which was meant to counteract this, is too slow and easily baitable. The designers were probably aware of this weakness, too, which is why they place them on top of unreachable platforms in some of the later levels.


    Ultimately, their inability to fly means they lack the versality and harassment potential of their Doom counterparts.


    Although I admit they are somewhat underpowered for a boss monster, I still wouldn’t change a thing about them, There is something legitimately amusing about being able to bring down a 9 feet tall skeleton with a simple viking axe.


    -Treebeasts are Barons of Hell with a twist: they look exactly like regular trees (which are, amusingly enough, called 'Fake Treebeasts' in the editor) when they are in their idle poses. Sadly, outside of one particular map, the level designers never really use this gimmick to ambush and surprise the player. Most likely because: a)Treebeasts look out of place when not in heavily forested areas b)Mimics already fill the same role and are much more versatile.


    -Skeleton Spiders are tankier Cacodemons who mostly exist to eat up the player’s ammo. Oh, and they also release Eyeballs after dying, which means they are likely to ressurect enemies and potentially drain even more of the player’s reserves. Lovely.


    Skeleton Spiders are used to a great effect when mixed up with monster hordes in order to create long, drawn out battles, like in the end of E1M7 and E1M8. You never encounter more than one at a time thereafter, though.


    -And finally, Former Dukes/King, much like Doom’s Mancubi, have projectile patterns that cover wide angles and are used to guard strategic locations. But unlike Doom, there is almost no interval between each projectile volley, thus making dodging them at close range fairly tricky.


    Because of their extremely high damage potential (each one of their fireballs can deal up to 128 damage!), though, the designers never really throw the player into a situation where he is in the middle of a crossfire from multiple Dukes/Kings, which sadly limits its potential as an enemy.


    Oh, and props to whoever designed that death animation where the King rips off his own skin. That was absolute genius!


  8. On 7/23/2018 at 5:38 AM, DooM_RO said:

    This is truly one of the best TCs out there. It's like you bought a Doom clone 20 years ago, put it in the attic, forgot it and then rediscovered it.


    My only gripes with it are that some levels are needlessly confusing and I find the Rune Launcher to be kind of useless.


    Useless ? Since the runes call the Explode codepointer twice, they stack an absurd amount of damage! Personally, I've found the weapon pretty decent for killing Former Dukes and SkeletonSpiders, provided that the latter is flying close enough. It's also useful against the occasional monster horde, like the one near the end of E3M7.


    One thing of note is that the Rune Launcher should theoretically also be the perfect weapon for dealing with ghost monsters (https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Ghost_monster), since the runes don't even need to be near a wall to deal splash damage.

  9. 34 minutes ago, Revae said:

    Nope. The only way to do that would be to make the eyeball generator a monster itself by giving it a affectskill% flag. But it's not killable.

    When you enter the 3 color door at the end it stops though.


    Then you should at least use the 'NOTDMATCH' flag to prevent it from harassing players during deathmatches. Nobody plays deathmatch with monsters on anyway.


    Alternatively, you could simply create a copy of the map area and move all deathmatch starts from the original to the copy, and then remove the Eyeball Generator from the new multiplayer arena.

  10. 6 hours ago, Revae said:

    1.12 is done.
    Buncha bug fixes, some gameplay changes (mostly to weapon speeds and ammo drop amounts). Edited deathmatch stuff...


    Hopefully the final version, but I'll sit on it for a sec before uploading it to idgames.


    Good to hear about this! By the way, did you fix that annoying bug where the Eyeball Generator in E4M5 keeps spawning enemies even with the -nomonsters flag turned on ?

  11. Just finished this wad. Aside from a few balancing issues this is great TC all around. I just love the amount of effort they've put into detailing every single environment in the game.


    One of my favorite details is how in E1M1 there are two in-game objects which don't show up anywhere else in the game - a dead woman in blue and a tipped cradle. They appear in the final room of the level, which is inside a house. Once you start E1M2, you'll be standing outside that same house, but this time there'll be two shallow graves nearby. These graves were only dug very recently - if you use noclip in E1M1 you will notice them gone. At the same time, if you look from the window in E1M2, you will see that the dead woman and the cradle are no longer in that room.


    It wasn't until my second playthrough that I realized RekkrGuy had taken his time between the levels to bury his dead wife and child. :(