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  1. >first day on account

    >already reached post limit


    1. Misty


      You need just wait one day until you can post as usual. It's due to prevent spam bots, trolling and other negative stuff. 

  2. Kaiser_fen

    Share a random fact about yourself

    When I was little, I used to think america was a city located near staffordshire.
  3. Thats not a wolf Thats a fennec!

    1. FelixTheWolf


      oh shit you caught me

    2. Kaiser_fen


      I have, this is the fennec police.


      Put those ears on the car slowly or face deportation.

  4. Kaiser_fen

    Which Doom monster do you dread the most?

    The icon of sins true form, not because of any build up to him, but more of the fact UAC miltary nigthmare has forever destroyed his image in my head.