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  1. pigherp64

    Random Image Thread

  2. pigherp64

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    I made this while I was at school. it's not much, but I think it turned out nice, and it certainly was worth the effort and the detention i got for drawing it. apart from that, I think I'll spend the rest of doomsday working on home work and other important stuff. also i'm going to drink one of these since it's the closest i could find to a doom themed soda.
  3. pigherp64

    Random Image Thread

  4. pigherp64

    Random Image Thread

  5. pigherp64

    Random Image Thread

  6. pigherp64

    Random Image Thread

  7. pigherp64

    Suspicious about this weird website... possibly run by bots?

    To me it seems like this website wasn't finished. What I mean is some of the buttons and links don't work, or seem to do anything, and for a website dedicated to the doom movie it really doesn't have much information about it. What the site is about (at least according to the "about" and "contact" section) is having a place where doom fans can easily find doom related content, and share it with others. I haven't signed up myself to see if i can post anything, but if it does let anyone post, then this might explain all the random articles in the news section, since it could just be someone (or something) posting random articles on there. That's the best guess I have as to why this site might exist (other than sending people spam emails). While the site seems harmless i still wouldn't trust it, since the connection is not secure, and it does use tracking cookies. Maybe someone else could do some deeper research into this , but until then, I'd recommend staying away from this site.
  8. pigherp64

    Random Image Thread

  9. pigherp64


    here's one to satisfy the Duck and frog thread
  10. pigherp64


  11. pigherp64

    Share Your Jokes

    Q: What do you call an 8 legged cat? A: An octopuss.
  12. pigherp64

    What is/was a meme you hate/hated?

    Well I have a bunch of memes I grew hate for, but the one I will hate the most is the "Damn Daniel" meme, by itself its an unfunny garbage meme and is really nothing harmful,but I hate it because a lot of kids at my school would say it to me, all because I have a similar name.