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  1. Not sure where it's best to post this kind of content, so I'll do it on my own feed: here's a video I made playing one map from a WAD I'm working on. 


  2. Ravitex

    GZDoom Builder Bugfix issue.

    This issue has nothing to do with mapping. The problem is that I can't even open the editor. Here's the deal: I've been using GZDoom Builder R2787 without any issues (except occasional crashes, but that's to be expected), then found out that newer versions exist (under the bugfix name, of course). So I went ahead and downloaded the latest version which is R3041-x64. However, when I try to launch it, it appears to be loading for around whole 2 seconds and then nothing happens. I am confident I've downloaded the right thing, since I do use a 64 bit system. I'm also using Windows 10. What I've tried doing in hopes of resolving the issue: Allowing the .exe via Firewall, nothing changed. Restarting my PC, nothing changed. Installing Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1. The setup tells me that it is an older version than I am currently running. Installing DirectX 9.0 Runtime. That didn't work out either because it's not supported by my OS if I understand correctly. Using the non-x64 version. Obviously, that wouldn't work, but I had to try. Using a slightly older version (R3039-x64), same results. Haven't found anyone else having the same issue either (other forum posts and such), so I don't know what I could do. Any ideas?
  3. Ravitex

    GZDoom Builder Bugfix issue.

    Alright, I'm just going to say that I have no idea whether this method would work in any case scenario (maybe someone else having issues would find it useful), but I'm going to say that I managed to fix my issue somewhat accidentally (TL;DR it was a problem with the extraction). I decided to boot up my older PC and download GZDBBF on it to see whether it would work on it (Also x64 and Windows 10). Exctracted with 7-zip and it opened up. Then I did the same on my current PC and I was successful once again. Conclusion: I used a tool that for some reason couldn't extract all the files from the archive. No errors showed up, so I thought it was fine, though I didn't look inside the archive itself to compare what was in it VS what came out of it. I don't know why I used that tool but I haven't had problems with it until now (ALZip, if anyone knows it).
  4. Ravitex

    GZDoom Builder Bugfix issue.

    If I understand correctly, yes, that's what I do with pretty much everything (except GZDoom itself, because that can be overwritten without problems). I download the 7z file from https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzdbbf/ and extract it into a completely new folder. I don't delete the old version though, I'm just not really sure whether it could cause problems.
  5. Ravitex

    GZDoom Builder Bugfix issue.

    Moved the editor to C:/editors/GZDBBF/. Still doesn't open. Also tried running the bugfix version as administrator and in compatibility mode, didn't work either.
  6. Ravitex

    GZDoom Builder Bugfix issue.

    Yeah, when I tried the 32 bit version I had it in a different folder, but It didn't work so I deleted it. Unfortunately the GZBuilder.log file for any GZDBBF session doesn't exist, only one for the older GZDB (R2787), unless I'm not looking at the right place. I don't think the older version is somehow preventing the newer one from starting, but correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, here's the older GZBuilder.log file, if that helps in any way. GZBuilder.7z
  7. Ravitex

    The Quirky Domain (A GZDoom map for Doom 2)

    Amazing map, some locations and especially the music really give me an Unreal I vibe. Well, not that Unreal's maps had this use of portals or anything, but still. I'd say I'm not a huge fan of the messages in the automap, like the dog and the mockingbird thing, but maybe that's just knitpicking. Anyway, played twice, one time without any mods on HMP, the second time with Zion on UV until it froze and crashed. Zion is quite performance unfriendly so I don't think it was a problem with the map itself. Found only 2 secrets though, one by going through a fake window and one to find the plasmagun behind bars.
  8. Ravitex

    Vertex slope terrain + wall linedefs

    Worked. Still noticeable in-game if you look really closely, but at least it works. Thanks!
  9. Hey, I was wondering if it was somehow possible to make vertex slope terrain without destroying walls (like, smoothing stuff out if there's terrain on 2 different levels) on the GZDoom Builder I've noticed that using a really steep slope as a wall is possible, but it only works visually as the player is able to simply walk upwards on it, so I can't really use it. Don't think player blocking flags would work either since then the player won't be able to jump down from a higher level. Here are some screenshots as well so you get a better idea of what exactly im trying to do.
  10. h e l l o   w o r l d