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  1. TheNoob_Gamer

    Civvie11 Pro-ish Doom 64

    So the final boss of this game is a male. Huh.
  2. TheNoob_Gamer

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5 - Fixes for GZDOOM and Odamex

    Impossible and pointless, though there is kind of one on the fists weapon slot.
  3. Bloodsea.wad (Bloodsea Keep) ------------------------------ Okay, this map, Black Tower, Mephisto's Maosoleum, Express Elevator to Hell were initially made for a megawad, but the author soon decided to drop the idea and let id publish it - because it's 666 times cooler. And our protagonist in this map and others (created by the same author in this pack) isn't Doomguy, but rather a Cyberdemon turning into a Doom-likeguy in the process :P You start in the entrance to an isolated castle in a bloody sea, and entering the courtyard, you face 2 imps standing on the dark platform (seriously I think the author overuse this mapping trick), a baron of hell, a cacodemons and some lost souls. Then, you enter the main castle, which consists of Overall, I find this map to be more memorable than Black Tower for some reasons. It is good, aesthetically. The pacing is also quite good. On UV, only 82 enemies but it's challenging enough (more than attack, I'll say) A (ironically?) fun thing to note here, despite taking the MAP07 slot, you are required to use the shotgun most of the time/ no SSG is found (if you play the map conventionally at least). 8/10.
  4. TheNoob_Gamer

    Things that you Loved but now Hate

    At Doom's Gate
  5. It is also kind of funny, because all of these maps aren't connected at all, and are meant to be played in pistol start. (I think) So the RL/Plasma Gun are basically redundant at the end of the level.
  6. There is one near the rockets, it is not well hidden so I thought anyone could find it.
  7. Okay, my first post on this Club, so apologies if you found any mistakes. ---------------- Master Levels for Doom 2 ATTACK.WAD - MAP01 --------------- A pretty simple MAP01, techbase styled wad; made by a level designer of Strife/author of E4M9 of Doom. Despite being an "introductory" map, the map is quite challenging at first - there are lots of enemies that will caught you off-guard. It has a HUGE AMOUNT of hitscan enemies (hence the "well placed monsters" feature described in the .txt file. And it is). And despite having "great outdoor scenery", the layout of the map is... too browny and abstract. And it may seems confusing, just like E4M9 - there are too many doors! Once you obtained the red key; the map becomes a lot easier. And by the end of the map, you'll have almost every weapons, except chainsaw and BFG. You can also complete the level using only shotguns. In conclusion, 4.5/5 because of the shitty secret. (you can basically completed it on UV without cheating at all)
  8. TheNoob_Gamer

    What is stuff that you hated but now love?

    There were a few attempts of implementing Smooth Doom in limit-removing source ports/vanilla. For example: This (which is 100% demo compatible), this and this. In response to the OP, MAP24 of Doom 2 of course. Used to hate it because of thin ledges - obviously, and it seems out of place, but looking back, it improves my movement skills immensely. Still don't love it tho, just like it.
  9. TheNoob_Gamer

    What Exactly Is Markiplier's Connection To Doom?

    To be honest, I can't think of any famous Youtubers who like Doom to the extent of regular Doom enthusiasts (modders, speedrunners, etc.) or regular players.
  10. TheNoob_Gamer


    Well, maybe, but you do stated that you downloaded a Doom (iwad) package for free and you got Brutal Doom/Project Brutality running under those; so that might be the reason why you got wrongly banned. Either case, be glad you are back on Doomworld now :D
  11. TheNoob_Gamer


    He asked how to download the iwads for free.
  12. TheNoob_Gamer

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5 - Fixes for GZDOOM and Odamex

    Seems like the game can't handle of firing 100+ bullets at once. IMHO, the best fix for this is to make the rifle fires about 20-55 bullets at once.
  13. TheNoob_Gamer

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    What? The main moddb link is still fully functional.
  14. TheNoob_Gamer

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    And thanks for being cool, @Drugod and your Bloom team! I am anticipated for the next release!
  15. TheNoob_Gamer

    Fall of Society

    Looked up the project page and the project is based on Doom 2, so you'll need to get Doom 2 (meaning you need to spend another $5) to play the wad properly. Could you include some screenshots? Since I can't make up about what you are trying to say about your problem.