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  1. Played a bit of MAP01 and so far, the visuals are kind of... interesting. I'll get back with gameplay of the first three levels later today.
  2. Alternatively, you can play a game of endurance:
  3. Id was founded by multiple people, including Tom Hall, who as seen above provided a different view on how to spell the name.
  4. TheNoob_Gamer

    Gauging public interest in DIY 2

    I fail to see how this would be the case, given that sequels are expected to change things up, and introducing variety could greatly open up creativity pathways.
  5. TheNoob_Gamer

    first posts

    Welcome to Doomworld! The cyberdemon death sprite looks quite cool! However, you might want to share your resources here, which would help attract attention to your work:
  6. TheNoob_Gamer

    Share Your Sprites!

    Looks like he's about to do some jogging lol. Regardless, nice work! I could see this guy residing in a corner of Seven Portals.
  7. TheNoob_Gamer

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    This feels like if Hell decided to invest in astronomical research and spread their influence to outer cosmos
  8. TheNoob_Gamer

    How many games do you have installed currently?

    Considering how I always have to ration my storage, probably 4.
  9. TheNoob_Gamer

    The DWIronman League dies to: Shotgun Symphony

    I constantly run into discussion of this WAD on Youtube and the DWMC, so it was impossible for me to not get exposed by it. Cat 2, bit the dust inside the council of terrible ideas (resided in E1M3) :p nyukob_sgsymp.lmp.zip I guess there's a reason this won a Cacoward - it does everything that felt right at home with Doom 1's restrictions. That said, I was more impressed with the sole Lost Soul bouncer, who almost brought me to my peril.
  10. TheNoob_Gamer

    Gauging public interest in DIY 2

    Didn't know such a cool project existed (I guess I missed out a lot!), but I don't see why not for a sequel. It would definitely require new things (better palette coherency, unique enemy types - I'm thinking of one who could change polarity at will, and depending on its status could be immune to damage). Aside from the multitude of Plutonia spinoffs BeachThunder have mentioned, there's also the Community Chests, which IIRC were led by different people. As long as you credit the original spearhead, I think all would be well.
  11. Quite unrelated, but... With regards to how the shotgun is a sniping weapon; my personal headcanon is that in space, guns just get more accurate or something, including the shotgun. Doomguy's sheer willpower probably keeps the guns' efficiency in check.
  12. TheNoob_Gamer

    DEHACKED replacement proposal (with PoC code)

    Then I must have confused the thing with Eviternity, a project that also uses OTEX and has advanced ZDoom features. And yes, regarding the latter part, DECORATE modifications take precedence with the DEHSUPP lump; not sure about ZScript. Most (emphasize on most) cases of Dehacked modifications I'm aware of never make use of editing the files themselves. I see that the resulting patches are merely the data presented in a readable format, not to edit. My point is, with how archaic Dehacked gets nowadays, using an editor is the recommended default method; but using a command line toolset allows you to have a deeper look into its inner workings and hence the ability to better fine tuning features and more efficient ways to execute loophole tricks. In DEH9K's case, it makes certain tasks easier and more likely to succeed - for example, making an "enhancement" mod in Dehacked without breaking demo compatibility is not something you are likely to do with editors alone.
  13. TheNoob_Gamer

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    I wonder if there is any fabled spoony bards in such a community...
  14. TheNoob_Gamer

    DEHACKED replacement proposal (with PoC code)

    Anything that can be accomplished by a GUI editor like WhackED; swapping around weapon/enemy/entity frames; modifying strings, entity data (HP, height, mass), etc. MBF wads have quite a few features, but their effects can generally be achieved with enough tool knowledge. Advanced tools allow for advanced effects manipulation that GUI editors lack, or would be very tedious to do. For example, you could create a smooth weapons pack without sacrificing (apparently) anything and maintains demo compatibility. Ultimately, what is "surface-level" depends on your modding finesse. It's probably worth noting that DecoHack is still at its core Dehacked - the program merely converts DECORATE-like text scripts to appropriate Dehacked files. And IIRC, certain effects of 1k Lines 3 are meant only for ZDoom-based ports?
  15. TheNoob_Gamer

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    I see this gentleman's packing heat. However, I can't deny the possibility it is an exceptionally well-made plastic firearm, or that the man himself has outlandish features from birth, so it's a 50/50.