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  1. TheNoob_Gamer

    OMEGA release!

    Interesting set! Are those apparent bugs encountered in Crispy Doom detrimental to gameplay (as in their possibility to halt progression or cause serious unintended gameplay problems) in any way?
  2. TheNoob_Gamer

    Congestion Square 1024 - map 2 SquareShip

    First time I have seen any PWADs made specifically for this game, very cool!
  3. TheNoob_Gamer

    Purple Rain (My First Map) [Vanilla Doom 2 + Dehacked]

    I had a go of this (earlier build) a while back - can affirm that this is a very fun map to play! Bit curious about the presence of an Unity version, though. Any noteworthy changes there?
  4. TheNoob_Gamer

    An effort I'm beginning today

    This is a good place to start digging.
  5. TheNoob_Gamer

    1000 Lines 3: Community Project - V1.0 Released

    I played some maps of this project, and I must say this is really great! Congrats on the release!
  6. TheNoob_Gamer

    REKKR - V1.16

  7. TheNoob_Gamer

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    It was a honor to help testing this level! As for the main project, the radically tweaked gameplay certainly got me hooked (props to Doomkid and team!), though I'll hold off until the final version is released. In the meantime, congrats to everybody involved! If only I didn't quit when this project started to become a thing...
  8. TheNoob_Gamer

    Scream of Agony | Doom II

    I think this was pretty solid.
  9. TheNoob_Gamer

    Nu-Arsenal and more : Reimaginings of old late 90s WADs

    I am having fun indeed!
  10. TheNoob_Gamer

    Nu-Arsenal and more : Reimaginings of old late 90s WADs

    For some reason, this version also contains the BD-friendly variation. Which, I think, means the link for another separate build of that map redundant.
  11. TheNoob_Gamer

    My Second Map! Inferno.WAD FEEDBACK WANTED

    Bit curious here - what MBF21 feature is in this map? I have been unable to spot anything interesting with the format executed in this map so far.
  12. TheNoob_Gamer

    TC reccomendations?

    All mods in the Abysm series are meant for Doom 2, mate.
  13. Played this one - it's kind of fun but calling it an episode is somewhat deceptive - I think the design only equals to 3-4 small maps at best. I also feel some battles (particularly the one at the end where you have to pass through a series of enemy teleporters) are overly long as well.
  14. TheNoob_Gamer

    Beam me Up!

    I must admit, this highly intricate and carefully placed red tinting is a perfect representative of exciting content in store for players.
  15. Crispy doesn't support custom level script, far as I can tell. You might have confused this script thing with Crispy's Extended Dehacked capabilities. If you are switching on Linux, rest assured as many Doom ports also support Linux natively (being backported to Windows from the original Linux Doom source code). That includes Crispy Doom itself.