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  1. Taking a break from the Torex maps to make a simple map but I've realized I have no idea how to do sky...
    If anyone can shoot some tips my way, I would be grateful.


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    2. wolfmcbeard


      how do I use the three other sky textures?

    3. AD_79


      Sky texture by default is determined by the map's slot. There are a couple ways of getting around this. In Boom (PRBoom+ really, no one uses a Boom port before that these days) and above, you can use sky transfers (line action 271) to transfer a sky to sectors with the same tag as the line. In more advanced ports such as ZDoom, which seems to be what you're using, you can use MAPINFO to assign a sky to a map. 

    4. wolfmcbeard


      I'm going to look up a tutorial then, I'm still novice as hell with gzdb and slade.