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  1. Otonol

    Avactor last update is out

    Reached to map 10 and OMG, map09 "Overflooded with ideas" was so fucking long, But I enjoyed every single moment. I really like the idea of running around the map looking for switches and at the end of thing you "building" a long bridge that crossing the map, excellent job !
  2. Otonol

    Avactor last update is out

    How much damage the exploding does? will it prevent the player from hugging the painelemental too death?
  3. Otonol

    Anyone need any custom Midi's?

    Crossing my fingers for your success
  4. Otonol

    Avactor last update is out

    wow very cool Trailer and screenshots, I'm new on this site and it's really impressive to see this. good job