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  1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/5c1a73wznswd769/odious-master.wad/file


    Here's Odious, or what I've made of it. It's a big download because it has the entirety of OTEX attached to it. The plan was for a real release to have all the unused stuff cut out but I found out the hard way that SLADE's tools for that suck and I don't have the wherewithal to fix it, let alone complete the work, make a thread, or collate a list of sources for assets I've used. ukiro made otex, DiR made the opal palette, psyrus made the midis, that's about 95% of the aesthetics right there. sorry i'm too much of a lazy cheating scumbag who hates creators I guess


    Play this in Doom Retro.


    I'm not working on this anymore because I'm completely done with Doom anything. There's no reason for me to work on making things for an audience that hates my guts. I'm still proud of what I did make here and elsewhere however. Thanks to the few of you who believed in me. cya

    1. Mr Masker

      Mr Masker

      Take a break if you need to. I've said stuff before that people have disagreed with, eventually after a while, people just move on and stuff goes back to normal.


      I can't really give much other advice, but I wish you well in whatever you're doing now.

    2. TheMagicMushroomMan


      I really appreciate the fact that you reached out to me when I was going through hell. You're an outspoken person, not a bad person. I checked on your profile because I haven't seen you around - I noticed your absence. That alone should tell you something. And you should be proud of your creations, your contributions to the community. Even if you don't want to participate in the community anymore, you can still just drop by and talk. I haven't contributed anything at all to the community other than talking to people, and I still feel like I have a purpose here. If I get into an argument with someone, I always try to patch things up. We should all be friends here. If someone is unwilling to mend a broken bridge, the bridge isn't worth mending, and the person isn't worth your time. But most people are willing. I don't know what specifically happened, but I don't think anyone hates your guts. Or maybe a few people do, some people are like that unfortunately. But the rest of us don't. I'm sure I'm intolerable to some people here, but I don't let it bother me because I know I'm still appreciated by most. I'm sorry you had this experience, Seg. We had some minor disputes but I never thought less of you. Please don't let internet people get to your head.


      Thank you for your contributions and I hope to talk to you again one day.

    3. indigotyrian


      @Mr Masker @TheMagicMushroomMan I appreciate the well-wishes and concern but I'm not really looking to return to Doomworld or indeed the Doom community at large. I've felt alienated and rejected by it for months before I made the above post and certain people particularly those in the tastemaker cool-kids clique like esselfortium and kins went out of their way to shit on me, so I'm just going to focus my attention on things that make me happy. The Doom community is toxic, Doomworld is toxic, and barring radical changes to the culture that simply won't happen it'll remain toxic. There's good individuals but they're few and far between.


      I'm more or less obligated to work on one last project but after that I'm not touching anything Doom at all.


      If you want to reach out to me I'm on discord, bluesky, and cohost under the name "indigotyrian."

  2. indigotyrian

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I already did word it as about as well as I could, reading "fuck the authors" when I expressly stated "I totally believe all creators should get their due, 100%" in the very post you snippeted is a trip. I'm not the one who instigated the fight here but I'm not interested in continuing it.
  3. indigotyrian

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I don't appreciate the insinuation that you and others are making that I have no respect for other creators, or that I am "ungracious" in the face of the hours of other people's efforts, and I'm not a little upset at the dogpiling that's starting to form here. In the very post you quoted I said you should credit people you're lifting from. My entire point is that restricting the sharing of assets specifically made for free modifications is egotistical and overtly harmful to the remix culture that video game modding is founded on. If you want to say "you can't use these assets" for a commercial project I think that's different. Hell, even for a stand-alone free project I'd empathize. But for a Doom WAD? A mod built on the backs of the years of hard work id Software put into making Doom and Doom 2, to say nothing about the years of time its creators spent learning their crafts? You're going to making something riding on the coattails of that, taking advantage of their work without even asking for their permission to remix it in such a way (how many Doom WADs out there have slightly tweaked versions of vanilla assets?), not to mention the years of work other modders before you put in, then turn around and say "no, the road stops here?" If you ask me I think that attitude, the attitude that stops the cycle of iteration and innovation in these types of spaces, is what's actually spiteful bullshit. I totally believe all creators should get their due, 100%. I'm honestly rather surprised and kinda insulted at the idea that me saying "take things from others, make sure you credit them" is somehow harmful or antagonistic toward artists and modders in the space, especially when so many of those same artists and modders did the exact same thing. We're all cribbing from other sources.
  4. indigotyrian

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    The only time I can think of someone actually declaring propriety over a color is when artist Anish Kapoor secured exclusive rights to the use of vantablack for artistic purposes, in a move literally every other artist thought was complete bullshit, and rightfully so. Saying that you and only you (and whoever else you deem worthy) are allowed to use a certain set of colors would be a move so brazenly against the spirit of Doom modding that I'd be stealing the palette, textures, and everything else from the WAD on the spot simply on principle. Artists don't get to claim ownership of something as broad as visual identity.
  5. indigotyrian

    What Is Your Opinion On TV Tropes?

    one more crime joss whedon will pay for, in this life or the next
  6. indigotyrian

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Restricting a set of colors, of all things, is extremely silly and even if it was disallowed by any license I'd disregard it and just take the colors. I highly disagree that MIDI has a "toy-like sheen" (maybe the Microsoft General MIDI driver) but I do think your track for Anagnorisis fit the map like a glove.
  7. Go for it, grab all the shit that isn't nailed down. Credit your sources but that's about it.
  8. indigotyrian

    How do I change the hud?

    Mostly, but don't put them between those markers. S_START/SS_START and S_END/SS_END are specifically for Doom sprites (i.e. in-world things) and not for menu or HUD elements. The Doom HUD elements go outside of those markers.
  9. indigotyrian

    How do I change the hud?

    All HUD elements are Doom-formatted graphics and have names starting with "ST". For example, STBAR is the HUD background, STARMS is the ARMS overlay that's displayed in single-player (STBAR on its own has a FRAGS counter instead for deathmatch), STKEYS0 through 5 are for the different keys and skulls, and all the STF graphics are the Doomguy faces in various poses and health levels. Open up DOOM2.WAD in SLADE and filter by "ST" to see all of the vanilla versions. These graphics can be found outside of the S_START and S_END markers. The brown border in the above screenshot is done by replacing the BRDR_ graphics, one for each direction and corner. The wooden background on the sides is done by replacing the GRNROCK flat, as Doom's HUD is hardcoded to use this to fill in space where the viewport isn't drawn (for example, if you shrink the screen size). However, GRNROCK is also actually used by maps, so make sure you're not breaking anything by replacing it.
  10. indigotyrian

    Where do you guys get your Midis?

    Psyrus and Arsinikk are two other Doomer composers who have released much of their discography for open use:
  11. indigotyrian

    DOOM weapon-girls and demon girls

    these are great!
  12. indigotyrian

    Tantrums when playing Doom

    A good way to prevent damaging actually important things like gear, walls, or your hands/feet is to have a set of basic #2 pencils nearby, the kind you can get in a pack of 15 or 20 from any self-respecting drugstore or grocery store. Sometimes you really do just need to break something, and breaking a pencil is a whole hell of a lot cheaper than a keyboard or monitor.
  13. indigotyrian

    QYARIA [a wip GZDoom game]

    Consider me giving a full vote of confidence in default tate mode, more games should do that
  14. indigotyrian

    Doom Builder 2 Download???

    UDB has some advanced and super-fancy features but SLADE does everything you'd ever want or need. I use SLADE exclusively for my mapping and I quite like it.
  15. indigotyrian

    How many sides should a circular sector have?

    That's useful! But one reason I stick with powers of 2 is that they gel rather nicely with texture lengths for quick math. For example, if I want a pillar that's around 64 units wide, I can make an 8-sided polygon with 24-unit sides. Eight 24-unit sides is 192 units total, which divides evenly into a 64px wide texture for three clean repetitions.