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  1. segfault

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    There's burying the lede, then there's this. Holy shit. I honestly can't wait to see what people do with this.
  2. segfault

    What the fuck's a nodebuilder?

    I'm pretty certain it's an issue with SLADE then. I'll have to see what SLADE does with that "vanilla compatible" checkmark exactly.
  3. segfault

    How do people lose the source code to their own game?

    Some people, particularly people in decision-making positions in companies, are really fuckin' dumb. For the longest time Sony Online Entertainment's system of version control was an FTP server. No git or anything, you just write over your changes on the server.
  4. segfault

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    Figure it's just set dressing.
  5. segfault

    What the fuck's a nodebuilder?

    I've seen nothing major really with zennode (mostly because I'm not doing crazy stuff with my maps just yet), just a seldom slime trail, but I have major OCD about that kind of thing. For a while I thought slime trails were actually a map error and I had tried futilely to make them go away, before discovering it had to do with the nodebuilder, then just now finding out that it was actually my fault and probably had to do with me not really doing something correct with my first map (whoda thunk?). Anyway ZokumBSP is working perfect for me now, the problem I had was that I had left "vanilla optimized" checked in SLADE's options. I had erroneously thought that because ZokumBSP's a fork of Zennode, that it would keep all of the command line arguments, which in hindsight is kinda silly of me. Thanks for the tool and your hard work!
  6. I am absolutely certain people will get banned over this. You know this, and you're playing interference because you want to feel like you're doing the world a service. Meanwhile, Flint still doesn't have clean drinking water.
  7. A good reason would be adhering to a standard that exists across the fucking board, but I dunno. People get pissy at Microsoft for breaking these rules in their own languages, but it's okay when my buddies do it so they can feel good about doing fake activism.
  8. The OP is literally about forcing a change of language. Did you read it?
  9. I apologize for getting hot under the collar but A) I get passionate about things and B) telling people what they can and cannot say is something that incredibly pisses me off, for several reasons ranging from personal to ideological. Also I'm not on my SSRI right now so that's not helping.
  10. "U mad?" as a rebuttal. Very cute. You should probably get on to finding the portal back to early 2000s Something Awful so you can return to the time you came from. It's really cool that we're on a forum dedicated to a video game that was subject to intense scrutiny from actual censors back in its heyday, arguing with the same people who tried to banish this game to the shadow realm. Fucking fantastic.
  11. My sincere condolences for any webmasters and site owners residing in the neoliberal hellhole that is the European Union.
  12. It's fucking stupid and the people pushing for this are pushing for it because they have zero technical ability but a gnawing need to have some, any, relevance to the group they're trying to cling to. Fuck'em. I'm sick and fucking tired of this bullshit. Do sysadmins who had to bury their own kids start crying whenever they have to deal with killing off child processes? No. This is a non-issue that's invented by a caste of people who desperately need something to be upset about, and what they're upset about is usually the fact that mommy hasn't cut the crust off their sandwich. Is the "reactionary Internet outrage machine that stirs up a big unnecessary drama" the people who try to change words so that nobody will ever be offended, or the people who are annoyed at said moral guardians? Remember when people thought Doom was evil because it had demons and caused school shooters? It's frankly shocking that the guy in charge of Doom's arguably most important historical project next to the idgames archive is behaving like post-Columbine bible-thumpers. I understand that they're your friends, but tbh you need to get your head out of your ass.
  13. segfault

    What the fuck's a nodebuilder?

    Thanks! I already kind of understood this but I really appreciate the explanation. I suppose my big problem now is trying to get ZokumBSP to play nice with SLADE.
  14. segfault

    What the fuck's a nodebuilder?

    I'm having some problems setting up ZokumBSP with SLADE. Is there something I'm missing apart from pointing SLADE to the ZokumBSP binary and telling it to treat it like ZenNode?
  15. segfault

    What the fuck's a nodebuilder?

    So when I picked up Doom mapping, I followed a tutorial that glossed over nodebuilders. I still don't quite understand what exactly they do, but I do understand that it's fundamentally important for Doom mapping, its related to the BSP trees that tell Doom how to draw the level depending on where you are in it, and if you don't have one you're not going to have much of a map. The tutorial that I followed said "just pick Zennode and don't worry about it." I have since learned that while Zennode may be popular, it's prone to bugs like slime trails, and is considered to be a sort of Internet Explorer of nodebuilding: used widely, but not favored among those who know what they're doing. So I come to you guys to ask: What the fuck is a nodebuilder, and what's a good one for making good vanilla and/or boom maps? I know that some of them have some options and arguments, and is that something I need to worry about?