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  1. crazyflyingdonut

    Fire at Kyoto Animation Studio

    Are you talking about https://twitter.com/jashin_slayer_ ? They've been going around on Twitter laughing at the victims of the fire, calling KyoAni's anime "garbage", and attacking people who are upset about the fire. I've tried reporting him many times and it isn't working. This post was totally not made because I am deeply upset about this person and I am totally not trying to spread more attention in order to get more people to report him. I'm totally not trying my absolute fucking hardest to get him banned from Twitter.
  2. crazyflyingdonut

    Does anyone still even play the easier difficulties on Doom?

    I'm a "Hurt Me Plenty" person. I play on normal difficulty beecause... idk, habit I guess?
  3. crazyflyingdonut

    Quake/Doom/Doom2 made out CARDBOARD

    Is it pure unadulterated cardboard?
  4. In "Sonic For Hire" Season 6 Episode 3 "Streets of Rage", a Ghostbusters car is at the bottom left in the 1:58 timestamp.


    Upon seeing it, I thought to myself: "Hm... maybe I'm fucking retarded, but it kind of looks like the Ghostbusters car from @Scuba Steve's "Ghostbusters Doom" mod. I should probably check the file on SLADE to see anyways."


    After checking it, turns out I was right. Sprite "ECTOA2" of the "Ghostbusters Doom" mod was used in "Sonic For Hire".


    Attached to this post are two photos, one is a SFH screencap, and the other is the sprite used in question, exported as PNG using SLADE.

    Ghostbusters Doom car sprite used in Sonic For Hire.png


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. crazyflyingdonut


      I can't find the credits anywhere!

    3. obake


      Oh dear. I'm sure Steve won't be happy to see his work used without proper crediting.


      Good catch, by the way!

    4. crazyflyingdonut


      Thank you very much for the compliment! ^^

  5. Surely you, , have something better to do with your time than look at my profile, right?

    What could you possibly want from moi? I know you come here sometimes, how am I important to you?


    Having "Recent Profile Visitors" on is a wonderful thing to do, and I am glad I enabled it a while back.


    Imagine the feeling when you're just a nobody and somebody who is on the higher-ups visits your profile on occasion. That's a head-scratcher for me!


    Why do you do it? There are a million more people's profiles you could look at, and out of anyone you could look at, you. choose. me. WHY?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. crazyflyingdonut


      It isn't a symptom of autism. I also have been diagnosed with a whole bunch of other shit that I'd rather not specify. But I say that I'm autistic in public because a lot of my traits are associated with my autism.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Still not a reason to treat yourself like you do

    4. crazyflyingdonut


      You know, the best response I can use for what you said is: "How about you do you, and I do me?".


  7. I don't have 5 million keys on my keyboard! I have enough keybinds to worry about, I shouldn't have to struggle to find a key that I can use for custom commands that only pertain to one mod in particular!

  8. censor censor censor censor censor

  9. What Doom mod is on the background image of your profile?

    1. Chopkinsca


      It's the title screen of Phocas Island 2.

    2. crazyflyingdonut


      Is there an actual map resembling the picture? Or is it a TITLEMAP?

    3. Chopkinsca


      It is just a titlemap.

  10. crazyflyingdonut

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    The clock is ticking... 🕰
  11. crazyflyingdonut

    Fire at Kyoto Animation Studio

    Before I get started with the news, I would just like to say that as a fan of anime and manga myself, I have been crying ever since I heard the news this morning. I can't fucking stop with all the tears and my eyes are as red as a tomato right now. So as many of you may have heard, there was a fire at one of Japan's greatest animation studios today. If you're familiar with such anime as "K-On", "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", "Nichijou", "Lucky Star", or "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid", you'll be familiar with this particular studio. Well, somebody set fire to the studio, causing (as of the time of this writing) 34 deaths and 36 injuries, along with sadness from millions of anime fans across the globe. The perpetrator's motives for causing this horrific act of undeserved terrorism have not been revealed yet (as of the time of this writing).
  12. crazyflyingdonut

    Tim Willits to Leave id Software

    I wonder how many of the id software personnel that joined before John Romero left in 1996 that are still with id software today are left?
  13. crazyflyingdonut

    Cursed Doom Images

    Oh hell no, I wouldn't bang her! I'm not into real-life OR realistic-looking women.
  14. crazyflyingdonut

    How were the audio/sound effects made?

    Can anyone find the specific audio file of the girl that was used for the Arch-Vile?