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  1. For anyone who actually reads my "Activity" page... (hopefully nobody)


    I am very sorry for releasing a shit wad that I only made in a week. The reason for me taking a shit in the /idgames archives is because I had honestly thought that "Building Escape" looked good before I released it. I was, however, gravely mistaken.


    I probably won't be releasing anything ever again, because I have lost confidence in making anything and even if I did try again, even if my next thing were to be good, it wouldn't be good enough to make people forget about the horrible pile of dog shit known as "Building Escape".


    The fact that MY map looks worse than any map from UACMN is horrible. UACMN used to be the worst, but now it's the 2nd worst compared to the abomination I just released recently. That was NOT my intention.


    I honestly don't know if I belong in the Doom community anymore... I still want to be in the Doom community, but I'm sure that people want me out of it because of "Building Escape".


    Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a better day than I do. Honestly, I deserve to have a shitty day after releasing that atrocity.

    1. Misty


      No one will remember your map after few months, as nobody remembers my first mapping tries. They are still here, but nobody gives a shit about them. Just continue where you started and don't let low self esteem to partake you. Everyone has potencial to create something great with time and patience. Just don't give up.