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  1. About 1 year ago (I believe), my mom had to call in pest control. The problem? There were a lot of roaches. TOO MANY. And, we were in for a big surprise. Because it turned out that the wall behind my fridge had an entire breeding ground of roaches, cockroaches, and other disgusting little shits.


    Just imagine it. A bunch of roaches multiplying behind your refrigerator. That's what happened to me.

    1. Rhebiz
    2. crazyflyingdonut


      "Oof" is right! You wouldn't want that happening to your refrigerator!

    3. Rhebiz


      indeed, have never had that happen before, but one time my grandma dropped one oreo on the ground without looking. The next day her kitchen floor was covered in ants and other bugs.

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