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  1. I'm incapable of making my own map... 😢😢😢😭😭😭

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    2. Misty


      Well, some mappers prefer more classic mapping approaches and challenge themselves with things that they have in that format and other mappers want have demo compatibility with their maps. Also UDMF stuff is quite wide and have too many options, so it can be another reason why people choose boom or vanilla/limit removing mapping. 

    3. AD_79


      Donut, you keep saying how you can't map or you're incapable of making something good. You simply need to learn some patience; expecting something good immediately is being unrealistic. If you would seriously like to improve, please stop complaining and just get going with it. Don't make excuses, the learning process involves practice and hard work. Also, drawing skills aren't really relevant here, so I'm not sure why you'd bring that up.

    4. crazyflyingdonut


      I don't know if there's actually a resemblance, but making linedef's remind me of drawing for some reason.