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  1. Something has recently happened in real life, and it affected me on a very personal level. For a little while, I probably won't be posting much of anything. I would very much appreciate it if you guys were to accept my decision. When I'm ready to come back, when I'm motivated to post again, I will be back. But right now, I am very sad and I do not want to take out my sadness on you guys.


    Yours truly, crazyflyingdonut


    P.S.: I know my 18th birthday is in a couple of days (June 11th). You don't have to wish me a "happy birthday" if you don't want to. Hopefully I'll feel better by the time June 11th comes.

    1. crazyflyingdonut


      P.P.S.: Yes, I know what day it is. No, I do not care about it right now.