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  1. Kaos

    Where's VEGA?

    I actually had to rewatch it. He thanks Vega when he inform him the process his complete. I was convinced he was thanking the doom slayer since it happens just when he backs up Vega.
  2. Kaos

    Where's VEGA?

    I'm non sure about Vega. Samuel thanks the doom slayer when he makes a backup but then doesn't take it. I understand he was overexcited about having the crucible, but he doesn't look like the man who forget such important details. Unless he wants the doom slayer to have it. I don't picture the slayer to listen or follow instructions from anyone, so figure he will listen to an AI. Also I'm not sure about Hayden as well. He is a manipulative bastard but surely not the bad guy. He just wanted to resolve the energy crisis but he never wanted the demons to take over.
  3. Kaos

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    He also said a big idiocy, when he said he believed trailers are made by marketers and the designers are unaware of what the marketers put out. Usually there is a process and all market materials need to follow a corporate identity design that is usually approved by exco members and the artistic director. So please don't bullshit around. All marketing materials are strictly following the corporate identity. Second, in the case of doom eternal, the trailers were presented by Hugo and Marty, creative director and executive producer. And you think a creative director and executive producer didn't even take time to look at the thing they're presenting? That a unnamed marketing guy can just slip something so important like the launch trailer at quakecon? I wouldn't even be surprised if they actively decided every second of the trailer. What to show and what not, and approved every second of that. The jokes were there because they wanted them to be there. It's clear they knew what was coming up and discussed that beforehand. Again, I heard the joke, made nothing of it and thought: well I think some people would take it seriously but whatever. I would never ever image all the bloody castle of anti immigration joke that was built afterwards. And the melting pot thing? Well I thought, neat, hell, flames, earth becoming hell, so things melt, yeah why not. I didn't think anything else about it, bit again, I don't live in US so the joke could have go well over my head. Again I'm making nothing of it. The trailer looks awesome, the game looks awesome, I usually don't spend 60-70 USD for a game to buy it at launch but will definitely be mine along the line.
  4. Kaos

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    Doom 2016 tracks were a bit dubsteppy. Not all of them, but the ones with the interrupted riffs have dubstep influences (one is played just when you start the game from the main menu, at the beginning I thought it was something wrong with my sound system). My fav doom soundtrack ever is the one made by Andrew hulshult but doom 2016 soundtrack was decent.
  5. Kaos

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    I had no doubt that mortally challenged line would spark controversy. I also had no doubt it had no political significance whatsoever, that ID didn't put it to offend someone and some people will do anything to get offended and last but not least, some exploitation from the "woke / redpilled" people would happen. Some people can't just enjoy games and need to dig for some political meanings or find a way to bash products because they have some kind of distorted ideal. I find both part involved in the controversy equally obnoxious. The offended at all costs, who will be offended and boycott a game that they weren't interested in or planning to buy in the first place, and their oppositors who literally take a comment from a irrelevant person and mount it to a national case, performing the same kind of exploitation to make people think the game support the same political agenda. The reality probably, is as someone already pointed out, the joke was just a homage to Terry Preachett and it was done without any political meaning. The controversy that sparked just confirm how stupid, daft, ignorant and exploitative the parts involved are.
  6. Kaos

    Hell in Doom Moving Forward

    I did like the hell levels, especially the one with the Titan outside. Great ambience. Also the blood waterfalls are there. Maybe what was missing was the half techno half gothic style of the original doom. Otherwise I think they were quite cool.
  7. Kaos

    "It's too cartoony"

    I would like them to hit the sweet spot. Not silent hill but also not duke nukem.
  8. Kaos

    Is id done with lockdowns?

    One of the downsides of the Arena setup in my opinion is that it makes some weapons less desirable to use. For example the Gatling gun, especially in turret mode, would be good for crown control in restricted areas, for example corridors, but I found it quite useless in arenas, where you need to constantly stay on the move. Same thing for the gauss cannon (one of the weapons I had less fun with) and the scoped assault rifle. I found the super shotgun and the rocket launcher the weapons of choice in such arenas, especially after unlocking the master mode for the SSG (probably it makes it a bit too powerful, being able to basically oneshot 90% of the demons). From the doom eternal gameplay trailer I was impressed by the mechanics of the new weapons, they look more varied and with less chances to become obsolete (I used the pistol only when I run out of ammo in the first levels, after that my main weapon was the shotgun until I found the SSG and the rocket launcher).
  9. Kaos

    Hell Knights have eyes

    I think in the original doom the green blood for the barons was a design choice. The pinkish upper torso with red blood wouldn't be visually striking. So they decided to paint the blood in a complementary color instead and this is why the choose the green colour for blood. Change the colour to red in the two images posted and you will see the colour will not jump to the eye so much.
  10. Kaos

    The story so far

    I think doom 2 enslaved state of icon of sin does in a certain way match the story of doom 2016. Icon of sin isn't a commanding demon, just a tool for the demon forces to further their plan. Also is unclear who are the demons in charge. In doom 2016 there is a voice who order demons and there are forces who strike bargains (the ones who promised Olivia Pierce so much). No one of the standard enemies anyway looks capable of fine commanding or having bargain abilities. Meaning it must be someone who is pulling the strings. The spider mastermind in doom 2016 also looks like is just created by sacrificing Olivia. Looks like in doom deals with the devil always go bad. The wretch get his son turned into icon of sin, Olivia, who probably wished for better functioning legs and a straight spine, get six instead... I read around the thesis of the doom slayer travelling through time and space, meaning he could got back in time to fight alongside the night sentinels, but I'm not a fan of such gimmicks to reconciliate the timelines. Is more probable that at the time the fall of Argent D'nur already happened and doom slayer just meet up with the survivors and help them. He also encounters the wretch, who was betrayed by demons, and he sees the doom slayer as a tool for his vengeance granting him higher powers. Also why the demons are not able to kill the doom slayer but have to seal him? And why Hayden say he is not able to kill him? The pretorian armour albeit described as impenetrable clearly is not, since demons can casually rip the legs off the doom slayer in death sequences.
  11. Kaos

    The story so far

    So can you guys help me here. On Internet several websites recognise the doomslayer as the traitor priest who helped the demons to conquer argent dnur, who want revenge from the demons because they didn't fulfill their part of the bargain and created the icon of sin instead. But I don't think it's correct. I thought the story was more or less like this: Doomguy is on Mars because of insubordination when uac experiment the teleport technology and shit hit the fan. He has no choice but to drive head first into the enemies, liberating first Phobos, then Deimos and after going into hell to stop the invasion by killing the spider mastermind. His efforts are anyway useless, since the demons manage to slip through and invade earth, killing daisy in the process. Doomguy get to earth with a vengeance and after proceeding in the adventure, he manages to kill the icon of sin and stop once and for all the invasion. After this, doom 64 happens, the motherdemon rise from the bombardament that should destroy all the remaining demons and once again it's up to doomguy to resolve the situation. At the end of this adventure he decides to remain in hell to thwart any other invasion attempt. After this we have a sort of discontinuity. Doomguy become involved with the argent dnur guys in same ways and fight along them. There is however a temporal continuum problem, because argent dnur should have been lost at the time, since icon of sin is successive to these events. So the war between hell and argent dnur should have happened even before doom 1. Not really sure what happened here. Did doomguy travel in time or did he fought alongside a resistance force? Eventually when in this dimension, he get his armour upgraded with argent energy and the pretorian armour is born. Doomguy permanence in hell lead to some legendary actions and he became the doom slayer. Demons send everything they got against him but in a epic showdown he manages to kill the Titan, becoming the most fearsome enemy of hell. The hell forces, unable to kill him, are finally able to seal him away in a sarcophagus. Probably the doomslayer in his adventures acquires a sort of immortality since the demons are unable to kill him after the cathedral collapse and need to seal him instead. He probably can regenerate when killed or something like this. Several years later, uac conduct again experiments on Mars, rediscover the teleport technology and use it to reopen a portal to hell. Samuel Hayden manages to leech and control the energy from hell, building the argent tower, and resolving the energy crisis on earth. Everything is fine until the demons see an opportunity and corrupt Olivia Pierce. She does a ritual in the Lazarus lab, in order to open a portal to hell and begin a new invasion. Before this, Samuel Hayden lead some explorations in hell and discover the sarcophagus of the doom slayer. Olivia wants probably to destroy it or return it to hell, but Samuel reminds her everything on Mars is under his control and decide to open the sarcophagus. Olivia actions ritual has also the effect to awake the doom slayer and he is up to kick some demonic asses again. In his new adventure he meets Hayden who has a sort of control to his armour and he is helped by him and the night sentinels, who he is able to free from the torments of hell, in closing the well of souls and once again stop the invasion. After this Hayden, who wants to restore the argent energy production, manages once again to exert his control on the doom slayer armour and take the crucible from him. Hayden say two interesting things there. First one, he is not the villain, meaning he just wants to exploit hell, but he clearly doesn't want a invasion to happen. Second that he can't kill the doom slayer. He just leave him on Mars. He is in the same position of the demons, unable to kill the doom slayer for some reasons he is only able to stop him temporarily. Then we have the doom eternal trailer and things went awry, with the demons again invading the earth and we have clearly a faction who is cooperating with the demons and one opposing them. I'm not sure what Hayden did here, but he's probably opposing the demons again, since the uac is clearly fighting the demons. Which ones are your theories and how do you piece what happens between doom 64 and doom 2016?
  12. I think having some lore is interesting and the way they did it, without lengthy dialogs and cutscenes was the right way to do it. You can read everything or just ignore everything without any consequence. On the subject of "a story in my doom" I say that Tom hall did write a story. Then Carmack decided to completely strip the game of it. Doom 2016 did take several elements from Tom Hall original idea, so it's the kind of Doom the original game designer evinsioned. I'm happy about the idea of doomniverse as long as remain something on the side and still a bit obfuscated, without too clear references. A bit like dark souls lore, it's there but never completely explained.
  13. Kaos

    Is id done with lockdowns?

    The size of the maps and the way they're divided in sectors, make me think of a sort of "node map" with areas loaded separately. It can be possible that to proceed to the next sector you need to kill a certain amount of baddies, but in general looks like the level flowed better without forced arenas with telegraphed encounters. Still Marthy and Hugo were speaking about "less exciting sections" in one of the interviews when they said invasions would make such sections more exciting. Not sure how this fill unfold.
  14. Kaos

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    I think scary is a concept changing with the historical background. We can't understand why, back in the day, a movie with a ridiculous monster that is clearly a man with a ridiculous costume could be considered scary. If we look back at horror / ghost stories of the 60, we wouldn't find them much scary. Horror is usually cheap and cheesy. But some of the stuff are scary after years or decades. Lovecraft stories are still disquieting, because they don't belong to the horror genre but mostly to the weird genre (take a look at the weird anthology assembled by Jeff VanderMeer if you want to read some of the best weird). So horror has an expire date unfortunately. Today horror isn't monsters, but psichological horror. Also most of the horror feeling come from the unknown. Meaning that after the first gameplay, the horror game will lose of the main disquieting factors. Horror experience is much caused by the unexpected. I was playing recently layers of fear, one of the most disturbing things is the ever changing architecture. You get to visit your house before the game start, in a normal environment. Then you move in this mansion that in a way expand. You get to go back to the same room after each chapter but every time you explore the house is different. And this is really disquieting. Ok enough of intro. I played doom when I got my first pc, a 486, and having heard of this game I had to get it. Parents weren't too concerned about ratings at the time and my father did buy it for me (and I think he was interested in it, bit he never played this kind of games, I think he didn't like the player motion, at the time doom sickness was a thing, and playing the game for long would cause that). From the privilege point of someone who played the game before its expiring date I can say that yes, it was somewhat disturbing. Especially the second and third chapter levels. Main highlights, the mangled corpses hanged on the roof who turn to follow the character and the face walls in hell. At the time, doom took inspiration from things like hellraiser, and did hit people imagination. Look at the imp design, resembling a bit pinhead, or the pinkie demon, looking like the machinist. And the cyber demon, humongous and lethal. And before it, no game was as much violent and realistic as doom, infact when it came out it caused quite the outrage. Also during the nineties the occult / satanic theme was very felt, at least in Europe. In 1998 we had the first of a serie of satanic homicide, when a couple was killed by a sect called beast of Satan in Italy. Their activities will span until the 2004, when they get arrested. When Romero did his famous backward registration of his famous icon of sin speech, more then one person exchanged that for a satanic message. Playing doom now, where the conception of horror changed from a "materialistic" point of view (monsters, demons, assassins) to a more "psichological" point of view is of course a bit underwhelming, because it lacks the historical background and it has technical limitations. But at the time it come out it was, if not a horror game, at least disturbing.
  15. Kaos

    The "BUT" Thread

    I'm not so fond of the new legacy art style but... In doom 2016 I had some issues in immediately distinguish the pick ups. Stimpacks from medipacks and plasma cells. They had a uniformity that was worrying, in terms of colors and design. I wish for a middle ground where health is immediately recognizable (not bluish like 3000 other pick ups) but without the weird super retro style that, in my opinion, just clash with the hyper futuristic look of the game. Enemy design... I did like doom 16 design and some redesigns, like the mancubus, look a bit like, we want to emulate the original but with a result that isn't too incredible. Enemies looks grotesque instead of disturbing like in the original doom. I can tolerate the "stupid" look of cacodemons and pain elemental but I wish the other bad guys to be more spooky if not downright terrifying.