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  1. Ehy there, I found this in one of the boxes of old stuff. It's the original complete version of doom, dated in 1993 but it comes through a Italian distributor. The labels on the disks are blue instead of red and the manual is not the English one but a Italian translation. Does it have any value?
  2. Kaos

    Eternal at The Game Awards.

    No, they look at sales to measure success. The aim is to make money, whatever critics did like it or not. Eventually I hope they will review the difficulty levels names and rename IMTYTD game journos instead so it's clear to them what they're supposed to play at.
  3. Kaos

    Eternal at The Game Awards.

    Immediate GOTY.
  4. Kaos

    Eternal at The Game Awards.

    And this is why we well know that TLOU was going to receive all the awards.
  5. Kaos

    Eternal at The Game Awards.

    I see, unfortunately I'm not a person that plays extensively this kind of games, so I wouldn't be able to answer your question. I can think of F.E.A.R and of course, back in the days, Hexen that has weapons tailored to fight specific monsters better (but not one shot them) and needed a weapon swap since the quantity of mana (ammo) present in the game was indeed scarce. Surely Doom Eternal did not invent the wheel. Maybe it reinvented it, but after all is the same concept we know from ages.
  6. Kaos

    Eternal at The Game Awards.

    The definition "arena fps" usually indicates multiplayer shooters like Quake Champions or Unreal tournament. Are we on the same page here?
  7. Kaos

    Eternal at The Game Awards.

    I think it's ok. Doom Eternal can be the holy grail for doom players (eventually maybe an exaggeration, but a pretty good single player technical shooter) but is not too accessible to the standard audience and of course not innovative at all (it's the doom 2016 formula with improvements). I think we unpacked it enough in other threads, it offers a phenomenal gunplay and music score, a engine pushing any hardware to his very limit with no frame rate cap, but when it comes to atmosphere, story and exposition it is lacking. It's made to appeal a doom audience, but not the all audience, and I think it's perfectly fine. Otherwise it would appeal a wider audience but not the core doom audience.
  8. Kaos

    Sandy Peterson Reacts to Doom Eternal

    It depends from the game and suits equipped. In super Mario U, 3dworld and odyssey he definitely can.
  9. I don't think we are hitting the nail on the head here. Me and other players who prefer doom 2016 prefer it for the way the story is narrated and his look and feel. Most of players praised the changes in the combat style, so I'm not sure why we are even going there. Then some said some fights feel a bit too much, I can relate because some moments are frustrating, but also this is why there is a sliding scale of difficulty. I think ID come with the right decision. UV is the hard difficulty, not the norm. And a average player will need to put some effort into it. But is doable. You can go in a boss fight, take like 5/6 attempts (sometimes more) and eventually come on top. Nightmare is the hardcore difficulty and push the bar far more up. Still look on YouTube, there are players literally breezing trough it. Ultra nightmare is for them (and they do fail runs believe me, if you follow some of the top on twitch you can see before having that perfect run they fail a lot). The main point is, why the story had to be warped so much? It feels it lends more on fantasy than sci fi and to me it does not feel right. From the premises of 2016 there are too many loopholes and things I can't really get behind. On the other side I appreciate the fact he goes back to a colourful world depiction where there are not only shade of greys, where hellish landscapes are more creatively created and they have a organic feeling that resembles classic doom, even if they don't reach the perfect fusion of tech and hellish of classic doom. Then there are the floating page issue. In doom 2016 I appreciated the slayer testament narrated with a ominous voice, and that lines become a legendary meme, meaning how much people did enjoy that. And you still had logs, in that case in the forms of tablets that is more acceptable than floating pages. I don't hate the concept. In eternal it works I think, because eternal has a "cool down" section in the fortress. When you are there you can chill, open your interface and read all the stuff, assign upgrades, look at Easter eggs and so on. It's the chill section, where you can absorb information or go down the basement and try a couple of strategies and weapon mods. Doom 2016 was a journey without respite, where the rhythm don't change. In doom eternal you have sections where the game cool down a bit and stop throwing stuff at you, but since the combat is much more brutal, it wasn't really able to keep that for the all game without exhausting players. But also Doom 2016 was more compelling and always pushing you to see how it ends, is a journey that has a start and reach a end and does this in a way we are familiar with (starting from Mars and ending in hell). Eternal does give us scope, but it's more confused in the journey development, sending us on earth then on sentinel prime and to hell is a very fragmented way where the continuous is broken and the collant that is supposed to keep the journey together is simply not there. I believe no one wants a doom 2016 part 2, but a doom eternal with a 2016 feeling would have been much more appreciated. For me was the perfect balance of arcade elements and immersion. Maybe doom eternal look is more faithful to the classic game, but the classic game was bounded by technical limitations that are no longer there, this was understood and revamped in 2016. Also I believe there is a misconception that stuff like evilution or Deus Vult or other siege maps represent classic doom, while we should look at knee deep in the dead, the shores of hell and inferno instead of other wads.
  10. It could be he destroyed the father life sphere as a sort of insurance should he fail to destroy the dark lord. Who else could replicate the slayer feat to gain access to the sphere? Of course the dark lord. So of the dark lord win he could not kill the father anymore. But if the dark lord win, it's highly unlikely the father would make a difference in his current state.
  11. I am making a doom run with the Keep the Dead mod, and come across the bugged rune trial in argent tower. I passed it with the solution proposed by knightmare (set the persistence of the bodies low, so other monsters can spawn) and was able to finish it. However, once completed the trial, I had the doubt that the game difficulty could be considerably lower because the monsters spawning are less than what I am supposed to get. Can this be confirmed or not? I feel like I'm breezing trough the game (at UV), even if it could be that after playing doom eternal, doom 2016 can be considered quite easier.
  12. There is a lot when you narrate a story, that has to do with suspension of disbelief. Suspension of disbelief is a voluntary act by the beholder to dismiss some points in order to enjoy the story. So of course in doom 2016 there are several arcade components and of course the story is completely invented, but the beholder can overcome these points. Hayden is a men that was dying of cancer and managed to transfer his mind on a robotic body? Cool. But also Hayden is now a angel and he did a bunch of stuff because reasons then he got into a man body just because, and then he got into a robot body and then back into the angel body and then Hayden was the demons... Just LOL. The level of narration in doom eternal reach here the sublime levels of repercussion of evil. To make a example, to me looks like doom 2016 was what Tom hall would have envisioned for doom, doom eternal sounds like Romero took over shouting "I'm gonna make you my bitch" (not that I hate Romero, he's a cool guy). Doom 2016 wasn't for sure the masterpiece of narration, but was telling the story in a way more elegant way.
  13. Honestly speaking, I agree with TheMagicMushroom. How can anyone with a straight face say that doom eternal levels have a high level on environmental storytelling when they are so arcade that even present super mario like sections? Doom 2016 had levels made with a purpose, that was recreating a credible environment. Argent tower is one of my favorite, because you do climb this thing in an arcadey way, but you can feel it has another purpose apart serving as exciting level for a game. Doom Eternal levels have no other purpose apart of being levels for a game (apart maybe Arc Complex and few others). The presence of the mario style fireball obstacles, the obviously placed monkey bars were they do not have any other reasons to exist than be there to facilitate the level navigation, the pillars of meat in gore nest, the extra lives... All these elements make it cleat you are in a game and you're playing a game. Doom 2016 was still more arcade (luckily) than any CoD, but had a more subtle way of communicating it. You can look at a doom level and say "this is just a game level", you can look at a doom 2016 level and see a story and a structure that could be credible outside of the game itself. Maybe this approach is more true to the 1993 classic (in style, not in intentions) but preferring one or another style is just a subjective matter. For me, it's doom 2016.
  14. I believe the theory of "two of the same whole" is becoming more consistent (unfortunately).The doom slayer being Davoth would even explain why he destroys the father life sphere, he has for the father the same kind of resentment Davoth hold. The Slayer endgame would be harvest Davoth essence and become the pinnacle of both demons and Makyrs maybe to save both or maybe to destroy both and let instead humans to thrive. Eventually I still prefer the more "down to earth" doom 2016 storyline.
  15. I was thinking something ever more subtle. Two players "queue" in the final boss screen (but they don't know, since it's just a loading screen) and then they're just pitched vs each other each one thinking he is fighting the boss of his own game. To make it "fair" players who play on nightmare will be pitched with players playing at the same difficulty. Of course this will work at launch, since you can expect several players to play and reach the level more or less at the same time, but once the player base thins the queue time will become too long. It would make a interesting experiment.