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    DOOM and WH40K

    Greetings, I know I'm completely new here having just now finished creating my account, although I've lurked and looked at a number of map and gameplay mods and have been playing DOOM in some form or another for as long as I can remember. There are incredibly talented modders, and phenominal mods, but I can't help but wonder. How is it there isn't a Warhammer 40K DOOM gameplay mod yet? You already have the look and feel of Warhammer in vanilla DOOM, all that is missing is a properly inserted Bolter and Chainsword to wreck Chaos... I mean Demon scum with. "Shut up and do it yourself Osmium!!!" I'd fricking love to do something like this, but I do have two issues. 1. I am not good at technical anything, I rely on my local pc shop to keep my rig maintained and my only solution to fixing Any kind of technical device is to punch, kick and then punch it some more (and occasionally throwing it, as hard as I can, against a wall). And am already incredibly happy and proud of myself if I can just get a megawad and gameplay mod running. 2. I am swamped in work having to get up at 5 or 6 AM and not being done with work and other chores until like 9 PM where I'm happy to just get half an hour of DOOM or something else in before I go off to bed and start the shitty day over again. If I find myself in a future place were I have time to learn how to make a gameplay mod like this, I'd still love to attempt it, although no doubt there are much more suitable skilled people then myself who could pull this off. I'm not asking anybody to make a Warhammer mod for me, I'm merely here to throw in the idea of how ridiculously well suited and incredibly awesome such a mod could be. Who knows, in a few years we might see a 40K mod done by myself or somebody else who really digs the thought of such a mod too.