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  1. riscoloco

    That Old Serpent

    Not Bad thanks for sharing maybe some ammo pickups in the big outside area are needed.
  2. riscoloco

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    Just finished E1 nice set of levels that last level though just branched off in too many different diretions and rooms for me but thats just my opinion looking forward to E2.
  3. riscoloco

    My 3rd WAD

    Just finished and that was one hell of a ride love your map design kept me checking every nook and cranny for ambushes great enemy positioning aswell looking forward to playing whatever you bring next thanks for sharing.
  4. Not bad little set of levels but for all the pickups there is and unused space on these maps there needs to be alot more mobs.
  5. riscoloco

    Deimos: The Damned Moon

    Hi just finished my playthrough of both phobos and deimos and had a lot of fun great maps only thing that went wrong for me was i got stuck in tower after killing rocket man nothing happened.
  6. riscoloco


    Thanks for sharing just finished the map one thing i noticed when u fight the boss at the end i fell off and into the lava and it does no damage and couldnt find a way to get back up without noclip/loading.
  7. riscoloco

    New single level wad: Phobos Abandoned Outpost

    Nice map good job :)
  8. riscoloco

    An adventure game fan's first DOOM WAD - "One of Those Days"

    Just finished my playthrough i liked the story between levels sewer level was my favourite pretty much killed everything on the levels apart from the back to earth level that was huge and the monsters were dotted around to far apart for me to care about killing them all but thats just me.thanks for sharing and looking forward to what you make next.
  9. riscoloco

    Verdant Citadel

    WOW! This was so good very nice level design took me around 45mins loved every second of it.
  10. riscoloco

    Faithless - a Heretic hub [FINAL]

    Thanks for sharing my first time with heretic not played the original levels yet but an enjoyable time spent on this also good job with the walkthrough i needed to look at it once or twice.
  11. riscoloco

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    Great map!! Thanks for sharing.
  12. riscoloco

    Innocence X3 - Released Now on Idgames!

    Sorry dad!!
  13. riscoloco

    Innocence X3 - Released Now on Idgames!

    Hi could you put links to the other maps in x series in your post thanks.