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  1. Dear Hoplite

    Complete iwad list

    I must have misread then my bad.
  2. Dear Hoplite

    What do you think DoomGuy couldn't win against?

    Heretic style fall damage
  3. Dear Hoplite

    Complete iwad list

    Chex Quest 2 is a PWAD
  4. Dear Hoplite

    So how come a lot of music and games suck now?

    Fallout 4, Doom 2k16, Starfield (soon), Doom Eternal (Soon), Quake Champions, Unreal Tournament If we wanna stretch back to the PS3 Oblivion, Skyrim, New Vegas, Fallout 3, Borderlands, Mercenaries, Black Ops, Modern Warfare We've got plenty of good games.
  5. Dear Hoplite

    Infinite Revenants

    I'll get you guys a video ASAP
  6. Dear Hoplite

    Dung beetles

    I-is this seriously a post about beetles?
  7. Dear Hoplite

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    Okay so you know Halo 1's deathmatch? Yeah pretty much that.
  8. Dear Hoplite

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    Pretty much the majority or Doom 2
  9. Oh please you guys will figure something out. I'm referring to bland IoS maps. There was one map that had an IoS who didn't even do anything
  10. Boss fights where you're shooting a wall
  11. Dear Hoplite

    Infinite Revenants

    The amount of spawners means it's not waves literally every time you kill one, another spawns. It's infinite I used 6 custom encounters, 4 group encounters, and 8 single encounters.
  12. Dear Hoplite

    Infinite Revenants

    We all remember 200,000 Revenants. It was glorious. But using a combination of varius encounter logics in snapmap, I managed to create infinite Revenants. Couple this with a demon rune, and you have infinity + 1 Revenants, thus beating Marphy's count by, well, infinity. As soon as I get PS Plus, I will release Revenant Party so that's something to look forward to
  13. Dear Hoplite


    Yes but the creators released both itssource code and the tools used to work with it about 2 years after it was released. And honestly? It's not just coder porn, it's pretty easy on the eyes even after 14 years
  14. I'd rather not watch Europeans become extinct on Doomworld please for the love of god protest peacefully
  15. Dear Hoplite


    So I found this interesting little game called .kkrieger While it's highly limited, the file size is only 98 kilobytes and filled with the potential for a fun shooter if it was handled properly. I think this would open up to some interesting modding possibilities and wanted to let you guys know. The game itself is pretty boring, just a generic linear bughunt, but I'm sure that you guys can come up with something beautiful with it! kkrieger.zip