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Dear Hoplite

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  1. Dear Hoplite

    What are you playing now?

    The Current Version of Extermination Day I'm nearing Behind Hellish Lines, running Project Brutality 2.0
  2. Dear Hoplite

    Renaming The Baddies

    I honestly think a few of the creatures in Freedoom need renaming. The Flame bringer could be called the Pryo Iconoclast for example. It sounds much better than flame bringer. If anyone else has ideas, drop em here. Maybe the devs will see this!
  3. Dear Hoplite

    Potential Shotgun Edits

    I was playing Freedoom earlier, and it occurred to me The shotgun looks kinda weird. I love the general look when you chamber the next shell, but it's idle appearance looks REALLY weird. Could it be possible for someone here to maybe add a holographic sight or something onto it to give it some detail?
  4. Dear Hoplite

    Freedoom Inspired Novel

    Not exactly. Aliens was about a colony that ended up as xenomorph fodder so some company could profit My novel is more about established planets falling and being reclaimed from an endless tide of aliens. Less Alien more Halo, as much as I hate saying that. Sure! Freedoom could happen as this is happening, but you'd need to potentially incorporate one of the companies in my book (Polaric Energy Co.)
  5. Dear Hoplite

    What possibly has happened to the Marine after the events of the game?

    I might be late but with the combat potential of that Marine and the things he saw, he'd probably be handed a few golden keys. He knows more than any scientist ever did. The UAC would pay him well for information and he would have probably been stationed at an important laboratory to make sure things don't go wrong
  6. Dear Hoplite

    Haaslok's Art Thread

    Honestly I personally love the alien storyline and wish Horizon wasn't as hellish. This might just be me, but the biggest appeal to Freedoom imo is the aliens. I get enough demons. We all do. By now we've reduced every cyberdemon on Mars, Earth, and in hell to a fine red paste. Freedoom offered something different for people to work with and create. And honestly, most alien games out there are either XCOM or bug hunts. Freedoom was fairly original with the atmosphere too. If we go to "cyberspace demons" the atmosphere the project instills will be replaced with about as much seriousness as Chex Quest or H Doom Sincerely, someone who's beat both phases and loved them more than the actual Doom games
  7. Dear Hoplite

    Freedoom Inspired Novel

    I was going to put 4-6 human characters in it and focus on what happened to worlds the aliens destroyed (I got a big alien vibe rather than demon vibe). I also have a name set up for the numerous horde of monstrosities you face in Freedoom (The Oq'ohx) The humans (and one Android) would be Rangers who go about reclaiming planets for humanity
  8. Dear Hoplite

    Freedoom Inspired Novel

    I was working on a novel that potentially took place in the universe Freedoom does, or is at least heavily inspired by it. I wanted to know if that was cool with y'all?