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  1. bj25x

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    The Slayer’s club just posted the #1 innovation of Doom ‘93 was... Deathmatch! 🤦🏼‍♂️
  2. bj25x

    Multiplayer Petition

    [delete post]
  3. bj25x

    The new GUI...

    Nitpicking stuff. The only reason people are complaining about a damn HUD is because they aren’t actually playing the game. I didn’t even see the HUD during the live reveal, because I was too busy LOOKING AT THE AMAZING CARNAGE BEHIND IT. I think it’s easier to see than the last HUD, which had meaningless little tiny symbols you couldn’t differentiate at a quick glance. How many of you couldn’t quickly tell which weapon mod was equipped and had to test fire? Or accidentally threw out a damn hologram instead of a grenade? (Sure, it’s probably just because I suck). New HUD isn’t that bad, just relax. One hands-on reviewer played the game and says it’s not even a point to complain about, it just works. I do agree it could be getting too Arcade-y with floating Perk coins and floating, spinning, green-highlighted weapon pickups, but hopefully that’s just for the demo. The real crime is no Deathmatch in MP...
  4. Dude, I dig the enthusiasm. It’s funny how they “threw it together at the last minute” with 2016’s lore, but dammit if they didn’t strike gold. It’s awesome stuff. I’m stoked the Eternal collector’s edition comes with an official lore book, I already have mine on order. In one interview at E3, Hugo directly said the answer to whether the Slayer is Doom Guy from the original games will be answered. I don’t particularly want Heaven to become the enemy, but if it’s the Seraphim that is talking and who’s pictured on the mural, him/it whatever being rogue from heaven works fine. It’s interesting the Marauder is shown in Sentinel Prime, perhaps tasked by the Seraphim to stop the Slayer? So many questions.... could go a lot of ways, but I can’t wait to find out!
  5. bj25x

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Bring MP back! Deathmatch with loadouts and Arena mode with no loadouts, something for everyone. I personally like loadouts, as soon as you spawn you’re ready to smash, it’s glorious.
  6. bj25x

    Battle mode Trailer

    Hate it. We need to campaign for them to put regular MP back in. 2016 was really good and I still play it. Especially after they revamped the hacks and all that, the maps they released later on... it is damn good! Love the player customization and the map designs... a lot of verticality... feels like a fighter jet sometimes. It definitely took me a while to get good at it, learning how to quickly switch between weapons to kill faster... there’s nothing better than a static rifle + shotgun + glory kill three hit kill! Bring it back!!
  7. bj25x

    E3 2019 Impressions

    My guess is the floating question marks are just place holders for the real secrets.
  8. bj25x

    no pistol?

    One of the journalists who played the game at E3 wrote he had to use the pistol because ammo was scarce for the other weapons... so it’s there, just wonder why it’s not in the wheel.
  9. bj25x

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    Regarding your last point, I think they know exactly what people liked about DOOM 2016 and are doubling down big time for Eternal. I think it’s going to be incredible.
  10. bj25x

    Should secret levels make a return?

    I think they are going to focus on single player DLC content after the initial release, like a continuation of the story. I prefer that to secret maps if they have to choose between the two.
  11. bj25x

    Potato's Eternal Gameplay Analysis

    Read somewhere that it might say “Cyborg”
  12. bj25x

    Extra lives

    Looks like it works the same as the Saving Throw rune from 2016... if you have an extra life and your health goes to zero, the screen goes gray, you are invulnerable for a few seconds and your health refills, so you just keep playing. You can clearly see this from the GDC gameplay footage when the player should have died while jumping over the arachnotron. The screen says “extra life activated.” If your health goes to zero and you have no extra lives, you restart at the last checkpoint, same as 2016 (except Ultra Nightmare of course). There’s an interview somewhere on Youtube of Marty Stratton saying this, and that they didn’t want people to have to restart at checkpoints as often. Not sure if you can choose not to use an extra life though...
  13. bj25x

    Doom Eternal Pred-shoulder Cannon

    It’s purpose is to use equipment without lowering your gun... just speeds up the action, which is usually a good thing. And the arm bayonet looks like it is only used in glory kills, which we already had. So it’s basically just a different visual effect for the glory kill, not more powerful. I suppose the flamethrower could be considered more powerful than any equipment from 2016, but whatever, it looks awesome. Just cooks the flesh for better ripping and tearing! (Can we glory kill a burning demon???? Or chainsaw one?? Oh, the possibilities....)
  14. bj25x

    Anyone else feels the VX is worse?

    Game is still in development, have faith.