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  1. bj25x

    "The Art of Doom Eternal" preview

    The articles says: “Inside, avid gamers will discover an immersive realm of hardcore sci-fi invention, saturating readers with the hellish invasion of Earth, the cultist UAC facilities, Night Sentinels, the ancient race of beast-like machines known as the Doom Slayers, and countless never-seen destinations in the Doom Universe, including the Slayer's own home world.” Whaaaaat?
  2. bj25x

    Quakecon 2019 Marty & Hugo Interview

    There’s some good stuff in these clips: - Invasion is confirmed to still be a thing, and the demons you invade as may depend on the map. The demons will function like they do in Battlemode except won’t be able to spawn AI demons. - Ultra Nightmare will be back, but when discussing that they say other modes too, and it sounds like they say there’s an extra lives mode. Does that mean the 1Ups are only in that mode and not on every difficulty? - The Codex won’t have as many entries as 2016 but the stuff we do get in it will be more focused/relevant to the missions in the campaign.
  3. bj25x

    You should DIE if you fall off the world.

    Unless they’ve said in an interview that you won’t die from falling in the final game, I think it was just for the demo. You get thirty minutes to play it and the level is pretty big, so it would be super frustrating if you spent your whole time loading checkpoints after falling. I only fell once, so it’s not that the platforming is unstable. I just think the Slayer should auto grapple the wall every time and not have to press the melee button. There’s also a tutorial at the beginning of the demo to get you up to speed quickly, which I doubt will be in the final version.
  4. bj25x

    My feelings on DOOM Eternal in London

    There is a post on reddit where a guy claims he asked Hugo and Marty directly about the speed after playing the demo. According to him, they said the speed is EXACTLY the same as 2016. So yeah, I’m thinking the FOV will improve it. But, I also wouldn’t mind if they sped him up just a bit from 2016’s speed...
  5. bj25x

    My feelings on DOOM Eternal in London

    I played the demo twice this weekend at QuakeCon Dallas. And like you, I went there specifically for Eternal. While I agree with some of your points, I had a much better final impression. Immediately after the first play through I did think the Slayer was a bit too slow during normal walking speed, and I think the dash actually exacerbates this feeling. And I agree with the grenade launcher feeling underwhelming and the flame belch needing to actually damage a demon, but these things can easily be improved. The second play through actually felt much better for me. It does get hectic with all of those little bastards coming at you from every side, but I definitely would not call it “damningly frustrating,” and I am definitely keeping my pre order. That sucks it burned you so bad! But who knows, maybe it was just a demo made months ago and they will make some tweaks before November 22nd.
  6. bj25x

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    This was a demo made for E3 and QuakeCon back in April, so I don’t think the secrets (floating question marks) are representative of the final game. There were a few I couldn’t find easily. But from what Hugo and Marty said Saturday there will be way more secrets than in 2016. The weapon mod pickups were floating green graphics of the weapon, which I also doubt will be the final version (probably will be more Ike the supply drones from 2016). The pickups are definitely easier to see now that they are brightly lit and color coded.
  7. bj25x

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    I played it twice at QuakeCon and it was great. Didn’t finish it my first time through because I was looking for every secret and door. Second time through I made it to the Slipgate ending, but sadly no Tyrant was waiting for me. - The HUD is not intrusive at all, and was helpful when I needed to glance at it quickly for info, which is what a HUD is supposed to do. I would love it if people would shut up about how much they don’t like it when they haven’t played it yet. Plus the devs said it’s already been iterated on since this demo was made in April, and it’ll be customizable for turning features on/off and adjusting brightness/opacity... - The Hell Knight is way tougher than 2016. He probably gave me the most trouble in the demo because I went at him like I would in 2016 but he didn’t go down as easy. - The wall climbing is tricky... if you jump at a wall you have to use the melee button to cling to it, but if you dash at the wall it automatically clings on, so that took a few mistakes to figure out. It should probably auto cling every time you hit it... - The Prowler’s teleportation and the Carcass’ shied walls are awesome additions, and I love these versions of the Arachnotron and Mancubus. The Pain Elemental took a bit to pop out of the sky while the demons on the ground messed me up pretty good... Eternal is way more challenging than 2016 and you see right away what Marty and Hugo mean by the importance of resource management and having more of a battle strategy. It’s pretty damn chaotic... once you zero in on a demon a bunch of other ones are surrounding you and it gets hairy quick. - The weapons feel much improved over 2016, which were already good. The combat shotgun feels stronger, and the assault rifle is way better feeling, especially the sniper mod. And dammit if the meat hook isn’t the sickest mod ever. I’d like to know which dev proposed that idea. It did seem like the SSG reload time took a minute, but hopefully that can be upgraded. The biggest change is the rocket launcher which fires much slower but does a lot more damage. Definitely have to keep the splash damage in mind when using it in close quarters. - Plasma rifle microwave mod is fun as hell but takes a while to finish cooking a demon... I took a lot of damage waiting for them to pop. - I’m not sure how much damage the flame belch actually does and I hope it’s not just used for the armor shards. Watching a demon crumble into a flaming pile of goo would be nice, then shoot the pile for armor! - The shoulder mounted grenade launcher is cool as hell but a little underwhelming when firing... the grenade kind of just plops out a short distance in front of you. It might be better if it looked and launched more like the new combat shotgun sticky bomb, and the combat shotgun kept the 2016 explosive shot, which I loved using. - The map design is epic and stunning. And we only played a few chunks of the full map. Can’t wait to see the final product!
  8. bj25x

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Then they need to bring Champions to consoles.
  9. bj25x

    Stream soon.

    Big difference is Last Jedi sucked balls and Doom 2016 and Eternal fucking rock. It’s completely believable that the evolution of doom guy is the Slayer. Last Jedi was not an evolution, but a complete dick punch against everything that came before.
  10. bj25x

    Combat Shotgun vs. Super Shotgun

    Depends on the situation. Farther away from enemies I’ll launch a combat shotgun explosive shot, but up close I’ll use the SSG. I never use the triple shot mod on the combat shotgun though. In Eternal they are replacing it with a Gatling mod that looks badass.
  11. I’m digging the new UI. I just can’t wait for the game to come out so everyone can stop complaining about it.
  12. bj25x

    QuakeCon 2019 full schedule revealed

    I’ll be there! Anybody else from the Slayers Club RSVP for the “exclusive” event Friday at 7 at QuakeCon?
  13. bj25x

    QuakeCon 2019

    I’ll be there! First time at QuakeCon, should be awesome. Anybody else from the Slayers Club RSVP for the “exclusive” event Friday at 7?
  14. bj25x

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    The Slayer’s club just posted the #1 innovation of Doom ‘93 was... Deathmatch! 🤦🏼‍♂️
  15. bj25x

    Multiplayer Petition

    [delete post]