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  1. pattoni

    Feature Request: Lesser feature idea.

    I was wondering about this very much feature... I used this feature in AutoCAD when i need to rasterize terrain maps. I think this implement could be quite useful, nice idea.
  2. pattoni

    Doom Connector shutting down

    Oh, that's pretty bad... I did not even had the chance to test Doom Connector. If there's something that people usually don't show often is respect and recognition and for that i must support CodeImp for his decision. Anyway, I'm not aware of 1% of what happened. If there's something positive on this matter, is that Doom Builder will get even better. Bad news, but that's life.
  3. pattoni

    Another WAD... Do you really care?

    Thanks for your feedback. The issue about Doom editing (at least for me), is that if you add detail on floor, it becomes tricky to add detail on ceiling and vice-versa. Consider adding some lighting, then it becomes a real nightmare. Anyway, i'll do it. :-) I've been playing those "WADs of the year" for some inspiration and ideas. Some of these WADs are really impressive. My goal is to make an decent WAD using only Doom's II original textures. I'll probably import some of Ultimate Doom's textures and lumps and combine them all together. Unfortunately when the matter are FLATS, we've got a problem here: there are not so many. As far as progress goes, i'll update this post with new screenshots based on some of my ideas and your suggestions. Tchau!
  4. Hi folks, it's been a while... Well, I've been doing some hard disk backup and just found this level I was working on last year (15 months ago to be more precise) when I discovered about Doom Builder (great WAD editor, simply great). If you DO care, then i will continue working in it. Doom editing has always been fun, maybe that's why we still discuss about this 12 year old game. Some screenies... since it's WIP, some of the areas needs more detailling. http://img118.echo.cx/img118/387/collision011wq.jpg http://img118.echo.cx/img118/4990/collision024vh.jpg http://img118.echo.cx/img118/994/collision038st.jpg http://img118.echo.cx/img118/5586/collision049at.jpg Just one more thing, what's worse: my english or my level? Thanks for your (possible) feedback. See ya.
  5. pattoni

    DCK editing

    Ok... but where do I get it? BTW, thanks for the help
  6. pattoni

    DCK editing

    Although I'm pretty sure it has been asked before, I'll do it anyway: 1) Does DCK has ZDoom-Boom support? 2) Can I choose my BSP builder? 3) Can I run Zdoom instead of vanilla Doom in 'Run Map Mode F9'? Thanks
  7. pattoni

    Doom Poster is up for download - link inside

    Thanks Lord FlatHead, but you've posted The Ultimate Doom link, not Doom II - Hell on Earth... Anyway, thanks for the Master Levels link...
  8. pattoni

    Doom trivia

    17 out of 20 ... almost perfect 17 out of 30 ... not good 3dactionplanet needs some maths classes by the way... they've put an image from a n64 marine... bizarre
  9. pattoni

    Doom Poster is up for download - link inside

    Weel, thanks Peter, I'm one of that lucky bastards that work in an office with a giant plotter... it will look awesome in my bedroom! Really Really like it Now, what about the Doom 2 and Doom 2 Master Levels posters? :-) The Final Doom poster would not be worthwhile...
  10. pattoni

    The /newstuff Chronicles #87

  11. pattoni

    doom poster for download - king size :)

    goddamit i want this poster
  12. pattoni

    Original Level Makers

    ok, this might be an easy one... who did the levels from ultimate doom, doom 2 and quake 1? i mean level e1m1 by .... , e2m2 by ... easy , uh?
  13. pattoni

    Another Doom 64 texture question...

    ok, i've never reached the end but it seems reasonable that if they can turn around and so on it would make the work a little bit easier. i suppose they act just like the pc version without rotating. it seems that you have all movements and even the death sequence, but i doubt you can have the 'pain' sequences in 360 degrees... although i've never been through the end, you can tell me... but hey, what about the textures? :-)
  14. pattoni

    Couple of Questions

    DCK for example. You can configure DCK to always merge exact vertexes in it's preferences menu.
  15. pattoni

    Another Doom 64 texture question...

    Really? Which systems???