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  1. hey man, you were asking about height maps/parallax mapping in september with the doom3 textures...i was wondering what pack you were using. thanks.

  2. DarkShroom

    BFG / Exit door source

    wow... amazing, i need two of these, a dremel and some paint
  3. DarkShroom

    scaling textures on models (so they repeat)

    thanks for your attention, upon reflection i figured i was on the way to the answer (i'm learning blender) i found some video and saw you could just "S" for scale on the UV map view, and then hold ctrl down for a grid snap (allowing you to set 4x for example easily).... suddenly it all fell into place, you can drag the UV maps other ways actually to do things like reverse the texture. i think that you can use UV maps to cause scaling AND actually make them render the texture in reverse on one side.... it means really it's entirely forgivable that GZDoom doesn't support this scaling... because it wouldn't even be able to come close to what you can do with editing the UV map. so yeah i wanted to do it in engine, that's pointless now :)
  4. DarkShroom

    scaling textures on models (so they repeat)

    thanks yeah i might try to ask a blender question stack exchange, sorry i just thought there might be a way of scaling it in gzdoom
  5. Hi I was making some models of very primitive shapes, where i am replacing geometry and scenery itself with models. Can i change the texture scaling anyhow on my model AFTER the UV map stuff is done and it's exported from blender etc? It's like i'd like say 4x of this texture to repeat across the slanted roof.... I'm trying to merge my models seamlessly with the surrounding textures. My hack answer at the moment is building giant textures... sure i can make a basic script but i'm ending up with a 512x512 roof texture bulging up to 100KB and imagine maybe the graphics card would prefer it the other way to. Thanks
  6. thanks, it wasn't too clear for me
  7. I have a model now in my game with scaling woot woot, the first thing i was planning to do was replace bits of walls and 3D floors and stuff now i have an object that by default seems to block rockets, bullets seem to travel through it what settings do i need for a solid immovable floor type prop? I've tried: +INVULNERABLE +NOBLOOD +SHOOTABLE gravity 0 i need the object not to fall with the gravity, i want to block bullets.... the problem is my prop is being knocked around by the bullets (actually into the air and floating in this case)
  8. DarkShroom

    model scaling when importing from blender

    sorry closed i found the answer i was following: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=35790 i was downloading the non gzdoom version
  9. I have found a script to export to quake 3 md3 +shaders: Blender 2.6X by Derek McPherson... i am not sure if this is that up to date or not, but i can export blender models to gzdoom with this, including the UV mapping of the texture. however i cannot get the scaling correct... i find yes you need to move the model above the floor plane so it centers at the bottom, but when i multiply my model by say 4 units, it does not line up with the doom units i can get the collision in decorate to work however, the scaling is separate from that so i need to line up the scaling somehow? how do i get it to line up with the doom units so i might make a bridge for example? thanks
  10. DarkShroom

    trying to make a chicken in decorate

    sorry can i also ask then... as i just added the chicken to my decorate (pretty cool for like no work at all) however they're very feisty chickens... which actually is sorta great... however is there any way of making them neutral at all so they don't chase anything? more like wildlife (i was remembering outlaws) it's pretty funny regardless, this is a great source of amusement setting up chicken fights with the friendly AI
  11. DarkShroom

    trying to make a chicken in decorate

    thanks, sorry i missed that... that should be good
  12. i'm having trouble finding a template for the chicken in heretic... but i have taken the frames and want to put it in my Brutal compatible mod is there any sample decorate for a chicken or wildlife about? i can't really inherit here i guess (i'm in Doom2 i am taking the chicken for my wild west theme) i have been googling about and can't find anything... i just need the most basic wildlife template and i have tried the great google edit: i understand i can't inherit the original heretic chicken as i'm not in heretic (i think)? edit2: i just realised i've never played heretic... i didn't realise the chicken was for the player.... so i guess i need a generic dumb wildlife AI of sorts
  13. DarkShroom

    my texture selection has changed in gzdoom builder

    oh right lol, thanks!
  14. DarkShroom

    How does one make high quality sprites

    I personally don't think these sorts of tools are, they're easier for people who don't know the features of their main editor (i have used AESprite and tried a few different ones of these) animation aside perhaps... i use GIMP and I personally don't give a shit about palleted colours... but it supports palette colours, multiple layers for me to seperate the material bits out, it has a pen tool that i can draw pixels with pixel by pixel... it's gimp format is awesome useful for me to save my cut out bits and transparencies etc so i've never tried photoshop, i swear by gimp and like open source.... but that said i'd expect if you actually know how to use photoshop you could do any pixel editing you like no problem i am not into these "deluxe paint was better" style programs I don't do animation but IF I DID.... i'd make a spritesheet, edit this directly and bind a save button in gimp, i'd then use a shortcut to flip to a preview program to watch the animation, i'd just chuck that shit together in love 2d or something but some tool like that must exist for non-programmers (like a sprite sheet preview program) IMO, open source is always better as you can show others how you do things without them forking out money. There's another hot program at the moment for the more arty people called "krita" OFC an artists uses what works for him... i think these onion skin things look like an interesting technique... perhaps there's one reason, good enough, to want one of these tools.
  15. DarkShroom

    What is Doomguy's race?

    yes as everyone seems to have noted except the original thread creator.... he's in HELL... it's RED THERE!