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  1. I do not hate them, it's because they are badly used leaving the levels artificially difficult, like in Plutonia and TNT, for every Cacodemon that you kills, 2 Arch-Villes, 4 Pain Elementals, 8 Chaingunners will appear
  2. I thought this was a commercial for TV lol
  3. Ruisu

    Door Texture Error?

    thanks, now I'll test this
  4. I was in my bed messing around on my cell phone, until I remember a doom commercial for windows 95 (or vice versa) and had Bill Gates. I watched this again and I was laughing like an idiot, someone remembers? And what was you're reaction to seeing? If I make some grammar errors is because im'a Brazilian Link:
  5. Ruisu

    Door Texture Error?

    Hi, I was trying to make a Brazil themed levels, it was everything ok, until I tried to make the door where the player come from, but this happened: if anyone knows how to solve this, I'll be grateful.
  6. I was creating my second map in Doom 2, it was all normal until I tried to play my map, first, it took a long time to finish, second, he was running things from Hexen.wad, third, it simply appears a mistake: "The base skin sprite of player class BaronPlayer exceeds the limits! ". I used Doom Builder and Zandronum, but I think the problem is with the .wad file. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I'll be grateful. If my English is bad, is because im'a brazilian.
  7. Hi, I am a Brazilian player of doom, as usual I always look for players, forums and centers, but I only find dead forums, I wanted to know if anyone here if there is any forum or something, if anyone knows, thanks
  8. Ruisu

    FreeDoom (mobile port) problem

    Hi, I downloaded FreeDoom on my phone, I used FreeDoom source port (GZDoom) to run Doom I and Doom II, but I have a problem, when I play Chex Quest 3, Hexen, Heretic, Blasphemer, among others, the game does not play the IWAD I chose, but runs FreeDoom with the wrong colors (like the Predator's vision). How do I solve this? If my english is bad, is because I'm Brazilian.
  9. Ruisu

    Zandronum is freezing!

    My version is 3.0
  10. Ruisu

    Zandronum is freezing!

    My Zandronum is crashing, both the Zandronum and my computer, no matter the IWAD, I already tested Strife 1 and got caught and froze and Doom 1 happened the same as Strife 1, what do I do? If my English is bad, is because I'm Brazilian.
  11. Ruisu

    Zandronum Hud Problem

    Hi, I had switched from GZDoom to Zandronum, because on my PC Zandronum runs better. One more thing that bothers me is that you can not change the size of the HUD and can not disable some things, look at the screenshots. (in the second image) I just wanted to show the current gun ammo, (in the first image) the HUD is really little. Somebody know some way to edit these things? Oh, if my English is bad, is because I used Google Translate, because im'a brazillian.
  12. Ruisu

    GZDoom to Zandronum

    so, I lost my six saves ;-;
  13. Ruisu

    GZDoom to Zandronum

    I said this because Zandronum runs better on my PC
  14. Ruisu

    GZDoom to Zandronum

    Hi, lately I changed from GZDoom to Zandronum, for performance issues, I was wondering if there is any way to pass the GZDoom saves to Zandronum If my English is bad, that's why I used google translator, because I'm Brazilian.
  15. Ruisu

    Strange Error

    Hello, I was doing a wad, I'm new at creating wads for doom, and I do not know how to explain what happened, so look at the pictures. Ah, im using Doom Builder. If my English is bad, it's because I used google trasnlate, because I'm Brazilian.