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  1. agree also Call of Duty United Offensive campaign >>> Call of Duty 1 campaign
  2. Agree Medal of Honor Allied Assault >>> Call of Duty 1
  3. Agree Brutal Doom is the best and most ambitious Doom mod ever and is only hated because it's too popular and because sergeant mark IV is a dick.
  4. koke

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    all Unreal games are good,except Unreal 2 the awekening.
  5. hey friend,you need to play vampire the masquerade with unnoficial patch: https://www.moddb.com/mods/vtmb-unofficial-patch the original game was left unfinished and bugged
  6. to be honest counter strike 1.6 has a shit weapons balance,if you are a terrorist you either going to buy a ak47 or a awp with deagle as secondary weapon.if you are a counter-terrorist you going to buy a m4a1 or a awp again with deagle as secondary weapon again.Krieg 550 Commando and D3/AU-1 are disable in almost every server but for some reason awp is not.M249 is the most expansive weapon in the game but the accuracy and damage of this weapon is shit. For me this is the biggest flaw in CS 1.6,weapons are terrible unbalanced and almost every server that i have played you already start with 16.000$ which is not bad if your consider the awful weapon balance.
  7. this has been done multiple times in multiple gaming website,what i really wanted to people do is rate all their fps by tiers so i can see how much they praise a specific games compared to others games.
  8. I know,sometimes i used to play in fy_snow killing bots with scout without scope but that guy I was talking about is definitely a hacker.
  9. The good old times of CS 1.6 ! back when someone in a match started killing everyone by headshots with a scout without needing to scope,i was thought:"WOW ! this player is insane !",Not until years later did I realize he just using some shit ass hack.
  10. Call of duty 1 and United Offensive are okay,Call of duty 2 and 4 are very good in my opinion and Call of duty 3 is good too.I hated the PC,PS3,Xbox360 version of Cod World at War ! PS2 version of COD WoW is okay maybe is just nostalgia but i liked it more than the PC version:
  11. koke

    Favorite doom soundtracks?

    i listened to the channel soundtrack..."waiting for romero to play" sounds almost the same,other tracks not so much,especially "Message for the Archvile":
  12. koke

    Favorite doom soundtracks?

    Speaking of doom soundtracks,i have extracted and converted some doom midi tracks to mp3 while keeping the gzdoom soundfont quality,so the tracks sounds more closer to what we listen when we were playing doom with gzdoom:
  13. i have played a bit of stalker shadow of chernobyl and call of pripyat but not enough to rate them,next month i going to try to beat one of the stalker games .
  14. hey dude you made the map E1M6 from HYMN: A Heretic Community Project right ? excelent map ! pls can you tell me what song you used in this map ?

    1. A.Gamma


      Thanks! I have no idea about the track tho. I used to have a folder called MIDIS where I just dumped every MIDI I liked (I eventually organizaded most of it but some tracks eluded me). You could try posting a thread with hopes of someone knowing it.

    2. koke


      I found a way to extract and convert the midi file to mp3,i uploaded the song to youtube here:


      thanks for the reply anyway ! let me know if you remember where you find the original song.


    3. A.Gamma


      No problem, and if will let you know if I manage to find/remember where I got that tune from.