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  1. koke

    The problem with the RTS genre

    by the way that starcraft 1 brood war intro was inspired by this apocalypse now scene
  2. koke

    The problem with the RTS genre

    The cutscenes and the story are the main reasons to play the campaigns,because if i want just gameplay,i would skip the campaign and play skirmish instead.Stacraft 1 missions are a hell of tedious ! i know ! but the cutscenes,soundtrack,atmosphere and story are much better than SC2,just compare both games intros and you will see that SC1 is alot more grim and dark than SC2,SC2 tries too much to be epic,but this shit doens't belong in Starcraft or Diablo universe,this shit belong to the Warcraft universe.
  3. koke

    The problem with the RTS genre

    Anyway,not related to the thread,but today i started playing Starcraft 2 trilogy campaigns for the first time(i'm a fan of the original starcraft campaigns),holy crap ! Starcraft 2 is so boring !!! everything from the cinematics,to the soundtrack,to the voice acting,everything feels like a generic blockbuster movie,SC2 lack of any soul or appeal, really ! feels like World of Warcraft.Now i understand why people hate Diablo 3 so much ! Blizzard nowadays makes every game looking like a generic boring Blockbuster movie to appeal to the masses,fuck them !! I heard SC2 atleast has some good designed single player missions and challenging skirmish against AI,but i don't know if i can stand all the boring bullshit this game throw at my screen !
  4. koke

    The problem with the RTS genre

    The fact is that i can name alot of successful real time strategy games made in modern days: Paradox Games(Grand strategy and RTS),Rimworld,Cities Skylines,Any moba,Battlefeet Gothic:Armada,Men of War,Steel Division,Total War Warhammer,They Are Billions,Wargame...people don't seem to undestand what RTS stand for,so they think Dune 2 clones are what the RTS genre is all about.
  5. The problem with the RTS genre is that people will associate all the RTS genre with only games like age of empires,Starcraft,Command and Conquer,Warcraft and so on...these games are very similiar because they're are in a sub-genre of RTS that never had a name.Take a look at Wolfenstein 3D/DOOM,they are in a FPS sub-genre that is called old-school fps,now take a look at Arma/Battlefield,they are in the military fps sub-genre,they are very different from old-school fps but they are still called as a FPS.Now take a look at Command and Conquer/Starcraft(C&C and Stacraft are to the RTS's what Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM is to FPS's)they are RTS,they are similiar,but people never gave to these games a specific Sub-genre name so they are called just as a RTS,now...take a look at games like Myth,Commandos,Pharaoh,League of Legends,Tropico or Nexus: The Jupiter Incident,would you call these games as RTS's ? because technically they are !! just in a different sub-genre. So...is not the RTS genre that is dying,is the Dune/C&C/Starcraft clones that are rare nowadays just like the Wolfenstein 3d/DOOM clones are rare nowadays.
  6. agree also Call of Duty United Offensive campaign >>> Call of Duty 1 campaign
  7. Agree Medal of Honor Allied Assault >>> Call of Duty 1
  8. Agree Brutal Doom is the best and most ambitious Doom mod ever and is only hated because it's too popular and because sergeant mark IV is a dick.
  9. koke

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    all Unreal games are good,except Unreal 2 the awekening.
  10. hey friend,you need to play vampire the masquerade with unnoficial patch: https://www.moddb.com/mods/vtmb-unofficial-patch the original game was left unfinished and bugged
  11. to be honest counter strike 1.6 has a shit weapons balance,if you are a terrorist you either going to buy a ak47 or a awp with deagle as secondary weapon.if you are a counter-terrorist you going to buy a m4a1 or a awp again with deagle as secondary weapon again.Krieg 550 Commando and D3/AU-1 are disable in almost every server but for some reason awp is not.M249 is the most expansive weapon in the game but the accuracy and damage of this weapon is shit. For me this is the biggest flaw in CS 1.6,weapons are terrible unbalanced and almost every server that i have played you already start with 16.000$ which is not bad if your consider the awful weapon balance.
  12. this has been done multiple times in multiple gaming website,what i really wanted to people do is rate all their fps by tiers so i can see how much they praise a specific games compared to others games.
  13. I know,sometimes i used to play in fy_snow killing bots with scout without scope but that guy I was talking about is definitely a hacker.
  14. The good old times of CS 1.6 ! back when someone in a match started killing everyone by headshots with a scout without needing to scope,i was thought:"WOW ! this player is insane !",Not until years later did I realize he just using some shit ass hack.