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  1. Dyne

    KDiZD is done!

    Some help please, Can someone tell me where the red key is in the third map? I already pressed the button that lowers the forcefield, just can't seem to find the red key chamber. Thanks a lot.
  2. Dyne

    id Tech 5, Still Alive!

    I think the ID demo looks pretty good, but I really hope they aren't making a racing game. It kind of reminds me star wars, I don't know if that's a good thing. Speaking about upcoming good games. Bioshock and QW were mentioned, but Crysis and Assasin's Creed are also looking pretty cool. I will *******ly neef a new pc to play any of these games though=)
  3. Dyne

    KDiZD is done!

    Only in the second map, but enoying KDIZD alot. I really like the 3d map between levels. Cool stuff. These maps look awsome!
  4. I'm dissapointed that rtc-3057 is probably never gonna get finished.
  5. Dyne

    Giant Doomguy Face On A Building

    I think it looks cool, but does the face change? That would look better if the projection changes the doomguy face in the different states.
  6. Dyne

    Double Shotgun Doom?

    This is great news. I also read that quake is being ported. Would be so cool to play doom2 or quake wifi when i'm at work. I hope they add some of the cool ds things like stylus mouse movement and selecting weapons via touch screen. Never know maybe ID them selves will port some of their games to ds.
  7. Dyne

    What main menu selecter pointer is best

    More on the history of the word ciao at : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ciao Have a look at "Usage as greeting" to see how you spell it in different languages. I thought you might find it interesting Craigs=)
  8. Dyne

    What main menu selecter pointer is best

    tchau is portugues.... not italian.... It means the same but you spell it differently.
  9. Dyne

    What main menu selecter pointer is best

    Why do many of you always have to be so negetive? Isn't contructive criticism alot better? Anyway I like the chainsaw better than the rifle and the minigun. As for the interpics, why not use sceenshots from your level or something without the comments (which I don't think are in proper English=)) Tchau
  10. Dyne

    Construction Worker Idea

    Ok I might be drunk weafter watcxhing germany vs argentina, but what the heck are you guys atlking about=)!!!
  11. Dyne

    Gravitation[Needs Betatesters]

    the WIP is just broken, I have't beenable to acces it in about a year or something! It even has a wad i've still not released on it, but i'm still kind of working on... Now that my vacation has started i might just finish it, although I might go to spain fo the vacation. I love making maps for doom, but i love the beach even more=) Tchau!
  12. Dyne

    Wads with the Monster resource

    really nice wad that hell's twisted influence. I like the T&T style!
  13. Dyne

    The /newstuff Chronicles #281

    I don't know what the reviewer's intro was all about, but good reviews. I agree with most of them. I also kind of liked the spire2.wad eventhough it slowsdown my comp at some points.
  14. I'm quite sure you can get the same effect in some way that doesn't make certain areas unplayable. For one do you even go that high in the tower that it needs to be 16000 high?
  15. Why does this map lag so much? My pc should be able to handle it, I think maybe something is wrong with the map. Anyway haven't finished it yet, but I think the map is kind of cool. Good for coop probabably. One this that is anoying, many monsters and being difficult is no problem, but pressing a button and than getting hit from every direction by chaingunners is just stupid.