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  1. AschTheConjurer

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    I checked my post history and I'm 99% sure I haven't reccommendateded something for CACO 2019 yet, so I'm going to be a buttlord and suggest ASHES: 2063's expansion/prologue campaign Dead Man Walking, created by ReformedJoe, despite the thread for it actually having been started on Dec 1st 2018. Original Thread: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=62707 It's gonna be a long while before the full ASHES: 2063 experience comes out and I can nominate that, so Dead Man Walking is what I'm going with instead, because it has fucking amazing atmosphere, intricate but realistic level design, music by PrimEval, some very cool GZD tricks, and it's short enough to not overstay its welcome.
  2. AschTheConjurer

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    The only other person I can think of is 'Kaiser' Villarreal, but he's been responsible for a lot more Strife-wise than just making some maps.
  3. AschTheConjurer

    Faithless - a Heretic hub [FINAL]

  4. AschTheConjurer

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    @Allison Is Livid @Keyboard_Doomer Sorry about the very late reply. Did a level-skip to check them out and it absolutely was MAP31 & MAP32 of TNT Evilution I was thinking of. It wouldn't have even occurred to me it was one of the IWADs, I assumed I was remembering player-made content. Cheers guys.
  5. AschTheConjurer

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I've just been playing EPIC2.WAD, thinking it was a wad I played a few years ago, but have obviously discovered it wasn't what I was thinking of. I don't remember most details of the wad I'm looking for beyond that I'm sure it had a very Egyptian theme (probably including Powerslave/Exhumed textures) and it was a 32-map megawad, but I have very vivid mental images of a couple of levels I remember in particular. I believe my most vivid memory of the WAD was either Map31 or 32: It was essentially divided into 2 halves, the first being a huuuuuge open area with 3 massive buildings floating in some kind of harbour (which may have been the level name, or something similar?), requiring the player to dodge and kill chaingunners, mancubi and revenants patrolling outside each of them while trying to get out of the water and into the buildings. One such building had a claustrophobic mazey 'basement' with muddy water and a number of Archviles, and lots of barrels. After each of the three buildings had been explored, the player proceeded behind the third building(with 3 keys?), opening the way and revealing a rendering exploit had prevented the player from seeing the area behind, which was literally just a wide open Plutonia-esque green area where the player has to survive an ambush by at least two cyberdemons and dozens of monsters of all kinds. At some other point in this WAD, two levels I remember less about are: A literal Mummy/Pharaoh-style Tomb under a pyramid, where the player spawns outside with plenty of supplies, stocks up, and heads on down into the level, culminating in a fight against a cyberdemon in a humongously tall and wide hallway with multiple blind/deaf Arachnotrons on pedestals -- and a level that I'm 90% sure is separate from the one just mentioned, where the theme diverges from Egyptian into strange subterranean caverns, involving a frankly silly amount of backtracking and switch hunting and crossing triggers, but it was the first time I had ever seen someone create convincing-looking curved tunnels in a WAD.
  6. AschTheConjurer

    Wads like don't play with hell??

    Assuming that you're looking for "semi-realistic" artstyle and design in maps: Dark Encounters, which is appropriately brutally hard when played with Project Brutality/Brutal DOOM. The Alfonzone is pretty great too, quite a lot of humor and some very interesting levels. A.L.T. is a wad I haven't played all the way through yet, but It's been a weird experience. It's been interesting exploring the city the wad takes place in, but the very first level starts with you blatantly looking at one of those player-kill-dummy(?) things which is immediately used to sap a big chunk of HP. Going Down has been one of my most enjoyable wads at the moment. The only thing I think i can say without spoiling it is: every level has a different level design/gameplay gimmick. And all you need to do is find the keycard and get back to the elevator, just keep going down. All of the above are mod-compatible with anything, I'm pretty sure. Also PRODOOMER because it's dumb but great
  7. AschTheConjurer

    First Wad: Hell Gate

    I've had a short play on Ultra-Violence. Bout half an hour, up to the Yellow key fight. To sum my negative feelings up on this map in short words, I would say it feels a lot like a slaughtermap that's missing the health and ammo availability to encourage the slaughtermap playstyle. Also TOO MA̞̼̗͇̺̥̮͖N҉̗̬͕̪Y̷̢̻̹͚̟̥̦̳ ̨̯̠͖̬̻̲̙͇͠A̸̪͉͖̺͎̻͇͍͘͠R͓̫C͏̭̗͍͙͇H͇̱͖̀ͅV̺̥̻̞̱̭̞̤̺͡Ḭ̵̶͔͔́L̵̛͇E҉̸̧͈̗̳̦͖̗̲̪͈S̲̺͚̳̤͓͠.̬̪̩̰͈͝͝. and a couple of places where it seems like lava damage is mandatory are both just not nice with the lack of health supplied. However, in terms of actual level geometry, It's interesting. The grating over the lava river you have to drop down confused me for a minute because I always assume that texture is impassable when it's used, but aside from that I'm liking the use of space and even a shootable switch that isn't just for a secret, it's for proper level progression. A couple of the rooms have some nice detail without going overboard, but again, the encounters in them are a bit blergh. Especially with the Mastermind who seems to have to be fought from a doorway. I'll have a bit more of a play of it tomorrow, see if I can finish it, and maybe give a few more thoughts.
  8. AschTheConjurer

    Paradise v2 [FINAL VERSION 8/22/2019]

    This. So much this. I'm going to have to play this even if it doesn't support gameplay and monster mods simply because of guaranteed damage. Few things get me fuming like bad RNG rolls in most other doom mods. Also, once I have a working mouse and keyboard again in a week and don't have to rely on a controller, that instant weapon switching is going to make my jiggly bits wiggle.
  9. AschTheConjurer

    Faithless - a Heretic hub [FINAL]

    A Heretic hub, of all things. That statement just by itself threw me for a loop twice in a handful of words. I haven't actually used GZD 4.0.0 yet, and I'm always hurt for not having any new Heretic maps to play, so I guess this is on the list for later tonight.
  10. AschTheConjurer

    First Wad: Hell Gate

    Looks interesting. I take it since it's your first WAD that it's simply a level pack and doesn't involve any new weapons or monsters? If so, I'll work it into the WADs I'm going through while playing Wild Weasel Presents: TERRORISTS and CJ's Neutronian Chaos
  11. AschTheConjurer

    The Joy of Mapping 6: JOY ETERNAL - RELEASED

    Awwww yiss I have been waiting for ages for another JOYMAPS# to come out. Unfortunately Joymaps5 is broken in newer versions of GZDoom (something about not accepting the MenuHandler class anymore) so this is like my birthday come early.
  12. AschTheConjurer

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    I have a feeling this incoming devil's advocacy will go badly, judging by the 14 pages of fairly unanimous praise, but.... This sprite pack just looks like the artificial sprite smoothing/scaling effect that Doomsday had last time I saw it several years ago, and GZDoom still has, even down to how it makes the edges of the sprites look unnaturally soft and.... just wrong. I suppose the sprites look nicer after they've been touched up after the fact, but I feel like that's cheating, because at that stage you might as well just redo the sprite altogether anyway. I dunno, I guess the purpose of me saying this is to make a public fool out of myself by admitting I don't really see why this is going as far as getting press attention, and why most of this thread seems to think the sprite pack is the second coming of Romero, when all I see is a sprite pack that looks.... weird. I suppose it has something to do with it being a good opportunity to promote whatever new neural net software has helped make it?
  13. AschTheConjurer

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (FINAL version, 12/15/19)

    Well I finally got round to finishing Bury My Heart Knee Deep after getting carried away playing A Robot Named Fight recently. 'S pretty fucking good. It could do with some more texture variance and area theming, depending on how much you're willing to move away from the Techbase look. Could probably also use more of those cool rocket-locked forcefields too, but for the other weapons, and also some more reasons to backtrack - since it's really only for those forcefields right now, which can mostly be got in one sweep once the rocket launcher is available. Maybe a couple more boss-like encounters just before major weapon or item unlocks. The map is a very good proof of concept, and while it would be unrealistic to want it to play just the same as any full metroidvania game, it could still probably use a few elements to encourage players to explore more and to dramatically set up some of the big encounters.
  14. AschTheConjurer

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (FINAL version, 12/15/19)

    That's an.... iiiiiiiiiinteresting way of doing it. But, cool.
  15. AschTheConjurer

    Wads for Lone wolf?

    I can't even remember now, hence my saying that I "heard a rumor". Don't take that as any solid anything. But him taking over BrutalWolfenstein is probably a good thing.