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  1. I have been playing Doom 2016 off a disc on a PS4.  At present I am playing at the third level of difficulty and am at the final exercise in Mission 7.  I have had a recurring problem over a couple of years in playing through the last half of this mission.  Repeatedly I have reached a point as I progressed where I get an error message: CE-34878-0 and the screen freezes.  Playstation suggested that I  contact Bethesda about why this was happening.  Bethesda in response told me told I should contact Playstation,
    Only once did I get a message of disc corruption.  I have tried various remedies when this screen freeze happens.  I have replaced the disc with a new disc a number of times, replaying the game from the start each time because I did not think to try to save my game progress.  Each time the Mission 7 problem recurred, at a further point in the mission.  I sent the console once to Playstation to be repaired.  After that I replayed the game from the beginning.  I got even closer this time to the end of Mission 7 before the problem recurred.  With the assistance of  a Playstation tech I did the Option 7 diagnostic step of a system reinstallation, which eliminates game progress.  I was so excited about getting through to the technician that I forgot to save my game progress on a USB stick before going through Option 7.
    I started the game all over at the higher Level 3 of difficulty.  This time I got all the way through Mission 7 to the last exercise before the screen froze again.  I have resolved to try Option 7 again, but this time I want to save my game progress on a USB stick first.  I downloaded my data on to a USB stick with 16 GB storage capacity.  The two items in my saved data storage downloaded  to the stick were a file labeled "profile" with 10.49 MB and a file with my saved game progress, also 10.49. MB.  I selected both files to be downloaded.   When I put the USB stick in my computer to show the amount of saved data on it, the information I got showed 8402 KB on the USB stick.  I was concerned that I did not have all my saved data from the download on the stick.  I asked a PlayStation tech about this.  She said she could not say anything about the discrepancy between the amount of data showing on my console and the amount on the USB stick because the stick was not PlayStation equipment.  She did say that if I had selected both files for download and followed the system instruction for downloading on to the stick I should be okay and have all my saved data.
    Before trying Option 7, I am thinking about getting a new USB stick and repeating the download process to see how much data shows up this time.  What is your suggestion about what I should do?

  2. I am playing Doom 2016 Mission 6 at the Hurt Me Plenty Level.  I have just completed and reached the checkpoint for the first exercise in the mission, a big battle scenario.  I have played through nearly all of Mission 7 on two previous efforts to get through the game.  (I had to twice discard a game disc because the screen froze at nearly the same point in Mission 7 each time and the game gave me an error message that the disc was damaged corrupted.)  I am using for assistance a YouTube video guide prepared by a gamer identified as Maka91.  On the video he says he is playing at the first level of game difficulty.)  On his video at this point in game he is able to proceed directly through an open gate to a Rune Challenge.  I have not been able to get to the Rune Challenge in my efforts to get through the Mission because, even though I have eliminated all the enemies in the exercise at this point, the gate in front of the Rune Challenge cave remains closed.  The gate remains closed even after I go to a small sarcophagus in a cave at the checkpoint and turn a knob on it, thinking this would unlock the Rune Challenge gate.  I viewed two other YouTube videos of this mission and both of these players had the same problem I did in that they were also unable to get to the Rune Challenge and had to find another way to proceed with the mission.  I used these other videos to proceed with the mission until I was able to catch up to the Maka91 video further on in the mission.  I am therefore able at this point to proceed with the mission but I would like to do the Rune Challenge.  Is there something I am missing that  I could do to be able to get to the Rune Challenge?

  3. I have a problem playing Doom 2016-18 on PS4.  This is the second time I have had the problem.  The first time occurred about halfway through playing Mission 7.  I was playing Doom 2016 until the screen froze and I got a message: An error has occurred in the following application. CE-34878-0.   As instructed,  I checked in two ways to make sure I had received all updates.  The indications I received showed that I had all updates.  The problem persisted. Working  with Playstation, I did a database rebuild, and that did not solve the problem.   Playstation customer support suggested that I delete and reinstall the application.  The problem remained.  I continued to try until the system said that the disc was corrupted.  I purchased a new edition, Doom 2016-18.  I started the game anew and now, having nearly completed Mission 7, the problem has occurred again, with the screen freezing and the same message.  I  keep the power cord for the PS4 connected at all times, so the disc should not be corrupted. I have removed the disc to examine it, and it does not show any damage.  At this point I am trying another database rebuild.  If that does not work, PlayStation tells me that I should get a USB flashdrive to save my game progress and the do a PS4 system reiinstallation to see if that works.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  

  4. I am having some trouble making the jump across the long broken bridge that you need to do to get to the next guardian early in the mission.  I have the double jump function and I am used to using it but for some reason my attempts to get across the gap keep coming up a little bit short.  Miy experience with double jumps in other parts of the game is that by repeated attempts your thumbs find  the exact right rhythm of forward movement and double jumping to get across the gap.  Is that the case here?

  5. I am playing Doom 2016 on Playstation 4, using a disc.  I am in Mission 7 and I have completed the mission through the “Inflight Agility” Rune Challenge.  I begin the next exercise and when I am unsuccessful I immediately get Error Message CD-34878 “An error has occurred in the following application”.  The same thing happens after repeated attempts when I return to the check point and try again.  I went through a diagnostic exercise with a Playstation support person in which I first put the console into Safe Mode and the agent performed an operation and restarted the console.  This did not solve the problem.  I have never had this problem at any other point in the game.  I have never disconnected the power cord while the console is on, so I do not think the disc is damaged.  Have I done something wrong?  Has anyone else had the same problem at any point in the game and if you have, do you have a solution for me?

  6. I am playing Doom 2016/Mission 7 and I accidentally skipped the first rune challenge and gone somewhat past it.  I am still in the "retrieve the yellow access key" challenge, at the tower with the purple supercharge icon at the bottom and the elite guard at the top.  Is there a way that I can now go back to do the first rune challenge in Mission 7 and continue from there without having to restart Mission 7?  I have tried to solve this problem first by clicking on "Rune Trials", but that only lists the trials I have already completed, not the trial I skipped over, "in-flight mobility".  I also clicked on "load from checkpoint", but when I did that I found that my current position is the start of a new check point, so to get back to the run trial I would have to go back past one or more checkpoints that I have already reached.  What is my solution, if any, other than restarting Mission 7?

  7. I am playing Doom 2016/Mission 7 and I accidentally skipped the first rune challenge and gone somewhat past it.  I am still in the "retrieve the yellow access key" challenge, at the tower with the purple supercharge icon at the bottom and the elite guard at the top.  Is there a way that I can now go back to do the first rune challenge in Mission 7 and continue from there without having to restart Mission 7?

  8. I am playing through the seek & destroy rune trial in Mission 6/Kadinghir Sanctum).  I am playing at the Hurt Me Plenty level.  I have made some progress (killing more hell ghosts using the double jump function) but I still have some questions as I try to get through the exercise:


    (1) I find that after I have been playing a session of this exercise for a few minutes, I suddenly find that my avatar is suddenly looking up at the monsters he is trying to kill as though I had pushed the red button to go into a crouch, although I have not.  This restricts my field of vision and my mobility and it is frustrating.  I find that when I take a break and come back, the problem disappears, so maybe it is just my thumbs getting tired and affecting the controller.  Has anyone else had this problem?


    (2) I have not found the blast function of the weapon (discharging while I hold down the left trigger) useful in this exercise, as it appears to waste ammo without doing much to degrade a hell ghost.  Has anyone had a different experience?


    (3) I am looking for suggestions to solve the "run out of ammo" problem.  I had thought the game would award me more ammo after making a glory kill, but this does not appear to be happening.  I am trying to be more sparing with ammo in shooting at monsters to deal with this problem.  Anyone have other ideas?