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  1. Tribal

    ZBoom Community

    You don't need to make a megawad project just to release your maps. You can just release them as single maps. Also, you don't need to combine your new idea with your old map, you can just make a new map with your new idea. Don't make things more complicated. Make two maps, release them as single maps, it's really simple. =D
  2. Since i already played doom/doom2 many times, i'm little tired of the same/original textures... I remember sometime ago, i downloaded a wad that replaced all the textures with hexen2 textures, and it was really cool ( https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=31134 ). It was like playing a whole different game. Are there other projects like this? That replaces the original textures with another ones, giving this new/fresh feeling? I'm not talking about mods that replaces the original textures with HD versions, but something more like this: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=61471
  3. Tribal

    A new mapper has appeared!

    Your work is beautiful! I really loved the white room =D It's nice to see some cool and detailed indoor maps like these (i'm tired of the huge outdoors/open-world maps that people are making these days).
  4. Tribal

    [WAD] Belial's Library - Remastered

    Thank you! =D I'll try that!!
  5. Tribal


    I can't believe this is your first map. It's amazing. The level of detail, the grandness in some sets... it felt like i was playing a Quake's Arcane Dimensions map. And, more important, i never felt lost, wich is super rare in these huge Doom maps. Usually i don't like maps with 200+ enemies because they take too much time to finish, but this one i was capable of finishing it in 30 minutes (more than that i get bored) =D Congratulations! Cathedral is awesome
  6. Tribal

    [WAD] Belial's Library - Remastered

    Hi! I'm stuck in that room from the 6° screenshot. What can i do now? :/
  7. I played this with ZRift mod, and it was awesome! And I loved the secret Quake2 level remake hidden inside the wad! =D Thanks for the jorney!
  8. Tribal

    REFRACTED REALITY (formerly Infinite Void)

    This maps have custom enemies, bosses or weapons? Will i break anything if i play them with my favorites weapons/enemies mods?
  9. Tribal

    Any water/ocean themed wads you know of?

    Under a Freezing Sea has a elaborated underwater section
  10. Tribal

    What do you look for in a Doom map?

    - I hate huge open areas where you can barely see the enemies at the distance - I really like close encounters - I hate maps that don't allows me to jump - I love verticality and different floor levels - I really like maps with different themes, like egyptian, mayan, snow mountains, greek temples, lost churchs, etc. - And more variety of textures, please... I think my three last opinions are a little controversial, but here we go: - The map has to be beatable in 20/30 minutes (more than 30 minutes i will lost my focus and get bored) - I hate slaughter/arena maps - And I also avoid maps with custom enemies/weapons because you can't use your favorite mod of enemies/weapons with it.
  11. Tribal

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    I always though they were fingers, like two hands holding the yellow stone
  12. Tribal

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    Wow! This is pretty awesome!