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Posts posted by Distortionist

  1. 44 minutes ago, MTF Sergeant said:

    @Distortionist A good place to start can be the Everything Else forum. Don't forget to check out the idgames Archive, and other forums, and remember, Doom is AWESOME!

    Sweet I’ll start there. Just downloaded zdaemon and looking for good wads haha


    17 minutes ago, Resigned_34 said:

    How do you plan on actually work on the recording part of this project? Last time I checked, id Tech 6 isn't very flexible when it come to the video making side of things.

    That’s what I’ve been looking into. I’m gonna play around with some settings

  3. Hey all doomers!


    ive had the idea to start a doom machinima channel for awhile now, I think doom 2016 would make for a good series. I’ve got a few storyline ideas I’ve had for awhile now and just haven’t executed any of it yet. I wanna do a RedvsBlue-ish series in the doom universe. 


    If anyone is interested let me know! Gonna start typing up some story ideas this weekend

  4. Hey guys, I’m new to doom world but have been playing Doom since I was a kid! Been playin the hell outta doom mp lately and want to find new doomers to play with! Been thinking of hosting some tourneys and streaming them on my twitch channel. Glad to be here and hope to make some new friends :) 


    rip and tear!