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  1. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Share Your Sprites!

    >ItS KiNdA FeMiNiNw LMAO its masculine, you missed a point
  2. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Share Your Sprites!

    heres a new look i put in
  3. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Share Your Sprites!

  4. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Share Your Sprites!

    heres a WIP of my upcoming weapons and monsters mod dedicated to all series of doom games into all classic look zombieman rifle/marine rifle g36 (doom movie) pdw (doom 3) and machine pistol (combined demios and mike12's into one look) there is more to come now. what you think?
  5. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Anybody want some extra body parts?

    i want cheese on wings
  6. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Share Your Sprites!

    I hate to tell ya, its wip. i take time seriously and stuff, sorry if I explained it
  7. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Share Your Sprites!

    hey guys, i am back and i like to show you my latest peek since i got my ideas based off the doom series i been enjoying for while now
  8. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Post your Doom textures!

    Looks nice and i like your sprites too
  9. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Share Your Sprites!

    Heres what i did and here some credits for who is who
  10. Hello there, your fan follower here~

  11. check out this oc of mine called "Dindu SPider Demon"

  12. hello everyone, I am more welcomed to meet new people in this forum, Call me ThrashFan you can. I like to introduce myself for a bit, I was motivated from the art that ItsNatureToDie, DimosHunter, skelegant, mryayayiffy and joeyTD had put in since i would love to display my art and Franken spriting I put in just to demonstrate my creativity. also, i will be posting full complete stuff after finishing project after project
  13. ThrashMetalFanBert94

    Share Your Sprites!

    hey guys, im new here. i wanna show you my works from what i did, this is an enemy sprite i worked on from the game operation body count, more will be coming soon~
  14. hey guys, i am new here and i am welcome to be part of the doom family and call me bert and nice to meet you all, i am your typical metal fur and a doom fan. even, a franken spriter in general.
    more works will be posted soon~ *wags happy*