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    1. SOSU


      What have i done to you for you to hate me and to wish that i burn in hell? :'(

    2. coolbisondude
  2. coolbisondude

    Doom fan from Japan here?

  3. coolbisondude


    what i've done to deserve this!!! thank you all for hurting my feeling
  4. thank you all for hurting my feeling!!!

  5. coolbisondude


    what the hell is wrong with you ppl???
  6. coolbisondude


    i appreciate your advice but i like to do it in this way thanx all of you
  7. coolbisondude


    thanks for your idea but i'm afraid i can't cause i need more views each video i put!!
  8. coolbisondude


  9. coolbisondude

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    impressive man!! i really like it!!
  10. coolbisondude

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    me too
  11. coolbisondude

    Wolfenstein 3D : The Old School

    fantastic game!!
  12. woow hahahaha try to play this in nightmare mode 😄 😄
  13. just want to say thank you soo much who ever nice to me!! i wont forget this