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  1. @iddq_tea pardon me, I had to leave my slot
  2. can I take the slot 27
  3. didn't forgot about this project so AngryQuilt2v31.zip here's my edit
  4. unfortunately, I unable to finish it in time. oh well, I just gonna leave it as unfinished for now. I'll finish it soon if I can. AngryQuilt2v07.zip
  5. right um, I barely made any progress on my section, and I was kinda busy yesterday. I'll try to finish it if I can, if not then oh well.
  6. hehe it's my turn I'll start after I ate my lunch.
  7. ThatWeNGuy

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    ah shit, I used cheats.
  8. ThatWeNGuy

    Most recent game you finished?

    Katana ZERO, got around finishing it few days ago. It was a great game ngl
  9. ThatWeNGuy

    I want to play and record videos of your WADs!

    Here's a, multi-map wad that I probably didn't update for 7 months. (oh and also my lastest release currently)