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  1. Hi, just came across your first wad post, but didn't want to bump the thread.


    Just wanted to say, I'm very impressed with your first wad! Looks very good and well balanced. I really enjoyed playing it!


    I'm currently working on my first wad and looking around how others are doing. But this is really good! Not sure I can do better.


    Have a nice day!

  2. xxWeNxx

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    The first megawad I played was Sunlust.
  3. xxWeNxx

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    I attempted this, well this is what I got. Map Name: Not So Nukage Tech? Build Time: 30 Minutes Music: Rise of the Triad - Suck This 30min.zip
  4. xxWeNxx

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    Oh yeah, I forget.
  5. xxWeNxx

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    My least favorite weapon is gonna be Fist, it's damage is too low that I rarely ever used fist.
  6. xxWeNxx

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Hopefully you play"test" it.
  7. xxWeNxx

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    My new wad was just released, hopefully you play"test" it.
  8. xxWeNxx

    Blood Base (My Third Wad)

    This is my third wad, dunno what to say. Screenshots: Port Tested on: Chocorenderlimits, Crispy Doom Download: demonuhoh.rar
  9. xxWeNxx

    Nukage Tech (My Second Wad)

    This is my second wad (Nukage Tech), Learned how to make a 3D Bridge in vanilla doom. Story: After killing all the demon in Tech Gate, You find out that there was more demon to kill and the Nukage Tech was invaded... Screenshots: Port Tested on: Chocolate Doom, PrBoom+, ZDOOM, Chocorenderlimits Download: nukagetech.zip
  10. xxWeNxx


    Alright, so I played your wad and this is just a doom2.wad with some edited TITLEPIC and sprites.
  11. xxWeNxx

    What is your favourite episode 1 level?

    Alright, so I choose E1M7
  12. xxWeNxx

    What is your favourite episode 2 level?

    Mostly E2M2
  13. xxWeNxx

    What is your favourite episode 1 level?

    My favorite level of E1 is gonna be E1M3 and E1M7.