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Mushes shitty wads

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  1. Mushes shitty wads

    MooM IV

    Download here (itch.io) Fixed some bugs I found after trying it out again. (a key wasn't showing on easier difficulties)
  2. Mushes shitty wads

    MooM IV

    The flashlight is kinda bugged, and if you find any things that look misplaced, send scrennshots. (this is kinda just for me to learn how to do stuff in gzdoom so yeah, nothing too big) but i'm happy you liked it!
  3. Mushes shitty wads

    MooM IV

    Yeah, I'm lazy, thanks for doing it!
  4. Mushes shitty wads

    MooM IV

    Hello, this is MooM IV, if you download it, check out the manual. I really don't have much to say here.. Everything is in the manual! (newer builds on my itch.io page, I don't have time to post it here!) https://www.mediafire.com/file/dpchbbj9j6muxz3/MooM_IV_1.0.rar/file here it is
  5. Alright moom 4 will have 12 maps because of time issues, will launch today tho

  6. Can someone here help me on how to implement the simple rain fx on Realm667? I couldn't do it myself so i'm asking here.

  7. Mushes shitty wads

    Anyone here wants to play my wad?

    Hey, i'm currently working on my 8th wad, Moom 4. (some older projects were removed) Moom 4 will be a 20-map pk3 file working with doom 2. It will be about 30-40 minutes long and features some light story, and "complex" GZDoom stuff. I personally don't even know if I should complete when I know only about 5 people who will play it. (excluding the 7 testers) I posted a screenshot of the first level, so go have a look if interested! Currently in beta, I will release it somewhere between June and July. Contact me if you wanna play it!
  8. Mushes shitty wads

    Cannot do More than 3 polyobjects

    Okay, thanks for the help!
  9. Mushes shitty wads

    Cannot do More than 3 polyobjects

    Here you have a pk3 file with the map and important things, but don't share, please. (The people who are here will probably help) btw GZDoom only (will work on that) Moom4Alpha1.5.rar
  10. Mushes shitty wads

    Cannot do More than 3 polyobjects

    Hello, I have a problem, where I can't make more than 3 polyobjects. When I try to do a new polyobject, it doesn't show up. Any advice? (makin' swing doors btw)