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  1. Map Name: Dance Floor Music: Moon/Mars: Sukarabe Fight 3 Difficulty Settings: UV only Build Time: 1 hour and 3 mins. Screenshot:
  2. Map name: Corrupted Complex Build time: 1 hour and 7 mins. Difficulty settings: UV only. Music: Unknown Screenshot: :v
  3. To be honest, that's why i usually don't do much of playtesting for people because of life problems and overall busyness, so i can understand why you have to leave for a while. (Or even forever, we never know what to expect from upcoming future) And hey, don't feel bad because you didn't playtest all of the maps from people on the thread, just like Duke Nukem said: "Shit happens". You're not the first one and not the last one, stay safe and take a break as long as you need. Hope for the best ­čĺ¬
  4. For real this time? Well okay then :^) Map´╗┐ Name: Forgotten Ruins Author: Man With a Gun IWAD: Doom 2 Music: "Mist" by Stuart Rynn (stewboy) Sky: SKYIORI4 from resource pack Format: ´╗┐Boom, hopefully. Difficulty Settings: UV only Build Time: 8 hours. Plus about 4-5 mins on quick check for any critical bugs. Known issues: None´╗┐, as far as i know. Comments´╗┐´╗┐: *burp* Sexy tasty download link: Download Me Plenty. (Run it with texture pack)
  5. Played the whole megawad a week ago actually but get this video done only today, so please enjoy i guess :v

    PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness [March Speedmapping Event]

    Map Name: Forgotten Ruins Author: Man With a Gun Music: "Mist" by Stuart Rynn (stewboy) Sky: SKYIORI4 from resource pack Format: Boom, hopefully. Difficulty Settings: Later, i'm tired for now :p Build Time: 8 hours. Plus about 4-5 mins on quick check for any critical bugs. Traps Built: 4 big traps and 2 small ones. Secrets: 6 Known issues: None, i far as i know. Comments: Mostly designed as a wad opener or something like that, tested the whole map only 2 times. Mostly spended all my time on visuals and layout but overall it's a short map, just as i planned :v Screenshot: Download: Here, catch!
  7. Sup @Terminus, here's my really short and small speedmap made in 2 hours and it was a part of recent ASS contest, you might heard about it before. IWAD: Doom 2 Port: Prboom plus (complevel 9) Theme: 23 monsters Time: Shouldn't take more than 2-3 mins. Sexy delicious download: Here, catch!
  8. Hey there @Terminus, good to see you're back. I have a request from your well-known PUSS event, it's a doom 1 speed megawad and all maps in it made in 3 hours. My map is on e1m8 slot, it's pretty short because y'know - 3 hours only. It's a hell map, that's all :P https://www.mediafire.com/file/nte93kxjzapqrco/PUSS13.Beta.Final.wad/file
  9. Guess It's time to playtest it in full, hopefully i'll get some time to play it :P

    Dunn & Dunn playtesting thread

    Yo thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! I can send more stuff but i see a lot of requests around here on the thread, you probably will be busy by playing other maps :v Good to see that you still ok with fights in this map since it's more vanilla type of combat, not something like Sunlust: more complex and creative.

    Dunn & Dunn playtesting thread

    Official playtesting thread by you, Dunn? Neat. I know you already played some of my maps and i'd like to request more. It's a simple 8 hour speedmap, vanilla type of map. It doesn't have any thread so i'll just drop it here :P * Map´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ Name: Processing Plant. ´╗┐* Author: Man With a Gun (MWG) * Custom Music: Kyle´╗┐ Dobson - Waves of Intrigue. * Source Port Tested on: PrBoom Plus (complevel 9) * IWAD: Doom 2 * Map: 1 * Custom Sky: Yes. * Build Time: 8 hrs. * Gameplay Time: 10-15 min. * Map balance: Could be a harsh, but in some places, not at all. * Download: PP Coop bugfix.zip

    Rush demos [complevel -9]

    Just reuploading my demos for archive with some text files in it :P Map 04 NM100S: Rush_Map04_NM100S_MWG.zip Map 07 NM-Speed: Rush_Map07_NM-Speed_MWG.zip Map 10 NM-Speed: Rush_Map10_NM-Speed_MWG.zip

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Forgot to post it here. Here's my showcase of all shit i made in 2021 :v

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    From 2016 :P