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    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Maybe yes, maybe not. To be honest i don't want to upload this, cuz it's freaking switch-hunting map and bullet hell.

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Actually, i'm not working on this map, it's already done long time ago.

    What gives you ideas for DOOM maps?

    Music only 🎵

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    My old speedmap :]

    Rush demos [complevel -9]

    Back to Rush again. Map 01: Stasis Shock NM-Speed in 0:53 Map 07: The Chaos Heart NM-Speed in 0:36 Map 10: Dark Corner NM-Speed in 1:26 Demos here: Rush.7z Lazy montage here:

    I made a hell level

    NM-Speed in 0:19 PrBoom+_2019.06.15_16.37.58_doom.flipheck.lmp.zip

    Mystical Cave - Speedmap for 5 hours!

    Thanks for playing! Yes, time limits have taken a lot of good ideas from me while creating this map, which was inspired by the maps from the Speed of Doom. (Music taken from the same wad) The music from Ancient Aliens plays on map 02, which I accidentally forgot to remove when testing music in different ports ("._.)

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Thanks for playing! I am glad that you liked this map :) You would not believe it, but these 2 secrets were very close to each other and were only in one place. In one of them was the weapon that would have removed this disbalance in the map - the plasma gun, and it was not so difficult to find it, surprised that you don't tried to find the secrets on this map. I killed a lot of time for detailing and other things, remembered the gameplay at the last hour, put the monsters right, but didn't put enough ammo ("._.) By the way, why don't you use PrBoom plus? (I always test my wads in this port btw) A map like mine with this renderer make a nice shadows or does your program not record this port? 🤔

    Mystical Cave - Speedmap for 5 hours!

    And thank you for the play! Well, in 5 hours I don't think I can do this, especially in constant stress because of the contest itself - speedmapping :D Regarding all the recommendations, I completely agree, though since the creation of this wad in 5 hours - I didn’t change it at all, so that everything was fair ;) So I would definitely change this map in a much better way. For example, Fear Factor, which I successfully released in this section and which was a remake of one of my very old wads 💪👀

    Mystical Cave - Speedmap for 5 hours!

    Thanks for the criticism! Yes, in 5 hours I spent a lot of time on the details and the atmosphere of the wad itself, so I almost make the gameplay at the last moment ("._.) Regarding the path of passage, I think it’s about the lighting, which confuses the player a little, making him go slower and more cautiously through this map. The map itself is quite simple in keys and other things, linear, and even despite the flaws and dampness of this wad, you could feel it, it makes me happy, since it was exactly sharpened to the atmosphere from the very beginning :)

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    My map made in 5 hours 🤔

    Mystical Cave - Speedmap for 5 hours!

    Mystical cave A map made over the course of five hours and which represents a non-entered map into one of speedmapping's. The topic of this map is an ancient civilization. During the limited time period I did everything I could, it turned out that in the final version the map was not on the topic that was intended. The map presents itself as a difficult test in caves surrounded by green liquid. Do not forget your shotgun at the beginning and enjoy your survival! Info: Screenshots: Link: Any criticism is accepted. - MWG

    the dreadful pain (level limit removing)

    Heya, cool map, really fun level with nicely design, kinda cool atmosphere with unusual colors using on map and gameplay don't makes you sleepy - really enjoyed 👍 Here's my shitty montage on it, of course I try it on NM but this map too f@%&ing brutal if choose this skill, so. . . Ugh, I beat it on UV, so not too bad for my shitty skills, lulz:

    the dreadful pain (level limit removing)

    What a start, if you don't play this map before - you'll die very fast ;-;

    Rush demos [complevel -9]

    Thanks, but I still noob in Sony Vegas, OOF 💪👀