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    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    Map Name: Metal Base Author: Man With a Gun Resources: None, stock textures except for skybox. Format: Boom (complevel 9) Comments: A map started in 2016 and was pretty much a test of my skills in usage of stock textures and some boom tricks, it didn't go far as you can see here but i had fun making it and it was some helpful experience for my future maps. Good old days when i had shitty mini-laptop that barerly could run Doom Builder 2 and mapping mostly for myself :^) Difficulties: All implemented. Screenshots:

    Episode 2 WIP in classic Doom style!

    Okay, absolutely nothing difficult even on UV. I guess as it should be in episode opener.

    Entry Fort

    Great nice little fun map, feels more like Doom 1 map rather than Doom 2 with no use of it's monsters and visuals of Knee-Deep in a Dead (and references from e1m1 too) but it didn't stopped me from enjoyment of it. Good start for first map, solid combat and visuals are enough to not get bored. Good thing you get that map in Chocolate Doom since more people would likely to play it in their prefered port, extra points for that decision. Overall, keep it up and have a good time mapping more.

    Episode 2 WIP in classic Doom style!

    Just played e2m1, alright map. Found some issues tho: Tutti-frutti effect on a step. A bit hard to notice but there's misalignment on FIREBLU. And other one in next room after starting point. I like when people making something in vanilla, something you don't see everyday.

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Starting vacation. Finally. (My map on a background, will resurrect that probably in October)

    Episode 2 WIP in classic Doom style!

    Nice little snack-map, played it like it should be in Chocolate Doom and had pretty relaxing times. I liked almost everything what was done in this map: - layout a bit cramped but didn't made without imagination; - design is a strong classic style of 90's maps but made with no major problems like it was back then; - overall gameplay having perfect middle between old and modern difficulty of maps, i like when mappers still making fun levels without "putting player's balls on a grill", even tho mostly i play and make maps with spicy flavors, usually depends on my mooD and right now i wanted some chill. Will mention that i appreciate no usage of custom midi in your map, Doom 1 tracks still slaps hard. Thanks for sharing it, have a good time mapping.

    What track from Doom annoys you the most?

    I like all Doom midis, no worst ones for me.
  8. We all be very grateful to see your activity in this community anytime, i heard almost 3 years ago that you getting troubles with finding time for Doom and mapping for it and as i see now it's not getting any better, i feel that, the more we live - the less time we have for something else. Wish you patience and luck, because goddamn you will need it both in life and your projects. Stay legend, Henry.

    On abusing saving in doom

    My personal experience from Doom comes from console ports where saving was either limited or disabled at all, so i think the pressure that was given me for my first time playing this game made me better player, the lack of saving your progress gives you strong feel of danger in maps and the sense of you're not immortal, ofc it comes with thing like "high risk - high reward" and if player not a challenger (at some point at least) he would like be having less chances on survival. I testing my maps saveless always so it will be possible for almost any type of player and i never judged anyone using saves constantly lol, it's just like shit-talking about preferences in general, there's no point at all.

    What difficulty do you play on?


    What is your favorite sandbox/city map?


    Megawads Where You Like Every Single Map?

    Speed of Doom. First episode in this megawad is the best from all first episodes of other megawads, fantastic building to atmosphere and punchy gameplay, incredible way of balancing levels for almost every type/skill of players, overall aspect of "every map as a different adventure" done so damn well. Megawad of All Time, hands down. Second i'd mention Scythe 2, also liked almost every map in this one, maybe some maps are not really memorable but definitely not bad and most importantly - not boring and enjoyable to carry on playing.

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    Hey there, first of all wanted to say big 'Thank You' to all who gave me such a big amount of different feedbacks: positive and negative, probably my first time when i got so many of those, really appreciate that! Okay so now i'll answer on some questions if you interested: 1) Map-size, why it's so big? Originally it was planned as a big exploring and adventure-type of map and the gameplay time limit screwed already at the moment of making 'computer station', there's was almost no reasonable point to make it that large even tho it's not the craziest map i ever made; let's just say it like "i was enjoying my time making this too much" and didn't follow the gameplay limit rule at all even tho i tried to sit on both chairs at the same time. Can't say i don't like the final result that's for sure but definitely understand the tiredness of players, i got pretty tired balancing this out tbh. Also i missed some mapping for Doom 1 maybe that's also the reason why i get out of control, who knows, it's been quite a while ago so can't say exactly. 2) Why not cutting off the map-size? I think already gave a quick explanation to @Book Lord about that but can share it here as well, there's almost or either nothing to cutting off the map to make it less large, almost every room have a sense behind it and not just a thing to fill the space for the sake of scale, also i been careful with not making pointless areas so that's why this question was pretty tricky for me, and, well, it would make me physically uncomfortable as a mapper since i threw my time and ideas in those areas. I knew that i already screwed the gameplay size limit so i decided keep making content according my plan and i've done pretty much everything i had in my list of ideas which i'm glad. I'm also glad that @ViolentBeetle as a leader of this project let me keep the map as it is because that would be a pain for me to rebuild the level. Oh boy, now my favorite part, the difficulty of this map :^) 3) Plasma section maybe one of my fav locations in this map, it's highly inspired by e2m6 creepy hallways and gives you a pretty reasonable choice: You either taking the plasma right away but dealing with not an easy fight or get it way later in a map close to the exit. As a mapper, sometimes i can't say how to approach the criticism like: "This is hard i don't like it" or "just annoying cuz of monster placement" or maybe "too hard just for a plasma only"; Don't get me wrong, but i found it rather funny and for couple reasons: First, you are in Episode 4 and i'm not kidding with you, you already should have enough skills if you get this far. Second, i'm giving you enough of pretty much everything to deal with that encounter. Third, barons and cacos used here more like a distraction from main trouble - specters and as i see, it worked perfectly as i planned. All those things don't say like i just wanted to be an asshole, no it's not; it's a hard fight for sure, just like all fights in Doom - you need to think about how to deal with it and if you died there - you probably deserved it, dare to try again. 4) Infinitely high monsters i must say can be and will be annoying in 'computer station'. I'm kinda 50/50 about it tho, on one hand it's really annoying while fighting some group of enemies and getting cheaply damaged by things that you can't even see or kill cuz they way up there,on other hand - it's an interesting spike in terms of difficulty of this section where flying monsters feel like fish in a ocean and can pretty much easily outsmart you by using they unique ability to fly on every level, i don't see this being used that much often in maps lately so decided to keep it. 5) Oh yeah, the infamous 'crusher section', at the end of making this map i decided be a bit more mean and give a player a feel of hard task and since it's a middle of Episode 4 which is meant to be hard already - i don't feel sorry for anyone here, he-he :^) This section testing your movement coordination and bravery to facing some tricky situations, damaging points placed as a red floors to help you where you can stand or not but crushers also move quite fast so don't miss it and i also give player some health to make less tricky and stressful. BFG is one of the hardest secrets here and it would help you in final battle, i think for such a power as BFG already is i think it's a fair play, the final battle still pretty doable without BFG anyway. 6) Don't think YK area that much pointless if you want explore something, it don't need to be like really complex or have a strong sense of going there, just for fun and some more kills. Optional stuff as it is. Some extra thoughts: - Surprised nobody mentioned a lack of "Floating city/sky everywhere" theme in this map because i actually forgot about it while making this map, still tried it by adding some places in view points where it kinda follows the theme of this episode but it's more like a 'Waste Recycling Facility' than a map in this episode theme. - Didn't test my stuff on fast monsters and i don't think it was a requirement in a project at the first place so it might be on player's preference, just like Nightmare playthrough. - I can understand why people don't want to play this map more than once even if they liked it quite a lot. The map itself as Shawny said once is like a "mini-episode by Man With Gun" already so it would be hard to go back only if you have time and think it's worth it. I don't have a ton of time playing Doom and i think people here also have it much either. - @Capellan personally sorry if that map made you angry or upset, although must say some of your reactions was pretty funny for me, in a good way of course. Well, unfortunately i can't make stuff enjoyable for everyone but thanks for giving it a try anyway. - No idea why imp getting stuck in one section of big outdoor acid area, when i send my final version to @ViolentBeetle it was already fix there, then VB added some stuff in this map and this issue appeared again. It mostly a notebuilder issue if player or monster falls into the void for no reason. Holy hell it took me a while to write all this, hopefully i answered on most questions. Good luck with later map! It's just a few left, y'all almost there.
  14. Sup, another request, this one will be easier i promise :v Poof
  15. Hey, wanna see something hellish? I got that little one for ya :^) This should be downloadable Info in txt. file, good luck :0 *weeeee*